25th Anniversary Workshop

The Morphological Eye: SMG 25th Anniversary workshop


As part of the celebrations to mark 25 years since the inception of the Surrey Morphology Group, a workshop will be held at the University of Surrey from 8–9 September 2017.  This will be an opportunity to reflect, and glance backwards, but mainly to look forwards. 

In 2017, the Surrey Morphology Group (SMG) celebrates 25 years of research. The SMG is a research centre dedicated to language diversity and its theoretical consequences, combining the investigation of grammatical categories in a wide variety of languages with explicit formal and statistical frameworks for expressing typological and theoretical generalizations. At the heart of this work is the study of morphology: the typology of possible words and the principles that govern both the relationships of forms to each other, and to the rest of grammar. This has meant taking a morphocentric approach to language, treating morphology not as a by-product or (merely) an interface between modules, but as a vantage point in its own right.

 To mark this anniversary the SMG is organizing a two-day workshop.

(Please note, we plan to finish early on the 9th September, to allow those attending the SLE conference in Zürich time to travel there.)

Dates – 8–9 September 2017
Venue – University of Surrey, Guildford
Keynote speakers – Mark Aronoff, Nick Evans, Martin Maiden, Andrew Spencer
Registration – For catering purposes, we kindly request that you email Penny Everson (smg@surrey.ac.uk) to confirm your attendance.