Northwest Solomonic


Teop is one of the most widely spoken and best described languages of the Northwest Solomonic subgroup of Oceanic. Spoken in northeastern Bougainville, it is a member of the Nehan/North Bougainville subgroup of Northwest Solomonic, and is one of the largest languages in the subgroup. Recent research suggests that somewhere between 5000 to 10 000 individuals currently speak the language. However, despite the relatively high numbers, the language is highly endangered.

Teop materials

Sporadic references to Teop occur in the literature on Bougainville languages before the 1990s, with a very limited amount of documentation having taken place.

However, Teop is now one of the best described Northwest Solomonic languages, as it is the subject of an extensive ongoing research project taking place under the auspices of the DoBeS endangered languages project. Click here for an overview of the DoBeS Teop project.

Teop materials are currently available on line are:

Mosel, Ulrike (n.d.) Analogical levelling across constructions - incorporated prepositions in Teop. ms. 

Mosel, Ulrike (n.d.) Ditransitivity and applicative constructions in Teop - a corpus based study. ms. (broken)

Mosel, Ulrike & Ruth Saovana-Spriggs (n.d.) Thematic dictionary of culturally important items. ms. (broken)

Mosel, Ulrike & Yvonne Thiesen (2007) The Teop sketch grammar.

Reinig, Jessika (2000) Der Verbalkomplex im TeopMA thesis. Kiel: Seminar für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft. (broken)