Frontiers of research in morphology

Project Overview


Frontiers of research in morphology

Project members:

Prof Greville G. Corbett
Professor Gerald Gazdar (University of Sussex)
Dr Andrew Spencer (University of Essex)
Prof Richard Hayward (SOAS)

Period of award

November 1994 - October 1996


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

After a long period of relative neglect, morphology emerged in the 1980s as a key area of interest characterized by a good interaction between different schools and approaches. This project brought together scholars working at the the Universities of Surrey, Essex and Sussex, and SOAS for a series of seminars examining the frontiers of morphological research.

The main aims of this projects were:

  1. To bring together the complementary expertise in these relatively close institutions to produce high quality joint research.

  2. To gain from the expertise of overseas leaders in the field.

  3. To increase the exposure of first rate work on morphology in Britain to overseas leaders in the field.

  4. To create a forum in which postgraduates working in morphology can be exposed to a greater wealth of expertise than any one of these institutions could provide.