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NWS General

Capell, Arthur (1954) Linguistic survey of the south-western Pacific. South Pacific Commission technical paper no. 70. Noumea: South Pacific Commission.

[Includes an overview of the linguistic situation in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville on the basis of information available at that time (NWS areas pp71-85) along with a language by language list of the main published sources available at that time (NWS languages pp185-190 except Nehan p158). Important when published but now very out of date.]

Capell, Arthur (1962) A linguistic survey of the South-Western Pacific. Revised ed. Noumea: South Pacific Commission, Technical Paper 136.

Grace, George W (1955) Subgrouping in Malayo-Polynesian: a report of tentative findings. American Anthropologist 57:337-339.

[Brief tentative subgrouping of Oceanic languages (as ‘Eastern Malayo-Polynesian’) including groupings now within NWS. Very out of date. No language data.]

Grace, George W. (1971) ‘Languages of the New Hebrides and Solomon Islands.’ In Thomas A. Sebeok (ed) Current trends in linguistics. Vol. 8 Linguistics in Oceania. The Hague: Mouton. pp341-358.

[An overview of Melanesian languages and of extant research. Includes no language data and almost no mention of any NWS languages.]

Hackman, Brian D. (1968) A guide to the spelling and pronunciation of place names in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Honiara: British Solomon Islands Protectorate Lands and Survey Department.

[Includes an overview of the languages of the Solomon Islands; a 7 page discussion of the phonetics and phonology of Solomons languages; and a 20 item comparative wordlist of 33 Solomons languages, 9 NWS.]

Hackman, Brian D. (1970) ‘List of Solomon Islands vernaculars ordered according to the number of speakers.’ In Report on the 1970 Solomon Islands census. Honiara: British Solomon Islands Protectorate Lands and Survey Department. pp100-103.


Haddon, A.C. (1937) Canoes of Oceania. Vol II The canoes of Melanesia, Queensland, and New Guinea. Honolulu: Bernice P. Bishop Museum.

[Gives an overview of canoe design and parts including some local terms for entire NWS region (pp81-83).]

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Ross, Malcolm D. (1986) ‘Towards a classification of the Oceanic languages of Bougainville and the western Solomons.’ In Paul Geraghty, Lois Carrington & Stephen A. Wurm FOCAL II: papers from the Fourth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. pp175-200.

Ross, Malcolm D. (1988) Proto Oceanic and the Austronesian languages of western Melanesia. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.

[Establishes NWS as a grouping with an overview of the network and its subgroups and a discussion of its phonological, lexical and morphosyntactic innovations, and of clause structure in various subgroups and languages (pp213-256); along with a discussion of its relationship to New Ireland languages (pp293-313).]

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