A DATR theory of Russian morphology


DATR fragments

DATR lexicons for the first 1500 nouns and first 700 verbs from Zasorina (1977) were developed as part of the project. For nouns the combined lexicon and theoretical fragment give over 22,500 (15 x 1500) lines of information, providing 18,000 (12 x 1500) grammatical words, and 4,500 (3 x 1500) lines of agreement information (information as to gender and animacy, together with a gloss). For verbs there is information on 11, 900 grammatical words (17 x 700) plus information on aspect and meaning, making a total of 13, 300 lines of information (19 x 700).

2200 of the most frequent lexical items were covered, making up a significant fragment of Russian inflectional morphology.

DATR recommendations

Practical DATR [PDF] contains a set of recommendations for revisions of DATR based on experience of its application to Russian data.

DATR for Linguists [PDF] discusses important conceptual issues that researchers have to confront when working with DATR. It also adumbrates possible theoretical considerations for those wishing to represent their theories formally using DATR.


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Project members

Prof Greville G. Corbett
Dr Norman M. Fraser
Dr Dunstan Brown

Period of award:

September 1992 - August 1995


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) - R000233633