A Dictionary of the Archi (Daghestanian) Language including word sounds and illustrations.

Grant: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project
Investigators: Greville G. Corbett
Researcher: Marina Chumakina
  Aleksandr Kibrik
  Sandro Kodzasov
  Dzhalil Samedov
  Dunstan Brown
  Nicholas Evans
  Peter Lutzeier
  Harley Quilliam

Archi is spoken by about 1200 people in a remote mountain region in Daghestan. The language is characterised by remarkable phonetics, a very high degree of irregularity in all its inflecting word classes and by its morphological system, with extremely large paradigms. Archi culture is one of the most distinctive and best-preserved cultures of Daghestan.

Archi Village, Daghestan