Grammatical Features Inventory

Other features

The aim of the project 'Grammatical features: A key to understanding language' was to develop the criteria to distinguish morphosyntactic features from other types of grammatical features, and to identify possible morphosyntactic features in natural language.

All morphosyntactic features which have been identified in this way have their separate detailed entries in the Grammatical Features Inventory. Additionally, entries have been created for some of major morphosemantic and morphological features.

Other grammatical features that do not have entries in the Grammatical Features Inventory include:

  • Mood
  • Polarity
  • Diathesis
  • Voice
  • Question-word dependency
  • Topic
  • Focus
  • Remoteness/Distance
  • Manner
  • Collectivity (a nominal feature)
  • Continuality (a verbal feature)
  • Inferentiality (a verbal feature)
  • Dependence (a verbal feature)
  • Version (a verbal feature)