Archi texts

A collection of annotated Archi texts collected, glossed and translated by Marina Chumakina have been made available as part of the AHRC-funded project 'From competing theories to fieldwork: The challenge of an extreme agreement system'.

Another substantial collection of Archi texts with sound files, interlinear glossing and Russian translations has been compiled by researchers at Moscow State University as part of a project run by the LangueDOC Center For Digital Language Archives.

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Text 1. Traditional mourning song. Speaker/ Singer: Patimattaj Magomedova.

Archi mourning songs seems to be the only true Archi folklore. The mourning song is sang at the wake (after the funeral) where women sit together in a special mourning room (nibqin nokɬ’, room/house of tears in sentence (4)). The mourning song has a structure but the actual content is improvised each time the song is sang. Here the singer, Patimattaj, improvises specially for the recording. The mourning is for her mother-in-law Pazirat who died some 20 years before the recording time.

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Text 2: Grandad. Speaker: Jaqub Magomedov

This is a short story about speaker's grandad who went to the neighbouring Avar village.

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Text 3. Joke. Speaker: Jaqub Magomedov

This is an Archi joke.

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Text 4. Mammadibir. Speaker: Butta Zijavdinov

This text is about a man called Mammadibir, an Archi scholar who lived in Archi sometime in the XVII century. This is a folk story about him and his supernatural powers.

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Text 5. Sheep. Speaker: Jaqub Magomedov

This is a very short encounter on how people used to steal sheep.

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Text 6. Suicide. Speaker: Sultanpatimat

This text is about a woman who was accused of adultery and took her own life.

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Text 7. Saidpati. Speakers: Saidpati and Shaxmar Omarov

This text is about how one of the speakers, Saidpati, was left in the mountains overnight alone and saw devils.

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Text 8. On Childhood. Speakers: Bahzhat Omarova, Zumzum Magomedova and Marina Chumakina.

This is a conversation in which two sisters talk about their childhood memories.

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