Northwest Solomonic


Papapana, is a language of the Nehan/North Bougainville subgroup of the Northwest Solomonic grouping of Oceanic, but its place in that subgroup is unclear. It is spoken in the village of Teperoi on the east coast of Bougainville, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. According to Ethnologue the language had 120 speakers in 2000.


No Papapana texts are known to have been collected.


A preliminary draft dictionary of Papapana (Palmer 2007) is available here.

Grammar/audio data

No grammatical studies of Papapana exist. Prior to 2006 Papapana was known only from a 1963 SIL survey questionnaire. In 2006, Bill Palmer collected elicitation data from two Papapana speakers. That data is available here.