Archi is a Lezgic language spoken by about 1200 people in Daghestan. The online version of the Archi-Russian-English Dictionary contains sounds files for every word form of the lexeme, digital pictures of culturally significant objects, idioms and example sentences with interlinear glossing.


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  • laq'ˤa kes c. verb. take colour, get coloured (of fabrics after washing it with coloured fabric)
  • rang n. colour
  • mač'áši adv. dark (as a first part of colour terms)
  • iq stat. v. be of light colour
  • buraq' adj. bronze colour
  • č'iˤj stat. v. be of light yellow colour (speaking of hair or of wheat - such a colour indicates that the harvest will be bad)
  • íqdut adj. >light coloured, fair haired
  • jáɬːu stat. v. be of a light brown colour