Archi is a Lezgic language spoken by about 1200 people in Daghestan. The online version of the Archi-Russian-English Dictionary contains sounds files for every word form of the lexeme, digital pictures of culturally significant objects, idioms and example sentences with interlinear glossing.


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  • kɬ'ʷásːan n. cattle intended for slaughtering
  • ríc'i n. cattle (cows, bulls, sheep and goats)
  • dáʁbos dyn. v. drive cattle to the pastures (when the owner does it himself, the herdsman being unavailable for some reason)
  • únsurčennu n. person who looks after cattle
  • búcː'i-č'ábu n. cattle, livestock (lit. 'cows- sheep')
  • ħawán n. animal, more often of cattle/livestock (IV gender if unclear which animal is meant)
  • χːˤak'ara n. cattle tick
  • ʁátːərχur qˤes dyn. v. graze, tend cattle