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Hakö dictionary

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Palmer, Bill. 2007. Hakö dictionary. Version 1.1. University of Surrey.


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Alphabetic order

Items in the dictionary are listed in alphabetic order in the local orthography. The order is:

a b e g h i k l m n ŋ o p r s ß t u

In addition to the standard Oceanic five vowels represented above, Hakö has a sixth vowel, represented by the symbol ö. This appears to be a mid central vowel. However, because most of the material in the dictionary is from secondary sources, and these vary widely on whether and how they represent this vowel, no attempt has been made to capture this vowel in this version of the dictionary. Where a sources has given a form using a letter that suggests this vowel, that is represented in the source column. Otherwise, it can be assumed that some of the tokens of the letters 'o' and 'u' in the data actually represent this vowel.


This dictionary is compiled from secondary sources and a small amount of primary data collected in the field by Bill Palmer in 2006. The secondary material varies widely in quality and quantity. It consists of the following items:

Capell, Arthur (n.d.) Revised Melnesian wordlist. Lontis. [questionnaire] ms [accessed via Paradisec]

Capell, Arthur (1960) Foundation vocabularies. Hako - Lontis language. [questionnaire] Honiara: South Pacific Commission Literature Production Training Centre. [accessed via Paradisec]

Ross, Malcolm D. (n.d.) [Haku phrase list, questionnaire] ms

Ross, Malcolm D. (n.d.) [Haku word list, questionnaire] ms

Tryon, Darrell (1982) Lexis. Haku. [questionnaire] ms

Document history

Version 1.1 (2007) Revised version reformatted for web.

Version 1.0 (2007) Initial version compiled from secondary sources with some primary data from text.


I am grateful to Matubuna Tahun for providing me with a Hakö text in the field; and to Claire Turner for computer entry of the Hakö data.