Short term morphosyntactic change

Graudina, Ickovič & Katlinskaja (1976) - STMC bibliography


Graudina, L. K., V. A. Ickovič & L. P. Katlinskaja. 1976. Grammatičeskaja pravil´nost´russkoj reči. Opyt častotno-stilističeskogo slovarja variantov. Moskva: Nauka.


This reference book shows variation in the use of syntactic constructions, morphological forms and word formation in late 20th century Russian. Variation is analyzed in a sample of 100 thousand examples from Russian newspapers from 1965 to 1972 . Each type of variation is analyzed in a separate article, which includes statistics for alternative forms and detailed commentary. Consideration is given to factors conditioning a particular type of synchronic variation, with historical excursuses that highlight how the use of these forms changed over time. For example, variation in case assignment on adjectives in quantified expression, as in (1) and (2), is analyzed with respect to the gender of the noun and noun’s accentual patterns (though no separate statistics showing the influence of these factors are provided). Examples from earlier periods (19th century prose) demonstrate the change of the literary norm. Most articles are supplied with references to previous research. A summary table in the end of the book show a list of grammatical variants examined, with their absolute numbers and percentages in the analyzed sample.

(1)  dve  osnovn-ye zadač-i
  two major-PL.NOM  task-SG.GEN
  ‘Two major tasks’
(2)  dve  osnovn-yx zadač-i
  two major-PL.GEN  task-SG.GEN
  ‘Two major tasks’

Which data from the source were used

Statistics on the following phenomena are included in the database:

  • Case assignment on predicate nouns
  • Predicate adjectives
  • Case assignment on direct objects of negated transitive verbs
  • Predicate agreement with quantified expressions
  • Predicate agreement with conjoined noun phrases
  • Case of modifier in phrases with ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’

Project members

Prof Greville G. Corbett
Dr Matthew Baerman
Dr Dunstan Brown
Dr Alexander Krasovitsky
Dr Alison Long

Period of award:

September 2004 - May 2008


Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) - RG/AN4375/APN18306