Set-Theoretic Paradigm Collection

Using this site

Welcome to the set-theoretic paradigm collection.

This is a collection of partial and complete paradigms encoded in set-theoretic paradigm model developed as part of the project A Typology of Distributed Exponence (NF160104).

The goal of this site is to provide a collection of paradigms encoded into a formal computationally readable format for a variety of uses. Each paradigm included in this collection has been chosen for their exponence complexity. An explanation of the data structures can be found by selecting 'Data structure' from the side menu. A summary of each paradigm and its source on 'Data summary'. The collection can be downloaded from the Collection tab.


Whilst all sources were carefully checked for accuracy a number of analytical decisions have had to be made during the encoding process. Therefore, I encourage anybody using the collection to carefully check the original sources themselves.  

How to cite:

Carroll, Matthew J. 2019. Set-theoretic paradigm collection. University of Surrey.