Northwest Solomonic


Solos is a language of the Nehan/North Bougainville subgroup of the Northwest Solomonic grouping of Oceanic, although its exact place within its subgroup is unknown. Solos is spoken in the mountainous interior of the island of Buka, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. According to Ethnologue, citing Lincoln (1977), the language had 3,200 speakers in 1977. It's current speaker numbers are unknown.


One text was recorded on Buka by Bill Palmer in 2006. Listen to the text audio and view an interlinearized transcript of the text here. 

Loretta and Hilary Masira
Hilary and Loretta Masira

Solos speaker Hiliary Masira, pictured with his wife Loretta, provided the Munitun text recorded by Bill Palmer on Buka in 2006.


A dictionary of Solos (Palmer 2007) is available here.


No grammatical descriptions of Solos exist.