Northwest Solomonic

Hakö dictionary (Version 1.1)

Alphabetic order

Items in the dictionary are listed in alphabetic order in the local orthography. The order is: a b e g h i k l m n ŋ o p r s ß t u In addition to the standard Oceanic five vowels represented above, Hakö has a sixth vowel, represented by the symbol ö. This appears to be a mid central vowel. However, because most of the material in the dictionary is from secondary sources, and these vary widely on whether and how they represent this vowel, no attempt has been made to capture this vowel in this version of the dictionary. Where a sources has given a form using a letter that suggests this vowel, that is represented in the source column. Otherwise, it can be assumed that some of the tokens of the letters 'o' and 'u' in the data actually represent this vowel.


SILCod Language PhonemicForm BroadPhone Orthograp POS EnglishTranslation TokPisinTran Notes Source Example  
HAO Hakö a ~ na     ART common article singular   MR    
HAO Hakö a ha       interrogative, common nouns why?   (see hanoni) MR    
HAO Hakö aa       yes   (see ai)    
HAO Hakö abeana       bait   (see kesa)    
HAO Hakö aga     PRO we (inc.) yumi   MR, AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö aga hoboto     PRO we all (inc.)   [aga hoboto 'we two (inc.)']    
HAO Hakö aga i lapisa     PRO we three (inc.) mitripela   ['we three (exc.)']    
HAO Hakö aga i lisolana     PRO we two (inc) mitupela   [we two (exc.)] [agi-lisolana AC]    
HAO Hakö aha       what? why?   (see hane) AC    
HAO Hakö ai       yes   (see aa)    
HAO Hakö aia       again   (see lel, pen) AC    
HAO Hakö aka       thing   AC    
HAO Hakö akala       (see kuviki)   [akalla AC60]    
HAO Hakö akao       son's daughter, daughter's daughter   (see atuna kukoi atamata) AC60IV21,22    
HAO Hakö akoahu       earth oven   (see kio, raku) AC60III61    
HAO Hakö akono       mortar   AC60III62    
HAO Hakö akono roi       wooden bowl   (see besin) [akon o roi AC60III67]    
HAO Hakö aku     PRO I, me   [MR] [ako AC60]    
HAO Hakö alaka       fishing spear   AC60III53    
HAO Hakö alam     PRO we (exc.) mipela   MR AC    
HAO Hakö alam i lapisa     PRO we three (exc.)    
HAO Hakö alam i lisolana     PRO we two (exc)   [alam ilisolana AC]    
HAO Hakö alasa       float   (see olona)    
HAO Hakö alesala     N brightness, light, radiance   [walesala] ualesala  
HAO Hakö alesala     V be bright   [e-yalesalana] e-yalesalana  
HAO Hakö ali       k.o. crab (in mangrove)    
HAO Hakö alima     V measure (arm width)   (see tuŋaha) [alima 'measure (arm width)']    
HAO Hakö alima     N hand, arm   [walima AC60 AC] [wahima] u walima  
HAO Hakö alisa       day before yesterday; day after tomorrow asde bipo; haptumora   [ialisa]    
HAO Hakö alium       dugong    
HAO Hakö alo     PRO you (sg) yu (see tamolo) [MR] [AC] [alu]    
HAO Hakö alomo       ant   AC60    
HAO Hakö alona       right (correct)   (see niga) AC60    
HAO Hakö amoa       Malay apple   [uwamoa AC60III35] u amoa  
HAO Hakö amona       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö aŋata       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö apola       war   AC60    
HAO Hakö arahana       valley, cliff   [warahana 'cliff'] ['valley' AC60] u arahana  
HAO Hakö aroka-tamata       bullroarer   AC60III87    
HAO Hakö aru       jellyfish (ed)   (ed means edible?)    
HAO Hakö asa       above, on top, up (there), up on top   (see lunu) [yasa AC60] [i yasa (i +Nloc.) MR]    
HAO Hakö asese wasese     chin, cheek, jawbone   [wasese AC60] u wasese  
HAO Hakö asese hulu wasese hulu     beard   (see patolu) [seselnna AC60] uasese hulu  
HAO Hakö asolu       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö aßina       underside   [yavina]    
HAO Hakö asua       crab, greyish, in mangrove    
HAO Hakö ati       know (fact, not a person); clever    [ate AC60] [ate AC] e ati ‘(he) knows ( a fact, not a person)’  
HAO Hakö ati       drum   (see kun-du) AC60III88    
HAO Hakö atohi       chief (baŋara)   (see pal-kapan, tsonpan) AC    
HAO Hakö atolo       island   AC60    
HAO Hakö atstaßutu       hole (in clothes)   (see kio, lugu, akeou) [atstavutu AC60]    
HAO Hakö atsti       slit-gong   (see korkoroko) AC60III89    
HAO Hakö atuŋ hamete       kill (lit. smite CS-die)   AC    
HAO Hakö atuŋ(u)       smite, kill   (see yatung) [AC60] [yatuŋ 'kill (a pig)']    
HAO Hakö ba     CNJ and   (see na, n-) (S_S) MR    
HAO Hakö balata       lagoon   (see aramun)    
HAO Hakö balei       spiderweb   a balei  
HAO Hakö balio       k.o. fish (38)    
HAO Hakö barbaru       mad, go crazy   (see pepiou, popoloana)    
HAO Hakö basa       iguana   a basa  
HAO Hakö behe       blow   (see puhu)   lomolomo e behe-na ‘wind blows’  
HAO Hakö bes     N famine   (see e bes-na) AC60 [bes] a bes  
HAO Hakö bes     V be hungry   (see bes)   e bes-na  
HAO Hakö besin (roi)       (wooden) bowl   (see akon o roi) AC60III67    
HAO Hakö bibia       trochus shell (2-1), pearlshell lalai    
HAO Hakö bil       parrotfish (46-8)   a bil  
HAO Hakö binami       pandanus fruit marita (see binanu)    
HAO Hakö binanu       pandanus fruit   (see binami)    
HAO Hakö biru       dumb   (see peku)    
HAO Hakö bito       native lamp, torch (of burning leaves, etc.)   AC60III69    
HAO Hakö boŋ       night   (see kurahu) AC60 AC a boŋ  
HAO Hakö boŋboŋ       morning   AC60 AC [boNboN] a boŋboŋ  
HAO Hakö boro       quick    
HAO Hakö boroboro       quickly   MR    
HAO Hakö boroŋo       bluebottle    
HAO Hakö bot - mumula       (he is) cold   (see maririŋ-na, momola)    
HAO Hakö bu       k.o. fern    
HAO Hakö buki       wild fowl, small speckled egg   (see kihou)    
HAO Hakö bulsana       rubbish    
HAO Hakö bum       boom of sail bum    
HAO Hakö bun       paint (for singsing)   a bun  
HAO Hakö burus       tobacco    
HAO Hakö bus       flee, run away    
HAO Hakö busa       dolphin   a busa  
HAO Hakö busoso       navel   AC    
HAO Hakö busu       wipe   (see sehe, sinaka, ovu, hasapin) AC60    
HAO Hakö buta       break (clay pot), break open (coconut)   (see poko, tapeko)    
HAO Hakö buto       dead coconut blossom    
HAO Hakö butu       rainbow    
HAO Hakö bututu       grow (of plant)   (see elebena)    
HAO Hakö e     MOD/SBJ third person subject realis (3S.RL); realis with any subject (RL)   preverbal particle MR    
HAO Hakö e     ART personal article   MR    
HAO Hakö e     OBJ first person singular object (1SGO)   ?enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö egu     POSS my   indirect possessor-indexing base   egu kukoeiku  
HAO Hakö elebena       grow (of plant)   (see bututu)    
HAO Hakö emoa       no!   AC    
HAO Hakö ena     POSS his, her, its   indirect possessor-indexing base   e na kawu 'his wife'; e na kukoi 'his child'; e na tamata 'her husband'  
HAO Hakö ga     ASP/SBJ first person inclusive plural subject (1EXCS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö ga(ga)     PSSR first person inclusive plural possessor (1EXCP)   direct possessor-indexing suffix/enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö gae       dance, play   (see sane, sani, sanina, hirata, hiratana) ['dance' AC] ['play' AC60]    
HAO Hakö gagaha       light (not heavy)   AC60    
HAO Hakö gagahil       emperors k.o. fish (7)   (see suri)   a gagahil  
HAO Hakö gagala       goes down (hill)   (see galala)    
HAO Hakö gagolana       beautiful   AC60    
HAO Hakö galala       goes down (hill)   (see gagala)    
HAO Hakö galets       lazy (odoko)   (see kareousu-nua, karius, karous) AC    
HAO Hakö galgalin kusi       fly whisk   AC60III72    
HAO Hakö galina       nose ornament, rod in nose   AC60III75    
HAO Hakö galusu       wash (pezaku)   (see sap-sap, totovo, turun, tobue, totovu, tovo) [galusu 'wash (Hds) (pezaku)' AC] [galis 'wash (clothes)']    
HAO Hakö gasin     Vtr shake    
HAO Hakö geregere       stripe yellow/black k.o. fish   a geregere  
HAO Hakö gile       desire   AC60    
HAO Hakö giŋin       multi-coloured    
HAO Hakö gir       adze, hollow out   (see roborobo, toktok)   a gir  
HAO Hakö girigirisu       banded sea snake (coral)   (L86) (see su)   a girigirisu  
HAO Hakö goagono       holy, taboo   (see hahots) AC [‘holy’]    
HAO Hakö goama       baby   a goama  
HAO Hakö gohe       harbour, bay   AC60    
HAO Hakö gohi       bay   AC    
HAO Hakö goho       gather, assemble    
HAO Hakö gol(u)       laugh   (see goluna, gol) [e-golona] [AC60] [gol] e-golona  
HAO Hakö golehe       lime gourd, lime (betel), lime kambang (see golehe, hagolgolehe) [AC] [AC60III31] [AC60III32] [golehe ‘lime’] a golehe  
HAO Hakö golina       k.o. lizard   (L107)   a golina  
HAO Hakö golo       have an itch; scratch itch, scratch (gepi)   (see makala, takirahana, kusu) [AC] [golo ‘scratch (gepi)’] a golo  
HAO Hakö gololo       boil (of water)   (see ha-gololo)    
HAO Hakö gomo     V lie (deceive) giaman (see nopu) [gomo AC60] [metegomo ‘dai giaman’] [ugamo'lie' AC60] [gamo'lie (koha)' AC] ugamo  
HAO Hakö gomogomo     N lie   [AC]    
HAO Hakö gono     V be many, be gathered   (see para, parpara) ['many (men came)'] [u gono 'gather, assemble (of people)'] a wele gono ‘many coconuts’; u gono 'gather, assemble (of people)'  
HAO Hakö gonome       with (lit. be many + with)   AC60    
HAO Hakö gororu       earwax (liq)   (see vanasa)    
HAO Hakö gotana       coconut shell; cup    
HAO Hakö gotolo     V flow   (see tsil, olo)    
HAO Hakö gu     ASP/SBJ first person singular subject (1SGS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö gu(ku)     PSSR first person singular possessor (1SGP)   direct possessor-indexing suffix/enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö gugu       k.o. shell (6-3)    
HAO Hakö gul       stir (liquid), mix up (food)    
HAO Hakö gulo       k.o. shell (53-all)    
HAO Hakö gururu     V thunder    
HAO Hakö gusgusuni       in the middle of; between   AC60 [igusgusuni (gusuna)]    
HAO Hakö gusuni       in the middle of; between   (see hagus) AC60    
HAO Hakö ha-     CS causative marker   (prefix, proclitic, or preposed particle) MR ha-poka(-e-na) ‘whiten (tr)’  
HAO Hakö ha tutubuni       grandparent    
HAO Hakö ha tutusolo       namesake    
HAO Hakö hagagosi     V clean   AC60    
HAO Hakö hagala       go fishing, catch fish from reef   (see hoata)   e hagala  
HAO Hakö hagolgolehe       lime gourd   (see agolehe, golehe) AC60III32    
HAO Hakö hagololi     Vitr be boiling   AC60    
HAO Hakö ha-gololo     Vtr boil (in water)   (see gololo)    
HAO Hakö hagus       middle   (see gusuni)    
HAO Hakö hahaŋul       whisper, mumble    
HAO Hakö hahin       brother  brata   Phrase-List    
HAO Hakö hahine hamoa akao       wife's elder sister   [hahina hamoa akao AC60IV39]    
HAO Hakö hahine tamanein       father's sister   AC60IV13    
HAO Hakö hahine tsinanein       mother's sister   AC60IV14    
HAO Hakö hahine-nen a kapan       older sister   e hahinenen a kapan '(his) older sister'  
HAO Hakö hahine-nen a teroko       younger sister   e hahinenen a teroko '(his) younger sister'  
HAO Hakö hahinina       sister   (see munhahina, kukuvei) AC60    
HAO Hakö hahinina a tamata       husband's sister (of woman)   AC60IV36    
HAO Hakö hahinina kao       sister's husband   AC60IV37    
HAO Hakö hahinine nakao       wife's brother   AC60IV35    
HAO Hakö hahol       sell    
HAO Hakö hahots       tabu   (see goagono) AC60    
HAO Hakö haka       put   AC60    
HAO Hakö hakalati     Vtr awaken   AC    
HAO Hakö hakapa       entirely    
HAO Hakö hakats       think, medicine    
HAO Hakö hakatsin       think   AC60    
HAO Hakö haker kerir       morinda citrifolia (small tree with bitter knobbly fruit and roots that give yellow dye; or red dye if mixed with lime)   (see uarora)    
HAO Hakö hakhakats       think   [hak-hakats AC]    
HAO Hakö hakhakoasa     V load (cargo)    
HAO Hakö hakopo       cover, put lid on   (see kukopo)    
HAO Hakö hakoßi       put down (sg)   [hakovi]    
HAO Hakö hala       coconut (sprouted)   a hala  
HAO Hakö hala       give (me)   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö halahala       shoulder   [hala-hala]    
HAO Hakö halaputs       gives back    
HAO Hakö halasa       outrigger boom, outrigger float   (see kikilili, holasa) AC [halasa ‘outrigger float’] a halasa  
HAO Hakö haleleo       lose (his money)   (see hataya, leleo)    
HAO Hakö halema       bring   (see luem) AC60    
HAO Hakö haleßa     V plant   (see leva-na) [ha-leva AC60]    
HAO Hakö halhal       rafter   [hal-hal AC]    
HAO Hakö halilihi       heron    
HAO Hakö halis       in-laws    
HAO Hakö halis(i)       grass gras   AC60 u-halis  
HAO Hakö halo       fishing-line   (see hono)   a halo  
HAO Hakö haloso       rope   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö halulu       string figure   AC60III92    
HAO Hakö haluma       friend   AC    
HAO Hakö halusna       shed skin   e halusna  
HAO Hakö hamal     Vtr curse, put curse on   [accurse (tr)]    
HAO Hakö hamal maloto       one hundred (?actually thousand)   (see toa usu)    
HAO Hakö hamam       dive/jump (into water)    
HAO Hakö hamiosko       pawpaw    
HAO Hakö hamoa       brother, sister older   (see toloana) AC60IV9, 10    
HAO Hakö han       village   AC [han] a han  
HAO Hakö han       ?   e kani han tanen 'live (in this village)'  
HAO Hakö han u koukou       (see lulu)   AC    
HAO Hakö hana       shoot   (see saka, hanahana) [ha'na AC] [AC60]    
HAO Hakö hana       in, inside   [ihana AC60]    
HAO Hakö hanahana       shoot (arrows)   (see hana) [hana-hana]    
HAO Hakö hane       what?   (see aha) AC60    
HAO Hakö haniga       say “yes” (cf. niga good)    
HAO Hakö hanoni       why?   (see a ha) AC60    
HAO Hakö haŋa       anchor   (see taŋa, hat-hataŋa) [*haŋga (meaning of asterisk unclear)]    
HAO Hakö haŋa       side of head, temple   u hanga  
HAO Hakö haŋisa       when? (past or futue)   (see haŋisani) [i haŋisa MR] [ihanisa AC] [Phrase-List] alu e lami hangisa? ‘when did you come?’  
HAO Hakö haŋisani       when?   (see hangisa) AC60    
HAO Hakö haŋoto       lights (fire)    
HAO Hakö hapili       shut, close    
HAO Hakö hapirin     Vtr dry (in the sun)   (see palaka)    
HAO Hakö hapita       begin   [(hapita) tani AC]    
HAO Hakö hapitsiki     Vtr splash (water)    
HAO Hakö hapokaena       whiten (with paint)    
HAO Hakö haposoko       hatch   (see kavuta) AC60    
HAO Hakö hapusa       coconut oil   (see uapi)    
HAO Hakö haputuena       smear (paint)    
HAO Hakö haputun       Barringtonia tree, calophyllum (near beach)   (see toko)    
HAO Hakö hararaha     V quarrel   [harah-rahaiAC60] [hararaha]    
HAO Hakö harek reki       bat    
HAO Hakö haroto       eat (henahena)   (see nan) AC    
HAO Hakö haruruhanena       blacken (with paint)    
HAO Hakö hasagoho       taste   AC [(nan) hasagoho]    
HAO Hakö hasapin       wipe   (see sehe, sinaka, ovu, busu) AC60    
HAO Hakö hasaputu       fill (a pot with water)    
HAO Hakö hasiha       nettle    
HAO Hakö hasisi       fast, quick, quickly   (see tatono) [hasese 'fast, quick' AC60] [hasisi 'hurry up! quickly']    
HAO Hakö hasoßu       clothing   (see ka-kapa, malo)    
HAO Hakö haßaŋa       lead, show   (see pigi)    
HAO Hakö haßiritsi       turn over   AC60    
HAO Hakö haßuta       hatch   (see haposoko) AC60    
HAO Hakö hasuŋ     Vitr land (hogoto), land (on the beach)   (see lan) AC e hasuŋ-na  
HAO Hakö hasuŋ        
HAO Hakö hasuŋtu       sisters child   (see kukuei tere hahinenen)    
HAO Hakö hasus       suck   (see topo) AC60    
HAO Hakö hasusuku       near   AC60 [hasusuku (rehina)]    
HAO Hakö hata       hat   AC60    
HAO Hakö hataha       sail   (see hatsil, sel) AC60III47    
HAO Hakö hataia       lose (his money)   (see haleleo, leleo) [hataya]    
HAO Hakö hatamun     Vtr hide, hide (his money)   (see tamun)    
HAO Hakö hatetesana       salt   (see tio, tis) [uhatetesana (usol) AC] uhatetesana  
HAO Hakö hathataŋa       anchor   (see taŋa, *haŋga) AC60III48    
HAO Hakö hati       tells, informs    
HAO Hakö hatoka     V erect (a post)    
HAO Hakö hats       four   (see to hats, tohats) AC60    
HAO Hakö hatsil       move with wind sail   (see sel)    
HAO Hakö hatsinana       father's sister, mother's sister    
HAO Hakö hatsiŋele       sneeze   [hatsin#gele] [hatsiŋele]    
HAO Hakö hatu       carry (shoulder, like child with legs round neck)   (see kapits, hiolo, soata)    
HAO Hakö hatuku       kneels down    
HAO Hakö hatulona       father's brother's child, mother's brother's child    
HAO Hakö hehe       birth house   a hehe  
HAO Hakö hehel       (see tson, lutu)   AC60III86 [tson (hehel) lutu]    
HAO Hakö hekalan       fork (of branch)    
HAO Hakö heluŋ       whistle    
HAO Hakö heö       hunt (birds)   (see boe, mani, voi) [heö] [héo]    
HAO Hakö here-heroko       heal (sickness)    
HAO Hakö heru       collect (fallen coconuts), pick (fruit)    
HAO Hakö hetolo       female   AC    
HAO Hakö hi-       reciprocal prefix   MR    
HAO Hakö hiatuŋ     Vrecip fight   (see hi-, atuŋ) [hetatuŋ] [heatun#g] [heatung] [hiatuŋ AC60] [hiatuŋ AC] hi-tatun ‘fight (recip.)’  
HAO Hakö hihaßagin       show   AC60    
HAO Hakö hihiloko       copulate   (see loko) AC60    
HAO Hakö hihilolo       sorcerer (baha)   (see leahana) AC    
HAO Hakö hihilu       sorcerer (tuva), magic man   (see leahana) AC [hihilu] a hihilu  
HAO Hakö hihitoka       thorn (on bush)   (see koleamanu)    
HAO Hakö hikißa       barter (variholuholui)   AC    
HAO Hakö hil       weave (a mat)   e hil-na 'weave (a mat)'  
HAO Hakö hilaho       nut    
HAO Hakö hilbalei       web (of spider)    
HAO Hakö hiniŋal       year   [AC60] [hin#gal]    
HAO Hakö hinis       shell    
HAO Hakö hiolo       carry knapsack   (see hatu, kapits, soata)    
HAO Hakö hipuli       stab   (see saka butu) [hipuli] [hi puli (short vowel symbol over i in hi?)]    
HAO Hakö hirata       play   (see gae)   e-hiratana  
HAO Hakö hiriŋina       be sitting/standing (position, not movement)    
HAO Hakö hishis       dizzy    
HAO Hakö hisi       tail (of dog)   (see uhisina) [uhisina 'tail (dog, fish)' AC60] u hisi  
HAO Hakö hiski       be hot (person, water, weather)   [his-ki AC60] [his-ki AC] hiski-na '(he is) hot'  
HAO Hakö hitakats no u mu       groin (lit. space of leg)   (source suggests hitokats=space)    
HAO Hakö hitapala       hit (with hand)   (see sinaka, sinaki)    
HAO Hakö hitots tsimusa       young man   [hitots-tsimusa AC]    
HAO Hakö hitots(u)       young man, boy   (see kukuei, kukoi-a-tamata) [AC] [hitots ‘man’] ['boy' AC60] a hitots  
HAO Hakö hitul       get married   [(i) hitul] e hitulmien ‘he married her’  
HAO Hakö hoa     N fruit, blossom (coconut)   [hoan AC60] [hoa blossom (coconut)] [hoa AC60] [hoa AC] [hua] a hoa; putaka (hoa) ‘rotten (fruit)’ a hua  
HAO Hakö hoata       go fishing, catch fish (in general)   (see hagala)   e hoata  
HAO Hakö hola habiritsi       turn around   [hola-habiritsi] hola-habiritsina 'turn (himself round)'  
HAO Hakö holasa       outrigger float   (see halasa) AC60III44    
HAO Hakö hol-i       buy   AC    
HAO Hakö holu       buy   [AC60] [hol]    
HAO Hakö holu       ditch    
HAO Hakö homi       badly, spoil (food)   MR [‘badly’]    
HAO Hakö hon       turtle   [AC] [AC60III9] [hun] ahon  
HAO Hakö honhon       swamp, puddle   (see paru)    
HAO Hakö hono       string, fishing line   (see halo) AC60III55 a hono  
HAO Hakö honua       big sailing canoe, outrigger   ['outrigger' AC] u honua 'big sailing canoe'  
HAO Hakö hosa       breathe    
HAO Hakö hosa-puhu       breathe   AC60    
HAO Hakö hose       count   (see se)    
HAO Hakö hose       paddle   [hose] [huse] a hose; a huse  
HAO Hakö hose-n bout       oar   [hose’n-bout AC]    
HAO Hakö hoso       puts out (fire)    
HAO Hakö hosohoso       soft   AC    
HAO Hakö hosopots       squeeze   (see potsin) AC60    
HAO Hakö hoßoto       all   (see rori hoboto) [MR] [all (the villagers) AC]    
HAO Hakö huei       crocodile pukupuku   [hoai AC] [hoes] a huei; a-hoes  
HAO Hakö huhuna       bake (over fire)   (see kio raku, raku)   e huhuna  
HAO Hakö hul~hulu       hair (body)   AC60    
HAO Hakö hulu       hair (of head, body), feather   (see hurutu) AC60 [hulu ‘hair (head)] AC u hulu  
HAO Hakö hulu-n kala       feather   (see akuhan, kuha) AC    
HAO Hakö hulutu       hairy   (see hulu) (actually hulutu?) [hurutu]    
HAO Hakö i     PRP location, time   MR i boŋ 'in the night'  
HAO Hakö ian yan     be sharp (knife)   [yan] u-lahoto u-yan ‘sharp (knife)’  
HAO Hakö iana yana     fish   (see aena) [aena AC60] [aena AC] [yana] a iana  
HAO Hakö iar yar     casuarina tree yar   yar    
HAO Hakö iari yari     pillow   (see uolana) yari    
HAO Hakö iari yari     ridgepole   yari    
HAO Hakö iasi-gusu       sky (galegalearane)   (see ilaŋits, kolu) AC    
HAO Hakö iaßa       banana   (see poso)    
HAO Hakö ien     ASP/SBJ third person subject (3SGS & 3PLS)   postverbal enclitic   e lavin ien ‘he divorced her’  
HAO Hakö ien     PSSR third person singular possessor (3SGP)   direct possessor-indexing suffix/enclitic (see nen)   ena kawu ien 'wife'  
HAO Hakö ier yer     back of head, nape   u yer  
HAO Hakö ies yes     unicornfish (11)   a yes  
HAO Hakö igolo       k.o. fish (pl 28, 1275)   a igolo  
HAO Hakö ilue       sea urchin (ed)   (ed=edible?)    
HAO Hakö inalupu       north wind; south-east monsoon bunim; rai    
HAO Hakö ios yos     nose   (see uesi) [uyos] [yos] u ios  
HAO Hakö iosba yosba     sugarcane quid   yosba    
HAO Hakö ipaha       ray, stingray, mantaray (4)   (see reki)    
HAO Hakö ipil       digging stick   AC60III64    
HAO Hakö ipots       stage of coconut growth   AC60III17    
HAO Hakö iputs       prawn (hahaka), crayfish   (see pir-pir, kiki) [ipots 'prawn (hahaka)' AC] [iputs 'crayfish']    
HAO Hakö ira       betel nut, areca nut and palm bilinat   [AC60III30] [‘aroca nut (betel)’] [‘areca’ AC] a ira 'areca nut'; u ira 'areca palm'  
HAO Hakö isehe       shoulderblade    
HAO Hakö iso       rat   [isu] [isou] [iso AC60] [iso AC] a isou  
HAO Hakö ißißi       mushroom    
HAO Hakö ka       dwell, live s.wh.   AC    
HAO Hakö ka       if   AC60    
HAO Hakö ka(-ni)       lives (here)   (see kani han tanen)    
HAO Hakö kahe       bamboo (for panpipes)   (see loapa, kawur, monaka)    
HAO Hakö kahkahus(u)       lung   [kah-kahusu AC60]    
HAO Hakö kaho     Vitr dig   (see lebaleba, ŋoho) AC60    
HAO Hakö kahoin     Vtr bury   [kahoi’n AC]    
HAO Hakö kahus(u)       spit   [kahus AC] [kahusu AC60]    
HAO Hakö kakaku       empty    
HAO Hakö kakapa       tapa cloth; clothing (womans, e.g. pulpul/rami)   (see tehu) [AC60III37] [ka-kapa]    
HAO Hakö kakaputukia       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö kakaßelekua       worm   [kakabelekua] [kakavelekoa AC60]    
HAO Hakö kakatsilokana       calm   (see maraha)    
HAO Hakö kakats-kolo       quiet   AC    
HAO Hakö kake       canoe house   AC60III84    
HAO Hakö kakelana       branch   (see kala) AC60    
HAO Hakö kal       blind   (see matakiau, wohana, keao)    
HAO Hakö kala     V fly (of bird)   (see kala e tapana) [akaala 'fly (bird)' AC60    
HAO Hakö kala     N bird   (see kaala) [kala AC] [kaala AC60] a kala; kala e tapana 'fly (of bird)'  
HAO Hakö kala       branch (of tree), betelpepper (cult.)   (see kakelana)    
HAO Hakö kala       leaf   (see lun) [kalan AC60] [kalla AC]    
HAO Hakö kala tuna       baby bird   (see tsi kala)    
HAO Hakö kala-n pis       taro leaf   (see akalan potutu. pis)    
HAO Hakö kala-n potutu pis       taro leaf   (see kalan pis)   akalan potutu. pis  
HAO Hakö kala-n uatoho kalan watoho     sago leaf saksak   [kalan watoho] [kalan-watoho 'sago palm']    
HAO Hakö kalana       road   (see maroro) AC60    
HAO Hakö kalana u kokou       sweet potato (kaukau) runners   a kalana u kokou  
HAO Hakö kalapua       plantain   (see masuŋo)    
HAO Hakö kalata     Vitr wake up, wake, be awake   (see nagule, tagule) AC e kalatana 'live (awake)'  
HAO Hakö kalate       be open (door)    
HAO Hakö kalate-na a tamana       open (a door)   (see katovutu)    
HAO Hakö kali       finger   [kale AC60] [kaleAC] u kali  
HAO Hakö kalili       k.o. shell (3-2, 5)    
HAO Hakö kali-n       toe   (see kalipan) [kalenmo AC60]    
HAO Hakö kali-pa-n       thumb, big toe   (see kalin) [kale-pa-n (mo) 'toe' AC60] [u kalipan 'thumb'] u kalipan  
HAO Hakö kalkala       k.o. bird, eats bananas    
HAO Hakö kaloho       ? eyelid eyelash   (in matsmats-kaloho ‘blinking’)    
HAO Hakö kalpu       eel, seasnake (6) maleo   [kal-po AC60]    
HAO Hakö kamits(i)       have a pain, have fever, pain   [kamitsi 'pain' AC60] baku e kamits-na '(has a) fever'  
HAO Hakö kamu       bite   [kamu AC]  e kamu; a muki e kamuna 'bite (of dog)'  
HAO Hakö kamu-i       bite   [kamui AC60]    
HAO Hakö kanaha       lightning   [AC60] [AC] ukanaha  
HAO Hakö kanan       food   [kannan AC]    
HAO Hakö kanapitsi       garamut beater    
HAO Hakö kani       live stap (see ka(-ni)) Phrase-List a katun e kani luma ‘man i stap insait long haus’; e kani han tanen 'live (in this village)'  
HAO Hakö kanono       twist (string)    
HAO Hakö kantoa       remain   [kan-toa AC]    
HAO Hakö kanuhu       moan   AC60    
HAO Hakö kao       wife   (see kawu tanen, kaoe, ena kawu ien) [nakao 'wife' AC60IV24]    
HAO Hakö kao a kukoi a tamata       son's wife   [nakao a kukoi atamata AC60IV42]    
HAO Hakö kao amußa       widow (female)   (see mova, muba) [kau amuva]    
HAO Hakö kaoe       wife   (see kawu tanen, kaoe, ena kawu ien) [nakaoe AC60IV24]    
HAO Hakö kaopan       woman, wife meri (see a kawu, u kawu, kopan) [AC60] [kao-pan AC]    
HAO Hakö kaou kawu     woman, wife, married woman meri (see kawu tanen, ena kawu ien, nakao, nakaoe) [kaou Phrase-List] [kao she, her AC60 AC] [kaoeAC60] a kawu 'woman'; u kawu 'women'; e na kawu 'his wife'; ena kawu ien 'wife'; a katun e tarena a kaou ‘man i lukim meri’  
HAO Hakö kaou tanen       wife   (see ena kawu ien, kaoe, nakao, nakaoe) [kawu tanen] a kawu tanen  
HAO Hakö kap       buttocks   (see kop, ukopu)   u kap  
HAO Hakö kapan       big   [big (pig), great AC60 AC]    
HAO Hakö kapisa       alone   [(ka)pisa AC]    
HAO Hakö kapits       carry (under arm)   (see hatu, hiolo, soata)    
HAO Hakö kapkapits       armpit    
HAO Hakö kapkapitsi       axe-handle    
HAO Hakö kapkapoana       fish scale grile bilong pis   a kapkapoana  
HAO Hakö karaheaŋa       cough   (see kosu) AC60    
HAO Hakö kari       ant, brown sting, (pudiki)   AC    
HAO Hakö karious       lazy   (see galets, karous, kareousu-nua) [karius] [karous'lazy (hakohako)' AC]    
HAO Hakö kariousu-nua       lazy (udapelu)   (see galets, karius, karous) [kareousu-nua'lazy (udapelu)' AC]    
HAO Hakö karkareke       spoon, ladle    
HAO Hakö karum       sharpen (a stick to a point, an axe)    
HAO Hakö kasana       ear ornament   AC60III74    
HAO Hakö kaskas       scabies    
HAO Hakö kaßono     N string (beads)   [kavono AC60]    
HAO Hakö kaßul       aibika   [kavul]    
HAO Hakö kaßuluku       k.o. fish, medium (31)   [kavuluku]    
HAO Hakö kaßuno       beads   [kavuno]    
HAO Hakö kasuana       sand   AC    
HAO Hakö kati       do   (see koto) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö katoßutu       open (a thing)   (see kalatena a tamana) [katovutu AC60]    
HAO Hakö katsipi       k.o. shell (9-9)    
HAO Hakö katun(u)       person (human being)   (see katuntun, revana) AC60 akatun  
HAO Hakö katuntun       person (human)   (see akatun, revana) AC60    
HAO Hakö kaur       bamboo   (see kahe, loapa, monaka) [kawur]    
HAO Hakö ke       hard (difficult) (ŋiŋira)   (see masal-ka) AC    
HAO Hakö keao       blind   (see matakiau, kal, wohana) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö kearuku       left (hand)   (superscript w over final u) (see pal keruku)    
HAO Hakö keke       cookhouse   (see luman nasnas)   u keke  
HAO Hakö kekeleo       chicken, fowl   (see koa, tunan) AC60 AC [‘fowl’]    
HAO Hakö kekerenamo       mantis   a kekerenamo  
HAO Hakö kekeriri       wren (P72)    
HAO Hakö kela       bald   AC60    
HAO Hakö kenken       k.o. fish like igolo, smaller, flat (all plate 11)   a kenken  
HAO Hakö keo       hole in ground   (see kio, lugu, atstavutu) [akeou AC60]    
HAO Hakö kepkeputu       narrow   AC60 a-maroro a-kepkeputu ‘narrow (path)’  
HAO Hakö kerese       penis   (see tolus, tolosu) AC60    
HAO Hakö kesa       hermit crab   (under ‘bait’ in DT) DT [a kesa] a kesa  
HAO Hakö kihi       pip (pawpaw), seed   AC60 [kihi ‘seed’] a kihi  
HAO Hakö kihil       thick   (see poŋoto, poŋuto) AC60    
HAO Hakö kihou       wildfowl   (see buki)    
HAO Hakö kiki       crayfish, lobster   (see iputs) AC    
HAO Hakö kiki       k.o. bird, small black    
HAO Hakö kikilili       outrigger boom   (see halasa) AC60III45    
HAO Hakö kilili       fin of fish, shark fin   AC60 [kilili ‘fin of fish’] a kilili  
HAO Hakö kilili       vertical outrigger supports    
HAO Hakö kimits     V pinch    
HAO Hakö kinahus     N spittle spot (see kahus) (infixation - synchronic?)    
HAO Hakö kindam       (see pir-pir)   AC    
HAO Hakö kini       linked in source to entry for tarouru and/or tapogeha   AC60III76, 77    
HAO Hakö kinomo       basket (epata)   (see kovu, lagalagomo, kohele, pekuri, tohene) [kin-mo AC] [AC60III66]    
HAO Hakö kio       earth oven; hole (in ground)   (see akoahu, raku, lugu, atstavutu, akeou)   a kio  
HAO Hakö kio raku       bake (in earth oven)   (see huhuna, raku)   a kio raku  
HAO Hakö kira       seagull kanai    
HAO Hakö kis       tear (paper)    
HAO Hakö kispin       pour out (water) tromwe (see tsupin)    
HAO Hakö kißa       k.o. fish (39)   [kiva]    
HAO Hakö klana       drink   (see wa)   e klana  
HAO Hakö klutu       louse   (see utu, autu)   a klutu  
HAO Hakö ko ~ ka     MOD irrealis   MR    
HAO Hakö koa       chicken   (see kekeleo, tunan)    
HAO Hakö koaba kóaba     guava (?carambola – see u baleo) yambo (short vowel symbol over first a)    
HAO Hakö koahu       dust   (see kupa) AC60    
HAO Hakö koasa-na       board (canoe)   e koasa-na  
HAO Hakö koasi       fog   (see utuhil)    
HAO Hakö kobasa       peel (kaukau)    
HAO Hakö kobul       heart   (see ti, tui) AC60    
HAO Hakö kohaka       scar    
HAO Hakö koheaka       white   (see poka, o poka)    
HAO Hakö kohele       basket (for arm), netbag (=bilum), basket (huneke) bilum (see kovu, kinomo, kin-mo, lagalagomo, pekuri, tohene) AC60III66 AC    
HAO Hakö kohelu       mosquito   (see kuhelu) AC60 AC [kohelu] a kohelu  
HAO Hakö kohi       pan-pipes   (see kuhe) [akohi AC60III91]    
HAO Hakö kohin       bury (dead man)    
HAO Hakö kokoi       spring    
HAO Hakö kokoraki       spider   AC60 [kokoraki] a kokoraki  
HAO Hakö kokoros       cockroach    
HAO Hakö kokou       sweet potato kaukau    
HAO Hakö kola       chew betelnut    
HAO Hakö kolaka       stage of coconut growth   AC60III17    
HAO Hakö kolaŋa       snore    
HAO Hakö koleamanu       thorn   (see hihitoka) AC60    
HAO Hakö kolitsi       liana, vine    
HAO Hakö kolitu       k.o. shell (3-1)    
HAO Hakö kolka       coconut blossom sheath    
HAO Hakö kolkoloto       tree lizard   a kolkoloto  
HAO Hakö kolnumu       heel    
HAO Hakö kololi       k.o. fish (plate 10, 727)   a kololi  
HAO Hakö koloto       write   AC    
HAO Hakö kolu       cloud   (see kuasi, uvoŋ) ['sky'] [AC60] ukolu  
HAO Hakö koma       song   (see komu) AC    
HAO Hakö komkom       canoe thwart platform (of canoe)   (see mapo) AC60III49 [komkom] a komkom  
HAO Hakö komo       sing   (see koma, kuma) AC60    
HAO Hakö kona       breadfruit picker   AC60III65    
HAO Hakö kono     V pound   AC60    
HAO Hakö kop       steal    
HAO Hakö kop(u)       buttocks as (see kap) AC60 u kop; ukopu  
HAO Hakö kopa       pile/stack up (e.g. coconuts)    
HAO Hakö kopan       old woman, woman   (see a toboana, kaopan, a kawu, u kawu) AC [kopan] a kopan  
HAO Hakö kopispots       turn   AC60    
HAO Hakö kopu       steal   AC60    
HAO Hakö korana       ashes, charcoal   (see kumahoana, kuahu) AC    
HAO Hakö koreme       (see potoko)   AC    
HAO Hakö koremen       stink (of rotten wood)    
HAO Hakö kori       possum, cuscus   a kori  
HAO Hakö korkoroko       slit-gong   (see atsti) AC60III89    
HAO Hakö korna       k.o. crab “in mangrove”    
HAO Hakö korokoreana       dirty   [AC60] [korkorian]    
HAO Hakö koru       k.o. lizard   (L109)   a koru  
HAO Hakö kosori       caterpillar    
HAO Hakö koßasa     V peel (kaukau)   (see leke) [kovasa]    
HAO Hakö koßi       come down from tree, descend, go down   (see laputa) [kovi AC] [kovi AC60]    
HAO Hakö koßu       pandanus (fruit (ed) (3063) and tree); basket karuka   [kobu] [kovo AC60III14]    
HAO Hakö koßul       stage of coconut growth   [kovul AC60III17]    
HAO Hakö kosu       cough   (see karaheaŋa) AC60    
HAO Hakö koto       do   (see kati) AC60    
HAO Hakö koto       talis nut   a koto  
HAO Hakö kotoina       hawk, sea eagle    
HAO Hakö kotokalakala       divide up (food)    
HAO Hakö kotokoto       immature coconut    
HAO Hakö kotolana       beach, sand   (see mun kotolana)    
HAO Hakö ku       cry out (e.g. in pain)   (see ŋalana, ŋala)    
HAO Hakö ku       only    
HAO Hakö ku       pike, barracuda (44, 45)   (see otopo)   a ku  
HAO Hakö ku     ASP/SBJ first person singular subject (1SGS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö kuahu       ashes (grey wood), greyash   (see korana, kumahoana)    
HAO Hakö kuasi       cloud   (see kolu, uvoŋ)    
HAO Hakö kue       work, make, build wokim (see uktina) [Phrase-List] [kui‘work’ AC60 ] a katun e kuena luma ‘man i wokim haus’; e kue-na kui 'make a garden'  
HAO Hakö kuha       feather   (see hulun kala, kuha) AC60 akuhan  
HAO Hakö kuha       flower feather headdress (feathers)   (see akuhan, hulun kala) AC60 [kuha] AC a kuha  
HAO Hakö kuhe       panpipes   (see akohi)    
HAO Hakö kuhelu       mosquito   (see kohelu)    
HAO Hakö kui       garden   (see kui) AC60 a kui  
HAO Hakö kukoe       child   (see kukoi-a-tamata, hitotsu) [kukoe AC60] [kukoe AC] [kukoei] [kukoi] [kukuei] e na kukoi '(his) child'; enakukoeien 'his child'; egu kukoeiku 'my child; a kukuei  
HAO Hakö kukoe a kao       daughter   [kukoe a kao AC60IV4]    
HAO Hakö kukoe a kao tere hahininein       sister's daughter   [kukoi akao tere hahininein AC60IV7]    
HAO Hakö kukoe a kao tere toloanein       brother's daughter   [kukoi akao tere toloanein AC60IV8]    
HAO Hakö kukoe a tamata       son   (see nakukoi atamata) [kukoe a tamata 'son' AC] [kukoe a tamata 'son' AC60IV3] [akukoiatamata 'son's son' AC60IV19]    
HAO Hakö kukoe a tamata        
HAO Hakö kukoe a tamata       boy   (see kukuei, hitotsu) [kukoi-a-tamata]    
HAO Hakö kukoe a tamata tere hahininein       sister's son   [kukoi a tamata tere hahininein AC60IV5]    
HAO Hakö kukoe atamata tere toloane tsinanein       mother's brother's son   [kukoi atamata tere toloane tsinanein AC60IV29]    
HAO Hakö kukoe tamata tere toloanein       brother's son   [kukoi tamata tere toloanein AC60IV6]    
HAO Hakö kukoe tere hahinenen       sister's child   (see hasungtu) [kukuei tere hahinenen]    
HAO Hakö kukopo       cover, lid   (see hakopo)   a kukopo  
HAO Hakö kuku     V call   AC60    
HAO Hakö kukui       hardworking    
HAO Hakö kukui       sandfly   a kukui  
HAO Hakö kukunaro       short   (see kukuranu) AC60    
HAO Hakö kukupun u rui       top (of tree)    
HAO Hakö kukuranu       short (not long)   (see kukunaro)    
HAO Hakö kukußei       younger sister, young girl   (see hahinina) [kukuvei AC60IV10] [kukubei] a kukubei  
HAO Hakö kukußu       starfish   [kukuvu]    
HAO Hakö kukutsi       snake   AC60 AC [kukutsi] a-kukutsi  
HAO Hakö kukutsi ni asa       tree python   a kukutsiniasa  
HAO Hakö kukutu-korana       shadow   (see uoho) AC    
HAO Hakö kula       thread, cotton   (see tsiahono) AC60III60    
HAO Hakö kulili       crab, flat, in mangrove    
HAO Hakö kulo       grasshopper   a kulo  
HAO Hakö kulu       pigeon, dove balus    
HAO Hakö kulupi       burn   AC60    
HAO Hakö kulupu       burn, flame, burn (of fire)   (see ŋoto-na) AC kulupu-na  
HAO Hakö kuma       sing, singsing   (see komo)    
HAO Hakö kumahoana       ashes   (see korana, kuahu) AC60    
HAO Hakö kundu       drum   (see ati) [kun-du AC60III88]    
HAO Hakö kunri       snail   a kunri  
HAO Hakö kupa       dust   (see koahu)    
HAO Hakö kupi       gourd   AC60III40    
HAO Hakö kura       lizard, brown   a kura  
HAO Hakö kurahu       night   (see boŋ) AC60    
HAO Hakö kurapa       jump over (sg), jump   AC60    
HAO Hakö kurapa sei       jump (up and down)    
HAO Hakö kuri       dew   (see kuru)    
HAO Hakö kuru       dew   (see kuri)    
HAO Hakö kuru       owl    
HAO Hakö kurun       ripe coconut drai   a kurun  
HAO Hakö kusi     N fly (insect) lang   AC AC60 [kusi] a kusi  
HAO Hakö kußiki       fingernail   [kubiki] [kuviki AC60] u kubiki  
HAO Hakö kußiki       fur   AC60 [kuviki (akalla)]    
HAO Hakö kusu       scratch scrape (a coconut)   (see takirahana, takirahane, golo, makala) (see toina) AC60 [kusu (golo)]    
HAO Hakö kutakuta       betel leaves, betel pepper daka (see leleau) (see usela)    
HAO Hakö la     DIR from speaker    (directional postclitic) MR    
HAO Hakö la     V go   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö labeke       arrow   (see walina) AC    
HAO Hakö lagalagomo       basket (tela)   (see kovu, kohele, kin-mo, kinomo, pekuri, tohene) AC    
HAO Hakö lagata       fork (e.g. in tree branch)    
HAO Hakö laglagama       seaweed (brown, reef)    
HAO Hakö laho       sling   AC60III52    
HAO Hakö lahoto       knife   AC    
HAO Hakö lahou       tu-lip    
HAO Hakö laku       skull   (see pole) [lako 'forehead' AC60] u laku  
HAO Hakö lala       walk   RD of la 'go' AC AC60 e lala  
HAO Hakö lali       fishhook   (see lali, ŋats) [alalī] [AC60III56]    
HAO Hakö lalitsi       buttress root    
HAO Hakö lam     ASP/SBJ first person exclusive plural subject (1EXCS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö lama       come   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö lamana       be far away   AC60 lamanana  
HAO Hakö lan       day (not night)   (see ulan) [ulan (lan) AC60] [lan AC] a-lan, a lan, ulan  
HAO Hakö lan       land (popoa)   (see hasuŋ) AC    
HAO Hakö lanama       come    
HAO Hakö lani       go   Phrase-List a katun e lani maroro ‘man i go long rot’  
HAO Hakö laŋits       sky (maŋauru)   (see iasi-gusu, kolu) [i lan#gits] [ilaŋits 'sky (maŋauru)' AC]    
HAO Hakö laŋits     N rain; wet season   AC    
HAO Hakö lao     N wave   (see leale) AC60    
HAO Hakö lapo       throw   (see titi, ulapo) AC60    
HAO Hakö laputa       go down   (see kovi) AC60    
HAO Hakö laputs-ma       come back   (see tokopis nama)    
HAO Hakö las       drag, pull   AC60    
HAO Hakö lasa       mullet, k.o. fish (42)   a lasa  
HAO Hakö lasae       go up   (see sae) AC60    
HAO Hakö lasin       drag   AC60    
HAO Hakö laßasa       few   [lavasa AC60]    
HAO Hakö laßeke       arrowroot   [laveke AC60III23]    
HAO Hakö laßin     V divorce   [lavin] e lavin ien ‘he divorced her’  
HAO Hakö lato       candlenut tree   AC60III34    
HAO Hakö leahana       sorcerer (pela); sorcery   (see hihilolo, hihilu) AC [leahana (lolo)] [liahana] a liahana  
HAO Hakö leale     N wave   (see lao) AC60    
HAO Hakö leba     V plant (kaukau etc.)    
HAO Hakö lebaleba       dig (ground for planting)   (see kaho, ŋoho)    
HAO Hakö lehe       evening   (see tslehelehepots) [AC60] [lege] a lehe  
HAO Hakö lehe ßilßilili       evening   [lehe vil-vilili AC]    
HAO Hakö lehelehe       coral tree [seeds like marbles – may refer to this entry] [nipa palm – may refer to this entry]   (see toko, ulus)    
HAO Hakö leke     V peel (banana)   (see kovasa)    
HAO Hakö lel       again   (see aia, pen)    
HAO Hakö leleau       betel leaves (wild)   (see kutakuta)    
HAO Hakö lelehani       masalai    
HAO Hakö leleo       lose hum beg lost   (see hataya, haleleo) AC60 [leleo ‘lose’] e leleo  
HAO Hakö Lemankoa     PNLOC Lemankoa (a place)    
HAO Hakö lemeleme       soft thin   (see tekteki, tahtahasa) AC60    
HAO Hakö lemu     ASP/SBJ second person plural subject (2PLS) postverbal enclitic   MR    
HAO Hakö leou       neck   (see leao, liou) [AC60] [leao AC] [liou 'neck (exterior)'] u liou  
HAO Hakö leßana     Vtr plant   (see ha-leva) [leva-na]    
HAO Hakö li       red parrot (eclectus)   a li  
HAO Hakö lihaŋa       centipede   [AC] [lehaŋa] a lehaŋa  
HAO Hakö lihlihaŋa       fontanelle    
HAO Hakö liho       tooth   AC AC60 [liho] u liho  
HAO Hakö likliki       waist, hip    
HAO Hakö limar       swell (of hand)   (see sisirumu, puku, alima) AC60    
HAO Hakö limasa       bailer (for canoe)    
HAO Hakö limoto       cordyline   (see uwebe)    
HAO Hakö limu     PRO you (plural) yupela   [AC] [alimu MR]    
HAO Hakö limu i lapisa     PRO you three yutripela   [alimu i lapisa]    
HAO Hakö limu i lisolana     PRO you two yutupela   [alimu i lisolana] [limu i-lisolana AC]    
HAO Hakö limutu       moss (seaweed (lumulumutu)   (see tupao) AC    
HAO Hakö lipaniau       k.o. crab, floats with logs at sea    
HAO Hakö lisa       nit (louses egg)   a lisa  
HAO Hakö loa     V vomit   AC60] [e-löana] e-löana  
HAO Hakö loapa       bamboo (strong)   (see kahe, kawur, monaka)    
HAO Hakö loho       low tide, reef, shallow   (see lul) (see lunuloho) AC60III5 u loho  
HAO Hakö loko       copulate   (see hihiloko) AC60    
HAO Hakö lol       sea, ocean, high sea   (listed under ‘land’ in source, and with tes) [lůl] [alol AC] a lůl  
HAO Hakö lol ruku       deep   (see ruku, tsi ruku) [lol-ruku AC60]    
HAO Hakö lolo       pot (clay), cooking pot   (see lalo) [lalo AC] [lalo‘earthen pot’ AC60III68] alolo; a lolo  
HAO Hakö lolopißiana       k.o. fish, ca. 20cm (31)   [lolopiviana]    
HAO Hakö lomo       ant (generic) (menemene)   AC    
HAO Hakö lomolomo       wind   AC60 AC lomolomo e behe-na ‘wind blows’  
HAO Hakö lomolomon hatelatu       south-east wind   [lomlomon-hatelatu AC60III2]    
HAO Hakö loŋol-i       hear   AC    
HAO Hakö loŋolo       hear   AC60 e longolona  
HAO Hakö loŋoto       tie (knot), tie together (e.g. sticks)   AC60 e-lon#gotona  
HAO Hakö loßu       capsicum   [lovu]    
HAO Hakö lota       vein   AC60 [lota] a lota  
HAO Hakö lu       pick up (fallen coconuts)    
HAO Hakö lu     ASP/SBJ second person singular subject (2SGS) postverbal enclitic   MR    
HAO Hakö luem       bring   (see halema) AC60    
HAO Hakö lugu       hole (in wood)   (see kio, atstavutu, akeou)   a lugu  
HAO Hakö lui       take   AC    
HAO Hakö lukutu       embrace (sne)    
HAO Hakö lul       reef   (see loho) (contrast lůl)    
HAO Hakö lulan       dawn (vagavagasa)   (see pitala) AC [lulan] a lulan  
HAO Hakö lulu       root (karoso)   (see poloso) AC [lulu (han u koukou)]    
HAO Hakö lulusu       firefly    
HAO Hakö luma       house   AC60 AC [luma] a luma  
HAO Hakö luman haputu       food storehouse   AC60III82    
HAO Hakö luman nasnas       cooking house   (see keke) AC60III80    
HAO Hakö lumluma       chest   (see paspasu) [lum-luma AC60]    
HAO Hakö lun       leaf (of tree)   (see kalan)   u lun  
HAO Hakö luna       topside   (see lunu)    
HAO Hakö luna-luma       roof (tini vetu) (lit. house-top)   (see puŋana) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö lunein       mountain (toa)   (see pokusu) AC    
HAO Hakö lunu       above, on top   (see yasa, luna) AC60    
HAO Hakö lunu pokus       summit    
HAO Hakö lunuloho       shallow   (see loho) AC60    
HAO Hakö lusu       banyan    
HAO Hakö lut(u)       octopus kurita   [ulut] [AC60] [loto AC] ulutu  
HAO Hakö lutu       priest   (see hehel, tson) AC60III86 [tson (hehel) lutu]    
HAO Hakö m(i)limu     PSSR second person plural possessor (2PLP) possessor-indexing sufix/enclitic   MR    
HAO Hakö m(u)lam     PSSR first person exclusive plural possessor (1EXCP) possessor-indexing sufix/enclitic   MR    
HAO Hakö ma     DIR to speaker   (directional postclitic) MR    
HAO Hakö ma     PSSR first person exclusive plural and second person plural possessor (1EXCP & 2PLP) possessor-indexing sufix/enclitic   MR    
HAO Hakö magalut(u)       flying fish   AC60III11] [magalut ‘k.o. fish (36)’]    
HAO Hakö magomagolo       weak    
HAO Hakö maho       tomorrow   [i maho MR] [mahu] [maho AC60] [maho AC]    
HAO Hakö maka       be thirsty   AC60 e maka-na  
HAO Hakö makala     V itch, scratch (ŋaloso)   (see golo, takirahana, kusu) AC [makala (kusu)] AC60    
HAO Hakö makum       place (e.g. of work), room (in house)    
HAO Hakö mal       bitter (tasting), sour (pasa)   (see melili) AC    
HAO Hakö malio       freshwater eel    
HAO Hakö malios       snot kus bilong nus   [malius]    
HAO Hakö malo       clothes   (see ka-kapa, hasovu) AC60    
HAO Hakö maloto       ten   AC60 [malotö] a maloto  
HAO Hakö maloto na tol       twelve   a maloto na tol  
HAO Hakö maloto na tolima       fifteen   a maloto na tolima  
HAO Hakö maloto na tua       eleven   a maloto na tua  
HAO Hakö maluei       ant, small red    
HAO Hakö mam       in front of   (see i palimam) [i mam]    
HAO Hakö mamaha       yawn   mamahana  
HAO Hakö maman toptopu girigirisu       variegated colour   AC60    
HAO Hakö maman(u)       plural   (see manu) [(ma) man(u) 'PLURAL (not all)' MR] cf. turu mamanu-lan ‘every day’  
HAO Hakö mamarohana       smooth (stone)   AC60 a-palao a-mamarohana ‘smooth (stone)’  
HAO Hakö mamur(u)       behind, follow, later   [imamuru AC60]    
HAO Hakö man(u)       plural   (see mamanu) [(ma) man(u) 'PLURAL (not all)' MR]    
HAO Hakö manasa       formerly    
HAO Hakö manasa       before (pukeranasa); old (thing); formerly   (see moa-noana, poata-tela, mata’n gagala) [AC] [i manasa]    
HAO Hakö mani       hunt possum   (see boe, héo, voi)    
HAO Hakö manina       k.o. fish (13)    
HAO Hakö manka       goods    
HAO Hakö manmansa       for a long time    
HAO Hakö manu       eagle    
HAO Hakö manů       rabbitfish (12)   (ů means possibly /o/ rather than /u/?)    
HAO Hakö mapo       canoe thwart   (see komkom) AC60III49    
HAO Hakö mar       “manner marker”   MR    
HAO Hakö maraha       calm, peace   (see kakatsilokana) AC60    
HAO Hakö marahana       leeward side    
HAO Hakö marara       red   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö maririŋ       cold (of weather), ((pers.) diana)   (see momola, mutu, bot – mumula) AC maririŋ-na ‘(he is) cold’  
HAO Hakö markoto       habit   a markoto  
HAO Hakö maroro       road, path rot (see kalana) (of MTU ‘straight’) Phrase-List AC a maroro; a katun e lani maroro ‘man i go long rot’  
HAO Hakö mas       mast   AC60III46    
HAO Hakö masa       happy    
HAO Hakö masaka     V say, speak   (see tsin, raŋa, tatete) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö masaka     N language (zinama)   (see raŋa) AC umasaka  
HAO Hakö masalka       hard (difficult) (tasuna)   (see ke) [masal-ka AC]    
HAO Hakö masalmaruei       twilight    
HAO Hakö masmasa       surgeonfish (9)    
HAO Hakö masul-na       be full up   e masul-na  
HAO Hakö masuŋo       plantain   (see kalapua)    
HAO Hakö mat(a)     Nu eye; face ‘ai’ (see umata) AC60 [mata ‘eye’] AC [mat Phrase-List] u mata  
HAO Hakö matakiau       blind   (see kal, wohana, keao)    
HAO Hakö matan gagala       before ((place) pa konuna)   (see manasa, moa-noana, poata-tela) [mata’n gagala 'before ((place) pa konuna)’ AC]    
HAO Hakö matana       frontside    
HAO Hakö matats       sea anemone    
HAO Hakö matmatanena       sea urchin (stings)    
HAO Hakö matmatut       cowardly   (see matutu)    
HAO Hakö mats       ? eyelid eyelash   (in matsmats-kaloho ‘blinking’)    
HAO Hakö matsihau       k.o. shell (6-6)    
HAO Hakö matsiŋolo       ashamed    
HAO Hakö matskaloho       blink   [matsmatskaloho ‘eyebrow’ AC60] matsmats-kaloho ‘blinking’  
HAO Hakö matsku       flat (ground), straight   [mats-ko AC60] a-maroro a-matsku ‘straight (path)’  
HAO Hakö matu       right (hand)   (superscript w over u) (see pal mato)    
HAO Hakö matutu     V fear   [matoto AC60] e-matutuna ‘(a child) fears (a man)’  
HAO Hakö me       how? where?   (see sohisani) [i me]    
HAO Hakö me       where?   interrogative adevrbial locative [(i) me MR]    
HAO Hakö me       associative marker   MR    
HAO Hakö mea       tongue   AC AC60 [mea] u mea  
HAO Hakö mehi     Vtr dream   (see kamits) (see meih) [AC60] [mehe]    
HAO Hakö meih       dream (putagita)   (see totaratara) (see mehi) AC    
HAO Hakö melili       bitter, sour sour (kakatua) sharp (tasting)   (see mal) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö meloko       mud   (see tsikitsiki)    
HAO Hakö memea       brown    
HAO Hakö men ~ mun     NEG not   MR    
HAO Hakö menoni       where?   [imenone AC] [AC60]    
HAO Hakö mete       die   AC [mete (nua)] AC60    
HAO Hakö mete     N spirit of dead   umete  
HAO Hakö metegomo       scorpion dai giaman   a metegomo  
HAO Hakö mimime       whale   AC AC60III10 [mimeme]    
HAO Hakö mito       crab   a mito  
HAO Hakö miton buli       crab, digs holes, brown, reddish   [mitonbuli]    
HAO Hakö mo     ASP/SBJ second person singular subject (2SGS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö moa       not no (answer to question)   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö moan nua       nothing   [moan’-nua AC60]    
HAO Hakö moa-noana       before (lopu ele)   (see manasa, mata’n gagala, poata-tela) AC    
HAO Hakö moi       k.o. lizard   (L105)   a moi  
HAO Hakö mokolo       stomach   AC60    
HAO Hakö mola       fat, grease   (see poŋoto) AC60    
HAO Hakö mola ßaku       ant, big head, blue sting   [molavaku]    
HAO Hakö molamola       distribute, divide up (food)   [mola-mola]    
HAO Hakö mola-n uele       coconut cream   [molanwele]    
HAO Hakö molihi       citrus fruit muli    
HAO Hakö molon kao       garment (female)   [molo’n kao AC]    
HAO Hakö molon tamata       garment (male)   [molo’n tamata AC]    
HAO Hakö momola       cold (ibu)   (see maririŋ, mutu) AC    
HAO Hakö momoroana       sweet   (see vovotu) AC    
HAO Hakö momoto       bandicoot   (see uolipa, ulipa)   a momoto  
HAO Hakö mon       canoe (tomoko), dugout canoe without outrigger, trading canoe   (see tsinihi, tsitsinihi) [mona AC] a mona  
HAO Hakö mon kotolana       beach, shore   (see kotolana) [mun-kotolana] [mon-kotolana AC60] [mon-kotolana AC]    
HAO Hakö monaka       bamboo (kevu)   (see kahe, loapa, kawur) AC60III13 AC    
HAO Hakö monaku ŋoŋoana       bamboo (beti)   AC    
HAO Hakö mosu       menstrual hut   (see tstaluhun-kopi) AC60III81    
HAO Hakö mu       beetle (horned)   a mu  
HAO Hakö mu       leg, foot   (see mo) [mo AC] u mu  
HAO Hakö mu     ASP/SBJ first person exclusive plural and second person plural subject (1EXCS & 2PLS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö mu(lu)     PSSR second person singular possessor (2SGP)   possessor-indexing suffix or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö muki       dog   [AC60] [muke AC] a muki e kamuna 'bite (of dog)'  
HAO Hakö mula       rotten (of wood)   AC60    
HAO Hakö mumu       blunt   AC60    
HAO Hakö mun hahina       cross-sibling (brother (of woman), sister (of man))   (see hahinina) [‘brother, girl’s’ AC60IV9] [‘sister, boy’s’ AC60IV10]    
HAO Hakö muna       ripe (banana)   aposo amuna ‘ripe banana’  
HAO Hakö mur(u)       back baksait   [muru AC60] [‘backside’] [muru(na) AC] u muru; muruna  
HAO Hakö muruana       bee   (see a pisibelu)    
HAO Hakö mus       prow    
HAO Hakö musana       cooked (food)    
HAO Hakö musmusasa       rub   (see turunin)    
HAO Hakö mußa       widow, widower (male)   (see kau amuba) [mova] [muba] a mova; a-muba  
HAO Hakö mutu       cold   (see maririŋ, momola) AC60    
HAO Hakö n(a)     ASP/SBJ third person singular subject (3SGS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö na     MOD/SBJ first person irrealis subject (1S.IRR)   preverbal particle or clitic ['FUT.1' MR]    
HAO Hakö na     PSSR third person singular possessor (3SGP)   possessor-indexing suffix or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö na ~ n-     CNJ and    (/N_N) (see ba) [MR] [AC60 AC]    
HAO Hakö nagule     Vtr wake up   (see kalata, tagule)    
HAO Hakö nakukoi atamata       son's son   (see kukoe atamata) AC60IV19    
HAO Hakö nalupu       big wind    
HAO Hakö name~name       spirit, soul   [AC60] [nam-name AC]    
HAO Hakö name-na       ghost   AC60    
HAO Hakö namnamu       spirit of living    
HAO Hakö nan(i)       eat (gani)   (see haroto) AC AC60 e nanina  
HAO Hakö nas       cook   AC60    
HAO Hakö nasa       ant, tiny red, brown sting   a nasa  
HAO Hakö nat       breadfruit   (see valeo) AC    
HAO Hakö nata       egg (fowl)   AC60 [nata] AC u nata  
HAO Hakö ne       REFERENTIAL   MR    
HAO Hakö neaku       today (kohite)   (see romana) AC    
HAO Hakö nen     PSSR third person singular possessor (3SGP)   possessor-indexing suffix or enclitic (see ien) MR    
HAO Hakö nene       cowrie, small (11-1)    
HAO Hakö nenu       ant, korakum   [neno AC60] a nenu  
HAO Hakö nepe       swim   (see tsiruku)    
HAO Hakö ni       at   (see nu) AC60    
HAO Hakö niaku       soon    
HAO Hakö niga       be good, be right, be correct   (see alona) [nigana 'right (correct)' AC60] [AC60] [nigana 'good' AC] [nigana ‘(the food) is sweet’] a luma a niga ‘good (house)’; enigana; noni e nigana '(he is) correct, right'  
HAO Hakö nigantoana       (the food) is sweet, (the food is) tasty   (see nigana, nigatuna)    
HAO Hakö nigatuna       (the food) is sweet   (see nigana, nigantoana)    
HAO Hakö nigogu       servant, slave   (see tsonkui) AC60    
HAO Hakö niku       axe    
HAO Hakö nimete       sick   AC60    
HAO Hakö niroromo       grief   AC    
HAO Hakö nitotoa       life   AC    
HAO Hakö nohu       big stonefish   a nohu  
HAO Hakö nolaha       yesterday   [i nolaha MR] [AC60 AC]    
HAO Hakö none       as (gua(na))   (see te) AC    
HAO Hakö noni     PRO he, she, him, her   (see tamata, kao) [anoni MR] [noneAC60 AC] noni e nigana '(he is) correct, right'  
HAO Hakö non-none       voice   (see raŋraŋanen) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö nopu       lie down, lie   (see gomo, ugamo) [nopo ‘lie (eko)’ AC] e-nopuna  
HAO Hakö nu     ASP continuous aspect   MR    
HAO Hakö nu       of   (see ni)   a pikpiku nu roi ‘bark (of tree)’  
HAO Hakö nua       (see mete)   AC    
HAO Hakö nunu       earthquake   a nunu  
HAO Hakö nunu-goto       fire-making materials   AC60III63    
HAO Hakö ŋahaŋaha       long   (see ŋaŋaha) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö ŋal       galip nut (Tahitian chestnut, Canarium almond) galip (see tagal) [AC] [un#gal] u ŋal  
HAO Hakö ŋal       testicles   a ŋal  
HAO Hakö ŋal~ŋal       testicles    
HAO Hakö ŋala       cry, cry out, shout, weep   (see ku) AC60 AC e ngalana  
HAO Hakö ŋaŋaha       long   (see ŋahaŋaha)    
HAO Hakö ŋats       fishhook for bonito   (see alalī, lali) [aŋats AC60III54]    
HAO Hakö ŋats     Vtr cut (knife, self, stick), cut down/fell, cut off, cut (magua)   (see takiraha) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö ŋatse-na       cut (string)    
HAO Hakö ŋi       molar tooth   [n#gi] u ŋi  
HAO Hakö ŋil(i)       want (something), like (a food), like/love (person), wish, choose   [ŋili AC] [ŋil other sources]    
HAO Hakö ŋilin       want   AC60    
HAO Hakö ŋiŋu       crooked (stick)    
HAO Hakö ŋoho       dig   (see kaho, lebaleba) AC    
HAO Hakö ŋolo     V grunt (of pig)    
HAO Hakö ŋoŋoana       yellow   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö ŋorere       line, kinship    
HAO Hakö ŋoto       fire   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö ŋoto-na       burn (of fire)   (see kulupu-na)    
HAO Hakö ŋuŋoŋo       womb    
HAO Hakö ŋuŋu       handle for pulling canoe    
HAO Hakö ŋuŋu       hornbill    
HAO Hakö ŋurkohioŋo       god   (see atsonton)    
HAO Hakö o     OBJ 2ND/3RD = OBJ.2   MR    
HAO Hakö oho       shade (agoro), shadow, temp. shelter   (see kukutu-korana, taluhu) [uoho AC60] [uoho 'shade (agoro)' AC] u woho  
HAO Hakö olo       tide   (see gotolo, tsil) (see wolo) [AC60] [wolo]    
HAO Hakö olo       flow, float   (see alasa) AC60 olona  
HAO Hakö omi       bad (not good), evil   [e-omina] [omeAC60 AC]    
HAO Hakö omin       long ago, ancient   [iomin ‘long ago’ AC] [iomin ‘ancient’AC60]    
HAO Hakö oruhu       bush forest   AC60    
HAO Hakö oßu       wipe hit   (see sehe, sinaka, busu, hasapin) [ovu AC60]    
HAO Hakö otopo       pike, barracuda (28)   (see ku)    
HAO Hakö pakapaka       wing (bird)   (see tapatapa)    
HAO Hakö pako       club (vedara)   (see bar, pula-na, pupula) AC    
HAO Hakö pal iasa       upwards, above   [pali yasa AC60] [pali-asa AC]    
HAO Hakö pal kapan       chief (palabatu)   (see atohi, tsonpan) AC [pal-kapan (tsonpan)]    
HAO Hakö pal keruku       left (side)   (see kearuku) AC60    
HAO Hakö pal mato       right (side)   (see matu) AC60    
HAO Hakö pal puta       downwards   AC60 [pal puta]    
HAO Hakö pal tesi       towards the sea   [i paltesi AC60]    
HAO Hakö pala       point (of spear) hap (see ta karum)   a pala  
HAO Hakö palaka     Vitr become dry (clothes, rice because cooked too long)   (see hapirin) [AC60] [palaka] u-palaka; palakana 'dry up (of rice, because cooked too long)'  
HAO Hakö palan sani       dancing ground   [palan-sani AC60III85]    
HAO Hakö palau       stone   [palao AC60] [palao AC]    
HAO Hakö palian       edge (of knife)    
HAO Hakö palihan       towards the land   [i palihan AC60]    
HAO Hakö palimam       in front of   (see i mam) [i palimam AC60]    
HAO Hakö palmatana       thigh   (see uatutunumo)    
HAO Hakö pana       stage of coconut growth   AC60III17    
HAO Hakö para       many, plenty   (see gono, parpara) AC60    
HAO Hakö parpara       many   (see gono, para) [par-para AC] u kawu u parpara ‘many women’  
HAO Hakö paru       mangrove swamp   (see hon-hon) AC60III41    
HAO Hakö pasasa       stuck fast (on reef)    
HAO Hakö pasasan       (stone) stuks [sic]    
HAO Hakö paspas       bracelet, armlet    
HAO Hakö paspasu       chest (of man)   (see lum-luma)    
HAO Hakö pat       yam (long) yam   AC AC60III22 [pat ‘yam’] u pat  
HAO Hakö pat roi       tapioca tapiok    
HAO Hakö pata       rattan    
HAO Hakö patolu       beard   (see seselnna, wasese hulu) AC    
HAO Hakö peku       dumb   (see biru) AC60    
HAO Hakö pekuri       basket, (pili)   (see kovu, kohele, kinomo, kin-mo, lagalagomo, tohene) AC60III66 AC    
HAO Hakö pelepu       horizontal poles between rafters   (represented as picture in source)    
HAO Hakö peli       raw (food), unripe    
HAO Hakö pelili       sandpiper (Terek) (P24)    
HAO Hakö pen       again   (see aia, lel)    
HAO Hakö pen-duŋ(u)       lip   (see penning, penruŋ) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö penniŋ       lips   (see penduŋu, penruŋ)    
HAO Hakö penruŋ       lips   (see penduŋu, penning)   u penruŋ  
HAO Hakö pepeniŋal       k.o. fish (18, 17, 19)    
HAO Hakö pepereke       tuna, yellowfin   a pepereke  
HAO Hakö pepiou       mad, go crazy   (see barbaru, popoloana)    
HAO Hakö pesula       termites    
HAO Hakö peta       run   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö pi     N sore   AC a pi '(he has) a sore'  
HAO Hakö pigi       lead   (see havaŋa) AC    
HAO Hakö pika       pregnant   epikana  
HAO Hakö pikpiku       skin   [pikipiko 'skin'; pikpiko 'bark' AC60] [pik-piko AC] [pikpiku] a pikpiku nu roi ‘bark (of tree)’; u pikpiku  
HAO Hakö pilaŋu       thunder   AC60    
HAO Hakö pile       hold (in hand), take   AC60 [pile (pilen)] pilena  
HAO Hakö pile-kap       grasp   AC    
HAO Hakö pili       be shut    
HAO Hakö pili       coconut frond    
HAO Hakö pilits       plait (hair at night)    
HAO Hakö pilpili       door (tukutuku)   (see tamana) AC [pil-pili] AC60    
HAO Hakö pilus       fl snake (long slender yellowish)   (L84)   a pilus  
HAO Hakö pin       throw away (rubbish)    
HAO Hakö pinaposa       kinsmen    
HAO Hakö pinis     N fart, breaking of wind   (see pisi) [breaks wind, farts n] pinis  
HAO Hakö pinolasa       weak   AC    
HAO Hakö pinolata       mat   (see polpolata) AC60    
HAO Hakö piono       pumpkin   a piono  
HAO Hakö piou       deaf   [peou AC60]    
HAO Hakö pipi       k.o. shell (2-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)    
HAO Hakö pipi       defecate   [pepe AC60] e pipina  
HAO Hakö pipikula       willie wagtail [k.o. bird]    
HAO Hakö pipisu       seaweed (green) (small)    
HAO Hakö pipita       foot   AC60    
HAO Hakö pipito       look after (child)    
HAO Hakö pipuhu       bladder    
HAO Hakö piri       dragonfly   a piri  
HAO Hakö piri       shine (of sun)    
HAO Hakö pirpir       prawn (pitaŋa), shrimp   (see ipots) [pir-pir (kindam) AC]    
HAO Hakö pis        greens   pelou (Halia)   u pis  
HAO Hakö pisa       alone   [(ka)pisa AC]    
HAO Hakö pisa       three   (see topis, to pisa) AC60    
HAO Hakö pisahas       self    
HAO Hakö pisi       break wind, fart   (see pinis)   e pisi  
HAO Hakö pisibelu       bumble bee   (see muruana)   a pisibelu  
HAO Hakö pitala       dawn (gasa-rimata) sun   (see lulan, tuvutuna) AC    
HAO Hakö pitapita       feet   AC    
HAO Hakö pitopito       star   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö pitpit       pitpit    
HAO Hakö pitsi     N a bundle (of things)   [a pitsi 'bundle (things)' AC60] a pitsi  
HAO Hakö poata-tela       before (visoroiho)   (see manasa, mata’n gagala, moa-noana) AC    
HAO Hakö poka       white   (see koheaka) [AC60] [AC] [o poka]    
HAO Hakö poko       break (stick)   (see buta, tapeko)    
HAO Hakö pokpoku       k.o. fish, small (31)    
HAO Hakö pokus(u)       mountain (togere)   (see lunein) AC    
HAO Hakö pole       forehead, face   (see lako) [AC60] [AC] u pole  
HAO Hakö polo       coral (in general)    
HAO Hakö polopolo       foam    
HAO Hakö poloso       root (dadaga), root (of tree)   (see lulu) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö polpol       kidney    
HAO Hakö polpolata       mat   (see pinolata) [pol-polata AC]    
HAO Hakö pom       pig   AC60 AC [pum] a pum  
HAO Hakö pom ahi       wild pig   [pum ahi] a pum ahi  
HAO Hakö pomal       body    (see pumal) (see beno) [‘flesh (tini)’ AC]    
HAO Hakö pomala nu tsinihi       hull of canoe   AC60III43    
HAO Hakö ponok       slingshot (Tolai)   a ponok  
HAO Hakö poŋoto       fat; thick; fat (on a person)   (see mola, kihil) AC60 AC [poŋuto]    
HAO Hakö poŋpoŋana u uatoho poŋpoŋana u watoho     sagopith   [pon#g-poŋana u watoho]    
HAO Hakö popola       tapa beater   AC60III39    
HAO Hakö popoloana       mad   (see barbaru, pepiou) AC60    
HAO Hakö posa       be born, give birth    
HAO Hakö posa       break (sea on reef) rough (sea)    
HAO Hakö posa kukoi       bear child   AC60    
HAO Hakö poso       banana (tree and fruit)   (see iava) AC60III18 [poso] a poso (banan fruit); u poso (banana tree); aposo amuna ‘ripe banana’  
HAO Hakö poso       belt   u poso  
HAO Hakö poso       liver, spleen lewa   a poso  
HAO Hakö poso ßaku       plantain (lit. 'head banana')   [posovaku AC60III19]    
HAO Hakö potoko       pus   AC [potoko (koreme)]    
HAO Hakö pots       squeeze (grated coconut)    
HAO Hakö potsin       squeeze   (see hosopots) AC60    
HAO Hakö potsiŋ       sap    
HAO Hakö potu       wet   (see putu) AC60    
HAO Hakö potutu       taro   AC    
HAO Hakö potutu uopele potutu wopele     taro   [potutu wopele AC60III21]    
HAO Hakö puen       headland   u puen  
HAO Hakö puhu       blow (person), blow (fire)   (see behe-na)    
HAO Hakö puku       swell, swell (of skin)   (see limar, sisirumu)   e-pukuna  
HAO Hakö pula       pus waitpela blut (see u pula)   u pula  
HAO Hakö pula     V club (animal)   (see bar, pako, pupula)   e pula-na  
HAO Hakö pulula       anus   (see pululu) AC60    
HAO Hakö pululu       anus   (see pulula)    
HAO Hakö puluŋ       weeds    
HAO Hakö pumal       body tree trunk   (see pomal) AC60 [pumal] u pumal  
HAO Hakö puna       twins    
HAO Hakö puŋana       sago thatch, thatch (for roof); roof (ropoto) morota (see luna-luma) AC    
HAO Hakö pupu       fern (ed.)    
HAO Hakö pupuhu       fragrant   AC60    
HAO Hakö pupula       club   (see bar, pako, pula)    
HAO Hakö pupuluŋ       C. noddy [k.o. bird], (P26)    
HAO Hakö pupuna       cut (a pig, meat), cut up (pawpaw)    
HAO Hakö puputu       fruit bat   AC60III8    
HAO Hakö puruŋ       ant, black sting, (dui)   AC60 [‘ant’] AC    
HAO Hakö purus       untie, loosen    
HAO Hakö puspusiana       stage of coconut growth   AC60III17    
HAO Hakö pusu       joint, knot, knuckle   a pusu  
HAO Hakö pusun hilaho       ankle   (see pusun-hilaha)    
HAO Hakö pusun-hilaha       ankle   (see pusun hilaho) AC60    
HAO Hakö puta       below    
HAO Hakö puta       below, down (there), down below    [iputa AC60] [i puta '(i + Nloc.)' MR]    
HAO Hakö puta       earth, ground; floor (of house)   AC AC60 aputa  
HAO Hakö putaka       rotten   (see mula) AC60 putaka (hoa) ‘rotten (fruit)’  
HAO Hakö putu       chop (wood)    
HAO Hakö putu       wet (clothes)   (see potu)    
HAO Hakö putun       coconut husk, coconut fibres    
HAO Hakö ra     PSSR third person plural possessor (3PLP)   possessor-indexing suffix or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö ragu       ringworm    
HAO Hakö rahala       k.o. fish, stings, red   a rahala  
HAO Hakö raharaha       be angry (bugoro)   (see si, sin-balu, raraha) AC60 AC eraharaha  
HAO Hakö rahatsiŋ       blood   (see ratsiŋ, rehatsiŋi)    
HAO Hakö raku     V bake (in earth oven)   (see kio raku, huhuna)    
HAO Hakö raku     N earth oven   (see akoahu, kio) [arako 'oven' AC] a raku  
HAO Hakö ram       lick    
HAO Hakö ramun(u)       water; body of water   (see balata) [AC60] [ramun AC] [ramun 'pond'] [aramun 'lagoon'] u ramun 'water'; a ramun 'pond'  
HAO Hakö ramunu pan       lake   [aramunupan 'lake' AC60] aramunupan  
HAO Hakö ramunu-n uele       coconut milk (lit. coconut water) milis   a ramunun uele; u ramunun wele  
HAO Hakö rana       choose   AC60 erana  
HAO Hakö raŋa     V speak (zama), make a speech, converse   (see tatate, masaka) AC    
HAO Hakö raŋa       wasp   a raŋa  
HAO Hakö raŋa     N language (vinekala); voice   (see raŋraŋanen, masaka, tatete) [umar-raŋa'language (vinekala)' AC] e ranga  
HAO Hakö raŋaraŋa     N voice   (see raŋa, non-none) [raŋraŋanen] a raŋraŋanen  
HAO Hakö raŋata       ask (nanasa)   (see siŋo) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö raraha     Vitr be angry, curse (itr) scold, rebuke   (see raharaha, si, sin-balu)    
HAO Hakö rarere     N story    
HAO Hakö rarere     V tell a story   e rarere-na  
HAO Hakö rari       river   (see rorerore) [AC] [rarri AC60]    
HAO Hakö re       PL.OBJ.1   MR    
HAO Hakö re     ASP/SBJ third person plural subject (3PLS)   postverbal enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö reborobo       adze    (see toktok, gir)    
HAO Hakö rehatsiŋ(i)       blood tamiok (see rahatsing) [AC60] [rehatsiŋ AC] [ratsiŋ] u ratsiŋ  
HAO Hakö rehina       side; beside    
HAO Hakö reke       here; this (nr. speaker and addressee), this (house here)   (see i reke) [ireke AC60] [i-reke 'this (nr. speaker and addressee) (sentence-initial pronoun)' MR] [i reke 'here (i + dem.)' MR]    
HAO Hakö rekea       this; now   (see i romana, romana,  i-reke) AC60    
HAO Hakö reki       flying fox    
HAO Hakö reki       ray, stingray, mantaray (5)   (see ipaha)    
HAO Hakö ren     PSSR third person plural possessor (3PLP)   possessor-indexing suffix or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö reŋala       coral (limestone); k.o. coral   [réŋala]    
HAO Hakö reßana       people   (see akatun, katuntun) [revana] a revana  
HAO Hakö ri       fish-trap (basket)   a ri  
HAO Hakö ri       refuse, decline   e ri  
HAO Hakö roere       snake, harmless black   a roere  
HAO Hakö roi       tree   [AC] [AC60] u roi; a pikpiku nu roi ‘bark (of tree)’  
HAO Hakö roina       trunk (tree)   AC60    
HAO Hakö roin-hategele       canoe roller    
HAO Hakö romana       now, today today (ŋinoroi)   (see rekea, neaku) [i romana MR] [AC] [AC60]    
HAO Hakö rorerore       river   (see rari)   a-rorerore  
HAO Hakö rori     PRO they, them   [arori MR] [rore AC] [AC60]    
HAO Hakö rori hoßoto       they all   (see hoßoto) [rori hoboto] [rori hovoto AC60]    
HAO Hakö rori i lapisa ku       they three (ol) tripela    
HAO Hakö rori i lisolana       they two   [rore-lisolana AC]    
HAO Hakö roro     V rest   e-rorona  
HAO Hakö roropits       wrinkled (skin)    
HAO Hakö ruhu     N smoke (of fire)   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö rui       firewood   u rui  
HAO Hakö ruki       stonefish   a ruki  
HAO Hakö ruku     Vtr drown (someone)   (see ruku) AC60 eruku  
HAO Hakö ruku     Vitr deep; drown   (see lol-ruku, tsiruku) (see eruku)    
HAO Hakö rukunai       kunai kurukuru    
HAO Hakö ruŋ(u)       mouth   [ruŋ AC] [AC60] u ruŋ  
HAO Hakö ruruhana       black   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö rurun       yam (short) mami   u rurun  
HAO Hakö rus(u)       fall   AC60 e rusuna ‘(the fruit) falls (from the tree)’  
HAO Hakö sae       climb, go up   (see sei, lasae) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö sahala       out of sight   (see taia)   e-saha-la  
HAO Hakö saka     V shoot, spear   (see ha’na, hana) AC e saka-na ‘spear (animal)’  
HAO Hakö saka     N spear   [usaka AC60] [saká] u saká  
HAO Hakö saka butu       stab, pierce   (see hipuli) AC60    
HAO Hakö sakan iana       fish spear   [usakan iana]    
HAO Hakö sakasaka       sago pancake, porridge praim    
HAO Hakö saki       beat   (see tuti, tutu) AC60    
HAO Hakö saksakiati       k.o. shell (46-6) (“like garamut stick”)    
HAO Hakö sal       barrier reef    
HAO Hakö salana       sea urchin?? (long spikes)    
HAO Hakö salasa       feel (touch)   AC    
HAO Hakö salhaga       waterspout   AC60III1    
HAO Hakö salim       needle   [*salim (meaning of asterisk unclear)]    
HAO Hakö saloho       dry season    
HAO Hakö salolo       shelf    
HAO Hakö sani       dance   (see gae) [sane AC60] e-sanina  
HAO Hakö sapsap       wash (face) (dalo)   (see galusu, totovo, turun) [sap-sap AC]    
HAO Hakö saputu       flood full (e.g. of water)   AC60    
HAO Hakö saputupeo       be full   AC60    
HAO Hakö sasapo       coconut flesh, copra kopra (see a uele a nituei)    
HAO Hakö sasolo     V sweep   (see solo)    
HAO Hakö saße       find   (see seke) [save AC60]    
HAO Hakö se       who? (interrogative, personal nouns)   [e se MR] [ese AC] [se none AC60]    
HAO Hakö se       count   (see hose) [ese AC60] e-esena  
HAO Hakö se tere       whose?   [e se tere MR]    
HAO Hakö sehe       wipe   (see busu, sinaka, ovu, hasapin)    
HAO Hakö sei       ascend, climb up, rise (of sun)   (see sae, tubutu) [‘climb (tree)’] [‘come up at noon’ (under ‘sun rises’)] [‘rise (of sun)’]    
HAO Hakö seir       comb   (see sir, suleke) [aseir AC60III73]    
HAO Hakö seke       look for, search for   (see save) (see tara-sekeseke) AC60 sekena ‘search (for his money)’  
HAO Hakö sel       k.o. fish (15)    
HAO Hakö sel       sail   (see hatsil, hataha)    
HAO Hakö sela       betel pepper daka (see kutakuta)   usela; u sela  
HAO Hakö seŋe       green parrot (eclectus)   a seŋe  
HAO Hakö si     N anger   [asi 'anger' AC60]    
HAO Hakö si     V be angry, be cross with   (see raraha, raharaha, sin-balu)    
HAO Hakö si       ceremonial basket   a si  
HAO Hakö silihaŋa       north-west monsoon; cyclone taleo   [silhan#ga]    
HAO Hakö silin mata       tear (eye)   AC AC60 [silin-mata ‘tears’]    
HAO Hakö silo       bone, fishbone   (see silu) [AC60] [AC] [silu] a silo  
HAO Hakö silo-n likliki       rib (lit. bone-of waist)   AC60    
HAO Hakö silo-pa-n       spine    
HAO Hakö sinaka       hit (with stick), wipe   (see hitapala) (see sehe, ovu, busu, hasapin) AC60    
HAO Hakö sinaki       hit   (see hitapala) AC    
HAO Hakö sin-balu       angry (taŋaziri)   (see raraha, raharaha, si) AC    
HAO Hakö siŋo       ask (tepa)   (see raŋata) AC    
HAO Hakö siŋoto       be startled, surprised    
HAO Hakö sioŋ(u)       sweat, perspire   [u sioŋ 'sweat, perspire'] [sioguAC60] u sioŋ  
HAO Hakö sir     N comb   (see aseir, suleke)   a sir  
HAO Hakö siru       soup    
HAO Hakö sisi       get angry    
HAO Hakö sisina       hibiscus variety   AC60III12    
HAO Hakö sisirum(u)       swell (of hand), swollen; elephantiasis   (see limar, puku) AC60    
HAO Hakö skolomu       later   (see mamur) MR    
HAO Hakö soakolokolo       squid tauka   u-soakolokolo  
HAO Hakö soa-na     V paddle   e soa-na  
HAO Hakö soata       carry (a coconut) carries, carry (hand), carry (shoulder)   (see hatu, kapits, hiolo) AC60    
HAO Hakö soati       carry   AC    
HAO Hakö sohasa       midday   a sohasa  
HAO Hakö sohisa       how much? how many?   [asohisani AC60] [asohisa AC] asohisani  
HAO Hakö sohisani       how many?, how?   (see me) AC60    
HAO Hakö soho       sleep, be asleep   AC60 AC e-sohona  
HAO Hakö sohohaleleo       sleepy   AC60    
HAO Hakö soka     V scent; smell (   AC60 e-sokana  
HAO Hakö soksoka       k.o. shell (2-1-4; 5-6)    
HAO Hakö soku       k.o. bird, black long legs, fishes    
HAO Hakö sol       salt (native)   (see hatetesana) [(usol) AC]    
HAO Hakö solo       name   (see solo) AC60 AC ena solo-ien 'name'  
HAO Hakö solo     V sweep   (see usalo) (see sasolo)   u solo  
HAO Hakö solo     N broom   [usalo AC60III70]    
HAO Hakö solopala       forget (a name)   AC60    
HAO Hakö soso       bore (a hole)    
HAO Hakö soßsoßana       be greedy   [sovsovana]    
HAO Hakö su       banded sea snake   (see girigirisu)   a su  
HAO Hakö suha       k.o. fish (37)    
HAO Hakö suhana       meat   AC60    
HAO Hakö suhana       nest (of bird)    
HAO Hakö sukulaha       miss (on shooting)    
HAO Hakö suleke       comb (the childs hair)   (see aseir, sir)    
HAO Hakö sulu       high tide   (see sulupan) AC60III4    
HAO Hakö sulupan       high tide   (see sulu) [sulu-pan]    
HAO Hakö sulusu       stage of coconut growth   AC60III17    
HAO Hakö suri       dehusk (coconut)    
HAO Hakö suri       emperor (k.o. fish (big))   (see gagahil)    
HAO Hakö sus       milk   [*sus (meaning of asterisk unclear, possible letter after final s)]    
HAO Hakö sus(u)       breast (of woman)   [sus AC60] [sus AC] a susu; asusu  
HAO Hakö susei       go up (hill)   (see sei)    
HAO Hakö ßaki       shark   [vake AC60] [vakeAC] [baki] abaki  
HAO Hakö ßaku       head   [baku AC] [vaku AC60] baku e kamits-na '(has a) fever'  
HAO Hakö ßaleo       breadfruit, (?carambola – see kóaba)   (see nat) [baleo] [valeo AC60III20] u baleo  
HAO Hakö ßalßalalitahola       north-west wind   [val-valali-tahola AC60III3]    
HAO Hakö ßanasa       earwax (dirt inside)   (see gororu) [vanasa]    
HAO Hakö ßar       club (kubau)   (see pako, pula-na, pupula) [bar AC]    
HAO Hakö ßarin hiatuŋ       war club   [varin-hiatuŋ AC60III51]    
HAO Hakö ße       BENEFACTIVE   [ve MR]    
HAO Hakö ße       mango   [ve AC60III24] [vi] a vi  
HAO Hakö ßeana       fishing net   [beana] [veana AC] [ubeanan-ena AC60III57] ubeana  
HAO Hakö ßenu       flesh, meat, flesh (masa)   (see pomal) [benu] [venu] [beno AC] u venu  
HAO Hakö ßeße       butterfly   (see bibi) [aveve AC60] [veve AC] [bibi] a veve; a bibi  
HAO Hakö ßilo     N fan   [bilo] [ivilo AC60III71]    
HAO Hakö ßilo     V fan   [bilo] bilo-na  
HAO Hakö ßinauei       orphan   [vinauei] a vinauei  
HAO Hakö ßirere       k.o. shell (5-14)   [virere]    
HAO Hakö ßißil(i)       green, blue   (see vivili) [bibil] [vivili AC60]    
HAO Hakö ßoe       hunt   (see héo, mani) [boe 'hunt with pigs'] [voi AC60]    
HAO Hakö ßol(o)     N bow   [abul] [avol AC60] [vol(o) AC60] [vol(o) AC] avol  
HAO Hakö ßoßotu       sweet   (see momoroana) [vovotu AC60]    
HAO Hakö ßußu       k.o. fish (pl 30, 1225)   [vuvu] a vuvu  
HAO Hakö t-       dependent clause marker   MR    
HAO Hakö ta     ART indefinite singular   MR    
HAO Hakö ta-       detransitiviser   MR ta-kisi(-na) ‘torn’  
HAO Hakö ta-       indirect possessor-indexing base   MR    
HAO Hakö ta karum       point (of spear, sharp)   (see pala)    
HAO Hakö taa       one   (see toa, tu)   a taa  
HAO Hakö taamana       father   (see e tamar, tamanen) AC60    
HAO Hakö tabutu       old (basket), worn out   (see a-luma a-tu tuni)    
HAO Hakö tae       excrement   (see tai) AC60    
HAO Hakö tagal       almond (tovinto)   (see ŋal) AC    
HAO Hakö tagala       strong   AC    
HAO Hakö tagan kala       bird trap   AC60III58    
HAO Hakö tagoko       my   AC    
HAO Hakö tagule       wake up   (see kalata, nagule) AC60    
HAO Hakö tahataha       tattoo   AC60III78    
HAO Hakö tahtahasa       soft (soil)   (see lemeleme)    
HAO Hakö taia       out of sight, lost   (see e-saha-la) [taya]    
HAO Hakö takata       split   (see tukata) AC60    
HAO Hakö takiraha       cut (bakora); scratch (skin); have a bruise; bruise   (see ŋats, kusu, golo, makala) AC e-takirahana  
HAO Hakö takirahane       scratch a wound   (see kusu)    
HAO Hakö takuna       knee   (see tukunumu) AC60    
HAO Hakö takuts       gecko   a takuts  
HAO Hakö taliŋa       ear   AC60 AC u talinga  
HAO Hakö taliŋan kori       red fungus, soft, grows in wet logs, ed.    
HAO Hakö taloŋoto     N knot    
HAO Hakö taluhu       garden hut   AC60III83    
HAO Hakö taluhu       shade (ipi)   (see oho) AC    
HAO Hakö tamana       door (sasada), doorway   (see pilpili) AC AC60    
HAO Hakö tamana       father (not daddy)   (see tamanen) AC    
HAO Hakö tamana kao       wife's father   [tam-na kao AC60IV25]    
HAO Hakö tamanan ßalala       window   [tamanan-valala AC60]    
HAO Hakö tamane tama-nen       grandfather   [tamane tamaneinAC]    
HAO Hakö tama-nen       father   (see e tamar, tamar taamana)    
HAO Hakö tama-r       father   (see tamana) [AC60] [e tamar 'my father']    
HAO Hakö tamata       man, husband, married man; daughter's son   (see natamatein, hitots, atuna kukoi akao) [a tamata 'daughter's son' AC60IV20] [AC] [AC60IV23] [AC60] [tamata (kutunu)] [tameteAC60IV23] [tamatu married man'] a tamata 'man'; u tamata 'men'; ena tamata ien 'husband'; e na tamata '(her) husband'  
HAO Hakö tamata kukoi a kao       daughter's husband   [na tamata kukoi a kao AC60IV41]    
HAO Hakö tamatein       husband   (see ena tamata ien, tamete, tamata) [natamatein 'husband' AC]    
HAO Hakö tamene tamana       father's father   [tamne tamana AC60IV15]    
HAO Hakö tamene tsina       mother's father   [tamene tsinna AC60IV16]    
HAO Hakö tamolo       your (tamugoi)   (see alo) AC    
HAO Hakö tamun       hide (self)   (see hatamun)    
HAO Hakö tanen       ?   e kani han tanen 'live (in this village)'  
HAO Hakö tani       begin   [(hapita) tani AC]    
HAO Hakö tanlaha       spittle   AC60    
HAO Hakö tanoge       twenty   (see töl maloto, tul maloto, toulu maloto) AC60    
HAO Hakö tanta       other, another   (see tapala) [tan-ta AC60]    
HAO Hakö taŋa     N trap (for pigs)   a taŋa  
HAO Hakö taŋa       anchor   (see hat-hataŋa, *haŋga) AC60III48    
HAO Hakö taŋa     V trap (animal)   e taŋa-na  
HAO Hakö taŋili       k.o. fish (24)    
HAO Hakö tapa     V fly   (see kala e tapana) AC [tapa] e tapa ‘(bird) flies’  
HAO Hakö tapa       sit, sit down, be sitting   AC60 AC e tapa-ha  
HAO Hakö tapala       other, another   (see tan-ta) AC60    
HAO Hakö tapala     Vtr slap    
HAO Hakö tapalan       some, several   (see tstapalan)   ta-palan wele ‘some coconuts’  
HAO Hakö tapana     V fly (of bird)   (see e tapa, akaala)   kala e tapana 'fly (of bird)'  
HAO Hakö tapatapa       wing   (see pakapaka) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö tapeko       break   (see buta, poko) AC60    
HAO Hakö tapisu       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö tapogeha       circumcision knife   (form kini may be linked to this entry in source) AC60III77    
HAO Hakö taptaporoka       slippery    
HAO Hakö tara       see lukim   AC [tara (tare)] AC60 e tarana; a katun e tarena a kaou ‘man i lukim meri’  
HAO Hakö taraha       because   AC60    
HAO Hakö tara-sekeseke       look for   (see seke) AC60    
HAO Hakö tarouru       circumcision   (form kini may be linked to this entry in source) AC60III76    
HAO Hakö tasala       wide (path), wide   (see tatavala)    
HAO Hakö tasana       k.o. fish   a tasana  
HAO Hakö tasese       gap in teeth    
HAO Hakö tasu-ma       go in   AC60    
HAO Hakö tataholi       girl teenage, girl   AC60 AC [tataholi] a tataholi  
HAO Hakö tataßala       wide   (see tasala) [tatavala AC60]    
HAO Hakö tatate       speak (vivinei)   (see raŋa, masaka) AC    
HAO Hakö tatono       fast, quick   (see hasese) AC60    
HAO Hakö tau       stern    
HAO Hakö tauma       k.o. fish, v. big (31)    
HAO Hakö te       as (sipu)   (see none) AC    
HAO Hakö tehu       skirt, tapa cloth   (see kakapa) AC60 [tehu (malo)] AC60III37    
HAO Hakö tei       excrement pekpek (see tae)   u tei  
HAO Hakö teke       vagina, vulva   AC60    
HAO Hakö tekteki       thin   (see lemeleme) [tek-teki AC60] [tek-teki AC]    
HAO Hakö teleputs       k.o. shell (8-all)    
HAO Hakö ten-tu lan       some day   AC    
HAO Hakö teroko       small   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö tetetele       k.o. crab “in mangrove”    
HAO Hakö ti       garamut   a ti  
HAO Hakö ti       heart   (see kobul, tui)   a ti  
HAO Hakö tiau       k.o. fish (40)   a tiau  
HAO Hakö tin       there   (see tin, tum, tom, itom) [i tin 'there (i + dem.)' MR]    
HAO Hakö tin       that (far from speaker and addressee)   (see i-tin, tum, tom, itom) MR    
HAO Hakö tin(a)       there; that (far from speaker and addressee), that (house nearby)   (see tum, tom) [itina AC60] [i-tina 'that (house far away)'] [i-tin (sentence-initial pronoun) MR]    
HAO Hakö tio       salt (native)   (see tis, hatetesana)   u-tio  
HAO Hakö tirna       k.o. shell (10-7)    
HAO Hakö tis       sea, salt   (see tio, hatetesana) [tis] [tes (alol) AC]] u tis  
HAO Hakö titi       lizard, green   (L111, L122, L115)   a titi  
HAO Hakö titi       throw   (see lapo)    
HAO Hakö titi palao       throw (stones)   [titi-palao]    
HAO Hakö titikesa       kingfisher    
HAO Hakö toa       one   (see taa) AC60    
HAO Hakö toa hamal maloto       one thousand   (see tu us) [utoa hamal maloto AC60] utoa hamal maloto  
HAO Hakö toa usu       one hundred   (see hamal maloto) [toa-usu AC60]    
HAO Hakö toba       leprosy    
HAO Hakö toboana       old man, old woman   (see a tsonpan, a kopan)   a toboana  
HAO Hakö toeri       k.o. lizard, zigzag on back; saw edge   a toeri  
HAO Hakö togo       barter    
HAO Hakö tohats       four   (see hats) [AC60] [to hats] a tohats  
HAO Hakö tohatsu maloto       fourty   AC60    
HAO Hakö tohene       basket dish   (see kovu, kohele, kinomo, kin-mo, lagalagomo, pekuri)    
HAO Hakö tohiti       seven   a tohiti  
HAO Hakö tohitu maloto       seventy   AC60    
HAO Hakö tohu       sugarcane   [utohu AC60III15] [tohu AC] [toho] u tohu; u toho  
HAO Hakö toi     N coconut grater, coconut scraper   AC60III59 a toi  
HAO Hakö toi     V scrape (a coconut)   (see kusu)   toi-na kusu 'scrape (coconut)'  
HAO Hakö toitoi       k.o. crab, like kulili, small, paddles in sea    
HAO Hakö toka       hit (sg, of stone or arrow)    
HAO Hakö toko       calophyllum (near beach) [seeds like marbles – may refer to this entry] [nipa palm – may refer to this entry] kalopilum (see haputun) (see lehelehe)    
HAO Hakö tokopis nama       come back   (see laputs-ma)    
HAO Hakö tokopis(i)       return, back (adv)   [tokopis 'back' (adv) AC] [tokopisi 'return' AC60]    
HAO Hakö toktok       adze   (see reborobo, gir)   a toktok  
HAO Hakö tol       two   a tol  
HAO Hakö töl maloto       twenty   (see tul maloto, toulu maloto, tanoge) MR u töl u maloto  
HAO Hakö tolaha       taste (of food)   (see torohala)    
HAO Hakö tolima       five   [tolima, lima AC60] a tolima  
HAO Hakö tolimu maloto       fifty   AC60    
HAO Hakö toloana       brother   (see hamoa) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö toloana hitotsu       brother, younger   AC60IV9    
HAO Hakö toloana hitotsu akao       younger brothers wife   AC60IV40    
HAO Hakö toloana kao       brothers wife   AC60IV38    
HAO Hakö toloane tamanein       fathers brother   AC60IV11    
HAO Hakö toloane tsinanein       mothers brother   (see tusungtunenen) AC60IV12    
HAO Hakö tololona       tremble    
HAO Hakö tolos(u)       penis   (see kerese) [AC60] [tolus]    
HAO Hakö toltololo       tremble, shiver    
HAO Hakö tom       that   (see  tin, tum) [itom AC60]    
HAO Hakö ton       then   AC60    
HAO Hakö tonala       brain   AC60 u tonala  
HAO Hakö tonlan       name of a star   AC60III6    
HAO Hakö tonomu maloto       sixty   AC60    
HAO Hakö toŋa uele       bunch of coconuts    
HAO Hakö toŋolo       k.o. fish (20)    
HAO Hakö toŋolo       swallow (food)   AC60    
HAO Hakö topis       three   (see pisa)   a topis  
HAO Hakö topisu maloto       thirty   AC60    
HAO Hakö topo       suck, suck (of baby)   (see hasus)   e-topona  
HAO Hakö tor       guts   [utor AC60] u tor  
HAO Hakö tork       ladder   (see tůtů)   u tork  
HAO Hakö toro hala       taste (the food)   (see tolaha)    
HAO Hakö tosi       nine   a tosi  
HAO Hakö tosiu maloto       ninety   AC60    
HAO Hakö toßo       wash   (see galis, tobue, totovu) [tovo AC60]    
HAO Hakö toßue       wash (child)   (see galis, totovu, tovu) [tobue] tobuena a kukue 'wash (a child)'  
HAO Hakö totaratara       dream (dinogodogorae)   (see meih) AC    
HAO Hakö totoa       living, alive, live, be alive   AC60 AC a-pum a-totoa ‘living (pig) (i.e., not dead)’; totoana 'alive'  
HAO Hakö totone       old   (see tutuni) AC60    
HAO Hakö totoŋolo       throat (outerior)   AC60 [totoNolo] u totoŋolo  
HAO Hakö totoßo     Vitr wash (bath) (huhuve)   (see galusu, sap-sap, turun, galis, tobue, tovu) [totovo AC] [totovu]    
HAO Hakö totou       ginger-root    
HAO Hakö toual       eight   [towal] a towal  
HAO Hakö toualu maloto towalu maloto     eighty   [towalu maloto AC60]    
HAO Hakö toul       two   AC60    
HAO Hakö toulu maloto       twenty   (see töl maloto, tul maloto, tanoge) AC60    
HAO Hakö tour(u)       belly (exterior), intestines rop bilong bel   [tour AC] [touru AC60] [tor] [tur 'intestines'] u tor  
HAO Hakö tsepa       catch (runaway)   (see tul)    
HAO Hakö tsi     ADJ small   MR a tsi tsinihi ‘a small canoe’  
HAO Hakö tsi kala       baby bird   (see kala tuna) [atsikala]    
HAO Hakö tsiahono       thread, cotton   (see kula) AC60III60    
HAO Hakö tsiama       heavy    
HAO Hakö tsigun       bamboo hit against gourd    
HAO Hakö tsihao       moon   [AC60] [AC] [tsihau]    
HAO Hakö tsikitsiki       soil, mud   (see meloko) [AC60] [tsiktsiki]    
HAO Hakö tsil     V flow   (see gotolo, olo)   tsilina 'quick-flowing (water in river)'  
HAO Hakö tsilol       crouch down    
HAO Hakö tsimala       clean   AC    
HAO Hakö tsimus(u)       new   [AC60] [AC] [['clean (cloth)'] a luma a tsimus ‘new (house)’  
HAO Hakö tsin       say   (see masaka)   e tsin  
HAO Hakö tsinalupu       storm   AC    
HAO Hakö tsinana       mother (not mummy)   AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö tsinane tsinanein       grandmother   AC    
HAO Hakö tsinanein       mother's mother   AC60IV18    
HAO Hakö tsinanen       mother   [tsinar AC60]    
HAO Hakö tsine       mother's mother   [tsinne AC60IV18]    
HAO Hakö tsine natamete       husband's mother   [tsine natamete AC60IV26]    
HAO Hakö tsine tamana       father's mother   [tsinne tamana AC60IV17]    
HAO Hakö tsinihi       canoe, (mola)   (see mona) AC60 [tsinihi] AC [tsinihi] u tsinihi  
HAO Hakö tsinihuhalasa       outrigger canoe   AC60III42    
HAO Hakö tsin-na tamata       husband's mother   AC60IV26    
HAO Hakö tsinus       urine   AC60 [tsinus] u tsinus  
HAO Hakö tsiŋono       sago grub    
HAO Hakö tsiroi     N stick   a tsiroi  
HAO Hakö tsiruku       deep   (under ‘sun sets’ in DT) (see ruku, lol-ruku)    
HAO Hakö tsiruku       swim, dive   (see nepe) AC60 tsirukuna  
HAO Hakö tsitsi       drip (of water)    
HAO Hakö tsitsinihi       canoe (hore)   (see mona) AC    
HAO Hakö tsitsiŋ(i)       stand, stand up   AC AC60    
HAO Hakö tsitsiŋaha       stand, be standing   [tsitsiŋaha] [tsitsiŋocha] e tsitsingocha  
HAO Hakö tslehelehepots       evening   (see lehe, lege) AC60    
HAO Hakö tson       priest   (see lutu, hehel) AC60III86 [tson (hehel) lutu]    
HAO Hakö tsonkui       servant, slave   (see nigogu) AC60    
HAO Hakö tsonpan       old man, chief   (see atohi, pal-kapan) (see a toboana) AC60 [tson-pan AC] a tsonpan  
HAO Hakö tsonton       god   (see ŋurkohiongo) [atsonton 'God' AC60]    
HAO Hakö tspalroi       stick   (see tukana) AC60    
HAO Hakö tstaluhun kopi       menstrual hut   (see mosu) [tstaluhun-kopi AC60III81]    
HAO Hakö tstapalan       some   (see tapalan) AC60    
HAO Hakö tsteroko       a little (water etc.)   [a tsteroko AC60]    
HAO Hakö tsuhana       mens house gamul (see uavasa) AC60III79    
HAO Hakö tsunono       bigman, chief   a tsunono  
HAO Hakö tsupin       pour out (water) tromwe (see kispin)    
HAO Hakö tsupu     Vtr wrap (a parcel)    
HAO Hakö tu     ART indefinite plural   MR    
HAO Hakö tu       one   (see taa, toa) MR a tu  
HAO Hakö tu us       one thousand   (used in counting for bride prices) (see toa hamal maloto)   a tu a us  
HAO Hakö tubur       my grandparent   e tubur  
HAO Hakö tubutu       rise (of sun)   (see sei)    
HAO Hakö tuharukin       sink down   AC60    
HAO Hakö tuhil       fog   (see koasi, tutuhil) [utuhil 'fog' AC60]    
HAO Hakö tuhil(i)       conch, Triton shell, conchshell trumpet taur   AC60III90    
HAO Hakö tuhu       pandanus, native ?amubr (writing unclear)    
HAO Hakö tui       heart hat (see kobul, ti)    
HAO Hakö tukana       stick, crutch, pole   (see tspalroi) AC60    
HAO Hakö tukata       split (wood along grain)   (see takata)    
HAO Hakö tukunu alimu       elbow   [AC] [tukunu walima]    
HAO Hakö tukunu-mu       elbow, knee   (see takuna) [tukunu mo AC60] u tukunumu  
HAO Hakö tul       catch (ball)   (see tsepa)    
HAO Hakö tul       doorpost, house piles, housepost   a tul; u tul  
HAO Hakö tul maloto       twenty   (see töl maloto, toulu maloto, tanoge)   u tul u maloto  
HAO Hakö tul(u)       sew   [tulu AC60] e tul-na  
HAO Hakö tula       push   (see tupa) AC60    
HAO Hakö tuluan a kapan       older brother   (see e tuluanen a kapan)   e tuluan a kapan '(his) older brother'  
HAO Hakö tuluan a teroko       younger brother   (see e tuluanen a teroko)   e tuluan a teroko '(his) younger brother  
HAO Hakö tuluanen a kapan       older brother   (see e tuluan a kapan)   e tuluanen a kapan  
HAO Hakö tuluanen a teroko       younger brother   (see e tuluan a teroko)   e tuluanen a teroko  
HAO Hakö tum       that (away from speaker and near addressee)   (see i-tin, tin, tom, itom) MR    
HAO Hakö tumusmusasa       crush under foot    
HAO Hakö tun       bonito, skipjack   a tun  
HAO Hakö tuna kao e hahinine tamanein       fathers sisters daughter   AC60IV28    
HAO Hakö tuna kao ehahinine tsinanein       mother's brother's daughter   [atuna kao ehahinine tsinanein AC60IV30]    
HAO Hakö tuna kao ehahinine tsinanein       mothers sisters daughter   AC60IV34    
HAO Hakö tuna kao etoloana tamanein       fathers brothers daughter   AC60IV32    
HAO Hakö tuna kukoi akao       daughter's son, daughter's daughter   (see a tamata) [atuna kukoi akao AC60IV20, 22]    
HAO Hakö tuna kukoi atamata       son's daughter   (see akao) [atuna kukoi atamata AC60IV21]    
HAO Hakö tuna tamata e hahinine tamanein       father's sister's son   AC60IV27    
HAO Hakö tuna tamata e hahinine tsinanein       mother's sister's son   AC60IV33    
HAO Hakö tuna tamata e toloane tamanein       father's brother's son   AC60IV31    
HAO Hakö tunan       chicken   (see kekeleo, koa) AC60III7    
HAO Hakö tunomo       six   a tunomo  
HAO Hakö tunputa       short fat brown snake (kind of python)   a tunputa  
HAO Hakö tuŋaha     V measure (with paces)   (see alima)    
HAO Hakö tupa       push   (see tula)    
HAO Hakö tupao       moss (seaweed) (kuli)   (see limutu) AC    
HAO Hakö tur       bend down    
HAO Hakö turun       wash (ŋuvasa)   (see galusu, sap-sap, totovo) AC    
HAO Hakö turunin       rub   (see musmusasa) AC60    
HAO Hakö tusina       urinate   (see tutusna)   e tusina  
HAO Hakö tußutuna       ?   (possible alternative to pitala – source unclear) [tuvutuna AC]    
HAO Hakö tusuŋtunen       mother's brother    
HAO Hakö tusuŋtunenen       mother's brother, sisters child   (see toloane tsinanein)    
HAO Hakö tususup       satan    
HAO Hakö tuti       beat   (see saki, tutu) AC60    
HAO Hakö tutu       beat   (see tuti, saki) AC60    
HAO Hakö tutu       sole   u tutu  
HAO Hakö tutu       stupid    
HAO Hakö tůtů       ladder   (see tork) (ů means possibly /o/ rather than /u/?)   u tůtů  
HAO Hakö tutubuni       grandparent tumbuna    
HAO Hakö tutugulßaha       belch   [tutugulvaha AC60]    
HAO Hakö tutuhil       dark; darkness   (see tuhil) [AC] [tutuhol]    
HAO Hakö tutul       tree stump    
HAO Hakö tutuni       old   (see totone, tabutu)   a-luma a-tu tuni 'old (house)'  
HAO Hakö tutupioko       giant    
HAO Hakö tutupo       seaweed (green) (big)    
HAO Hakö tutusna       urinate   (see e tusina)    
HAO Hakö tututu       pestle   AC60III62    
HAO Hakö tV(-rV)     PRP location, alienable possession   MR    
HAO Hakö u     MOD/SBJ realis non-third person subject (1INCS, 1EXCS & 2S)   preverbal particle or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö u     ART common article plural   MR    
HAO Hakö u     MOD/SBJ second person subject irrealis (2S.IRR)   preverbal particle or enclitic MR    
HAO Hakö ua wa     drink   (see klana) [wa AC60] [wa AC]    
HAO Hakö ua ~ u wa ~ u     LOCATIVE   [wa ~ u MR]    
HAO Hakö ualina walina     arrow   (see labeke) [walina AC60III50]    
HAO Hakö uamina wamina     raft   wamina    
HAO Hakö uamini wamini     name of a star   [wamini AC60III6]    
HAO Hakö uapi       coconut oil   (see hapusa)    
HAO Hakö uapu wapu     betel palm limbum   wapu    
HAO Hakö uarora warora     citrifolia, Movinda citrif   (see haker kerir) warora    
HAO Hakö uasantsita wasantsita     k.o. fish (50)   wasantsita    
HAO Hakö uaßasa       mens house   (see tsuhana) [uavasa AC]    
HAO Hakö uaßoß wabob     cheek   (see asese) [wabob] [uwavoav AC60] u wabob  
HAO Hakö uatoho watoho     sago, sago palm saksak (see kalan-watoho) AC    
HAO Hakö uatutu watutu     thigh    
HAO Hakö uatutunumo watutunumo     thigh   (see palmatana) AC60    
HAO Hakö uebe uwebe     cordyline tanget (see limoto) uwebe    
HAO Hakö uele wele     coconut (palm and fruit)   [uwele AC60III16] u wele 'coconut palm'; a wele 'coconut'  
HAO Hakö uele (a) kubu       green drinking coconut kulau   awele a kubu; a uele a kubu  
HAO Hakö uele (a) nituei       coconut flesh, shredded coconut   (see sasapo)   a uele a nituei  
HAO Hakö uesaŋa wesaŋa     gill   [wesan#ga] a wesaŋa  
HAO Hakö uesi       nose   (see ios) AC60 AC    
HAO Hakö ueße       grass skirt   [ueve]    
HAO Hakö ugulun golehe       lime spatula   AC60III33    
HAO Hakö ukala       animal   (?actually kala 'bird') AC60    
HAO Hakö ukesa       image   AC60    
HAO Hakö uktina       work   (see kui)   e-uktina  
HAO Hakö ulapo       rock   (see lapo) AC60    
HAO Hakö ulasa       scraped coconut shell    
HAO Hakö ulukana       staff   AC    
HAO Hakö ulus mi ?is       coral tree palpal (initial consonant of final word illegible)    
HAO Hakö uoga woga     liver   AC60 AC u woga  
HAO Hakö uohana wohana     blind   (see matakiau, kal, keao)    
HAO Hakö uohuhe wohuhe     cowrie, big (11-4, 9)    
HAO Hakö uolana       pillow   (see yari) AC60    
HAO Hakö uolipa wolipa     bandicoot mamut (see momoto) [ulipa] [uolipa] a ulipa  
HAO Hakö uolo uwolo     current   uwolo    
HAO Hakö uololo wololo     fence, wall (of house)   a wololo  
HAO Hakö uolsa wolsa     k.o. bird, big black, glide on wind    
HAO Hakö uonuno wonuno     k.o. shell (2-10)    
HAO Hakö uruŋ       beak    
HAO Hakö us(u)       a thousand/very many   a-us  
HAO Hakö usa       jellyfish (stings)    
HAO Hakö ußoŋ       cloud   (see kuasi, ukolu) [uvoŋ AC60]    
HAO Hakö utu       louse   (see klutu) [autu AC60] [autu AC] a utu