Northwest Solomonic


Hakö, also known as Lontis, is a language of the Nehan/North Bougainville subgroup of the Northwest Solomonic grouping of Oceanic, and is spoken on the north coast of the island of Buka, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. According to Ethnologue the language had 5,000 speakers in 1982. It's current speaker numbers are unknown. At times Hakö has been regarded as a dialect of Halia, but appears sufficiently different to justify treating as a separate language.


One handwritten Hakö text was collected by Bill Palmer in 2006 from Hakö speaker Matubuna Tahun. His original story and translation can be viewed here.


A dictionary of Hakö (Palmer 2007) is available here


No grammatical studies of Hakö exist.