Northwest Solomonic

Simbo dictionary (Version 3.0)

Alphabetic order

Items in the dictionary are listed in alphabetic order in the local orthography. The order is: a b d e g(γ) h i j(dž) k l m n/n(ŋ)/ñ o p q(ŋg) r s t u v(ß) y The palatal affricate is in free allophonic variantion with the voiced palatal fricative /ž/, often written locally as z. Note: all voiced plosives and the affricate are prenasalised. In the Broad Phonetic Form column prenasalisation is represented by the relevant nasal, but for the moment it is not superscript. 


SILCode Language PhonemicForm BroadPhoneticForm OrthographicForm POS EnglishTranslation TokPisinTranslation Notes Sources Example  
SBB Simbo aba amba aba V fish using a specific method   (see ab-aba, in-aba)    
SBB Simbo ab-aba ambamba ababa V fish using a specific method   (see ßalusa, sußa, tutusu, in-aba) [D; ‘minor fishing methods’ F33]    
SBB Simbo ababu ambambu ababu   harvest    [D D is uncertain about this one]    
SBB Simbo abutu ambutu abutu   run   (see uku) [D]    
SBB Simbo ade ande ade   an edible leaf   [D; CD93, CD302, MW242]    
SBB Simbo aɣana aɣana agana   pandanus   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo aɣo aɣo ago   you (sg)   (see -gu, -igo, nigo, mu) [D; TH; RE; R563]    
SBB Simbo ai ai ai   where is (something or someone)?   (see pa ßei) [D]    
SBB Simbo aʤa anʤa aja   sexual insult (a man embarrasses a woman by making an explicit sexual remark)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ake-saɣe akesaɣe akesage   pre-Christian funerary rite when skull is taken up to skull house   (see saɣe, ßa-saɣe, saɣe-rane) [CD90]    
SBB Simbo alaßa alaßa alava V marry   (see tari, alaßia, ßari-alaßa) [D]    
SBB Simbo alaßia alaßia alavia V marry   (see tari, alaßa, ßari-alaßa) [D]    
SBB Simbo -alu alu alu   eight   (see k-alu, ßesu) [D; R563; G]    
SBB Simbo ani ani ani V do   [D]    
SBB Simbo aɲi aɲi añi V count   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo aɲi aɲi añi N numerals; number   (see ka-, ßina) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo aɲi aɲi añi   dip container in water   [D]    
SBB Simbo ani ke ani ke ani ke V do not   (see ke) [D]    
SBB Simbo aoro aoro aoro N year, crop   [D; TH; CD299; CD296] aoro garaba ‘new year’ [D] ‘new crop’ [CD299];aoro lame ‘next year’; tamasa n-a. 'crop god' [CD271]  
SBB Simbo aoro-na aorona aorona N age   [D] aoro-mu ‘your age’; aoro-qu ‘my age’  
SBB Simbo age aŋge aqe V lay eggs   [D]    
SBB Simbo age mate aŋge mate aqe mate   female spirit connected with fishing   (see nage, neka-neka age mate) [D; CD261, MW233, MW247, MW255; 'dead shield'?]    
SBB Simbo ara ara ara PRO I, me   (see ge, gua, iu, niu) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo ari ari ari   those (quantity)   (must be followed by some kind of quantification) (see ria, arini gari, gari ke) [D] a. kavia ‘all of them’, a. karu ‘those two’ ‘the two of them’  
SBB Simbo aria aria aria HORT let’s go!   [D]    
SBB Simbo arini arini arini   those (quantity)   (see ari) [TH] a. kavia ‘all of them’, a. karu ‘those two’ ‘the two of them’  
SBB Simbo aroso aroso aroso N creeper (generic term); rope   [D; RE;CD107] a. busa-busa [MW251]; a. muqu-muqu 'bush creeper' [MW236-237]; a. ugugu [MW254]  
SBB Simbo -aru aru aru   two   (see -rua, ßina-rua, k-aru)    
SBB Simbo asa asa asa V grate   (see asa?) [D]    
SBB Simbo asa asa asa N Motu pudding, stirred and mixed (not kija)   [D; a. oromari ‘cassava pudding’, a. vudi‘banana pudding’ D; cf rahi, ñamu]    
SBB Simbo asa-ßea asaßea asavea   if, suppose; how?, why?; how are you?, what’s going on?   (see ßea, bi-ßea, ka-pore-na-bi-ßea) [D]    
SBB Simbo ase ase ase   chin   [D; MW247]    
SBB Simbo atu atu atu V move out of the way (polite term)   [D; a. qala ‘excuse me’ D; cf votu]    
SBB Simbo aß-aßu aßaßu avavu V make fun of   (see aßu, aßu-a) [D]    
SBB Simbo aße aße ave   a spirit which causes dysentery   [D; cf jule a., qora a. CD267; MW233, MW249]    
SBB Simbo aßu aßu avu V laugh   (see aßu-a, aß-aßu) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo aßu-a aßua avua V amuse, make (someone) laugh   (see aßu, aß-aßu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ba mba ba   but, however   [D]    
SBB Simbo ba mba ba N witchcraft; witch; to-matewhich dances and bangs and throws things in the bush after the death of a person   (see tomate ba) [D; MW229-230, MW247-251, MW257]    
SBB Simbo ba mba ba V bewitch   [D; MW229-230, MW247-251, MW257]    
SBB Simbo ba-baere mbambaere babaere V to have a lover   (see baere) [D]    
SBB Simbo ba-baɣu mbambaɣu babagu V husk coconut   (see baɣu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ba-balau mbambalau babalau   knowledgeable, able   (see balau) [tinoni. b.-b. ‘a person who really knows things, a very clever or intelligent person’ D]    
SBB Simbo ba-barata mbambarata babarata   adulterer   [D; bara-barata CD283]    
SBB Simbo ba-barata mbambarata babarata   adultery, sex involving one party who is married, occasionally both single   (see keʤo, barata, barat-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ba-baruɣusu mbambaruɣusu babarugusu   tired; weary   [D; TH; cf puta, mati D]    
SBB Simbo babata mbambata babata   rocky shore, sharp rock shelf   [D; CD76]    
SBB Simbo babi mbambi babi   that is (clarifies or strengthens a point)   [D]    
SBB Simbo baere mbaere baere N friend, lover   (see ba-baere, gogo) [D]    
SBB Simbo baere mbaere baere V socialise, converse pleasantly   (see ba-baere, gogo) [D; baire ‘keep someone company’ CD275]    
SBB Simbo baɣea mbaɣea bagea   shark   [D; TH; CD293; MW261; cf love-b.]    
SBB Simbo baɣere mbaɣere bagere N root (generic)   [D; RE; ba-bagea ‘a plant’ CD92]    
SBB Simbo baɣu mbaɣu bagu N stick for husking coconut   (see ba-baɣu) [D]    
SBB Simbo baiße mbaiße baive   cave   [D; baivi TH; cf keru D; cf bae H]    
SBB Simbo bakala mbakala bakala   clear, easily understood, obvious   (see ßa-bakal-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo bakete mbakete bakete   bucket   [D]    
SBB Simbo bakia mbakia bakia   custom money (large orange stained poatashell ring from hinge of clam)   [D; *CD74, CD78, W301, W306, W320-321, CD283, MW242, MW251; bakiha CD279]    
SBB Simbo bako mbako bako   pull   [D; TH; vari b. ‘tug of war’ D; cf vari H]    
SBB Simbo bakua mbakua bakua   fungal skin disease, ringworm   [D]    
SBB Simbo bala mbala bala   because   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo balau mbalau balau   understand, know technical skill   (see ba-balau) [D; qe ke b. ‘I don’t understand’, b. qua ‘I understand’ D; cf nongai]    
SBB Simbo baŋa mbaŋa bana   chief   (see baŋara, b-in-aŋara, ßa-baŋar-ia) [ida b. 'king coconut' CD94]    
SBB Simbo baŋara mbaŋara banara N chief, noble, one of chiefly blood; chiefly   (see b-in-aŋara, ßa-baŋar-ia, baŋa) [D; TH; b. bubutu ‘chief concerned with the people’, b. peso ‘chief concerned with the land’ D; *CD77-78, CD89, CD91, CD104, CD290; b. maqota 'women of chiefly rank' not chiefs' wives, koburu b. 'a chief by birth', 'a boy of rank' CD 78, CD98; koburu ta-nisa b. 'a chief's followers' CD78; ure mate b. 'sacred areca bunch of the chiefly dead' CD85; mate b. 'chiefly dead' CD111]    
SBB Simbo bara mbara bara   fort, fortified place of refuge   [D; *W302-303, CD293]    
SBB Simbo baraɣoso mbaraɣoso baragoso N old (of person); old man   [D; TH; papa b. ‘grandfather’ D]    
SBB Simbo barata mbarata barata   adultery   (see ba-barata, barat-ia)    
SBB Simbo barat-ia mbaratia baratia   commit adultery with or against   (see keʤo, barata, ba-barata) [D]    
SBB Simbo baraßa mbaraßa barava   ornament, intricately carved clam shell custom wealth ornament about one foot square only owned by chiefs   [D; CD280, CD290; barawa W306]    
SBB Simbo bariki mbariki bariki   shell ring, ancient, used as payment to spirits (roughly made type ofriko?)   [D; *CD74, CD78, CD267, CD273, CD282, CD290, CD296]    
SBB Simbo baruku mbaruku baruku   bird (generic)   [D; RE; cf manugu D]    
SBB Simbo basa mbasa basa   of surmising, presuming or guessing; indicates probability or possibility but not certainty; maybe, perhaps   [D; cf uba]    
SBB Simbo bata mbata bata   see, notice [sight??]   (see bat-ia, bata-ʤoŋa, bata-kare) [D; cf doma ‘look, see’ D]    
SBB Simbo bata-ʤoŋa mbatanʤoŋa batajona   pretty, attractive, beautiful   (see bata, bat-ia, bata-kare) [doma b.-j. D]    
SBB Simbo bata-kare mbatakare batakare   ugly, unattractive   (see bata, bat-ia, bata-ʤoŋa) [maqota b.-k. D; b.-k. vivitigi ‘extremely ugly’ D]    
SBB Simbo bat-ia mbatia batia Vtr see   (see bata, bata-ʤoŋa, bata-kare) [D] bat-ia ‘see it’; bat-igo ‘see you’; bat-iu ‘see me’  
SBB Simbo batu mbatu batu   head (of person or animal), tip (of plant or fruit)   [D; TH; RE; R564; CD286, MW233; vitigi b. 'headache' CD268; b. pata 'headache' MW235; b. lio voja-boe 'tips of the top of v.' MW240; b. yamu 'the head of the pudding' CD87; b. putu 'Barringtonia tips' CD263; ‘pair’ CD297, MW252]    
SBB Simbo bebe mbembe bebe   butterfly   [D; TH; R564; b. to-mate 'spirit butterfly' CD95]    
SBB Simbo bebe tomate mbembe tomate bebe tomate   spirit butterfly   (see tomate) [CD95]    
SBB Simbo bebesu mbembesu bebesu   person appointed primary mourner following death (not to cut hair or beard until after cementing of grave)   [D; ‘mourning’ CD84, CD98]    
SBB Simbo be-beto mbembeto bebeto V finish   (see beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto, ßa-beto-ia, ßina-beto) [D]    
SBB Simbo bei mbei bei   again, back; change; successor   [D; CD78; taveti b. ‘do it again’, veniu b.‘give it back to me’, b. poko ‘change clothes’ D]    
SBB Simbo beku mbeku beku   carved pre-Christian idol; doll, stuffed toy   [D; CD267]    
SBB Simbo belama mbelama belama   frigate bird, eagle   [D; F36, CD264, CD293; tuna m. 'son of the frigate bird' W320]    
SBB Simbo bele mbele bele   runny nose; snot   [D; CD268; cf pejana, isu D]    
SBB Simbo belo mbelo belo   bell   [D; b. lotu ‘church bell’ D]    
SBB Simbo beru mberu beru   lips   [D]    
SBB Simbo beta mbeta beta   breadfruit; breadfruit tree   [D; TH; CD286]    
SBB Simbo beti mbeti beti   bamboo   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo beto mbeto beto   finish, that’s all   (see be-beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto, ßa-beto-ia, ßina-beto) [D; cf mudi]    
SBB Simbo beto mbeto beto   and, further, what’s more   [D; betoi TH]    
SBB Simbo beto-beto mbetombeto betobeto N the end, no more   (see beto, be-beto, ßa-beto, ßa-beto-ia, ßina-beto) [D]    
SBB Simbo bi mbi bi   if   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo bi ßea mbi ßea bi vea   if, suppose   (see ßea, asa-ßea, ka-pore-na-bi-ßea) [D]    
SBB Simbo bilidi bilíndi bilidi   razor   (found only in LH) (see reʤa) [nabilíndi pín sa ŋándʒulu βiβíti 'The razor is very sharp.' LH]    
SBB Simbo bilu mbilu bilu   lime powder   [D]    
SBB Simbo b-in-aŋara mbinaŋara binanara N chieftainship   (see baŋara, ßa-baŋar-ia, baŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo bini mbini bini   bean   (see bini-dole) [D]    
SBB Simbo bini-dole mbinindole binidole   snake bean   (see bini) [D]    
SBB Simbo b-in-ule mbinule binule N the peace   (see bule, ßa-bule) [D]    
SBB Simbo boboɣo mbomboɣo bobogo   a tree used for making bark cloth   [D; cfragana]    
SBB Simbo boe mboe boe   yellow   [D; TH; RE; W310; cf putaputaboe, voja-boe? H]    
SBB Simbo boere mboere boere   flesh of ripe coconut   [D]    
SBB Simbo boka mboka boka   can, may, able to   (see boka-gu) [D; qe ke b. ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m unable’ D; cfjonana, evanana]    
SBB Simbo boka-gu mbokaŋgu bokaqu   you may, you can; alright; do as you wish   (see boka) [D]    
SBB Simbo bokolo mbokolo bokolo   shell arm ring of clam, aspoata but finer and thiner   [D; *CD74, W302; cf takobokolo?]    
SBB Simbo bolo mbolo bolo   see mala bolo    
SBB Simbo bolo mbolo bolo   ball   (see taka-bolo) [D]    
SBB Simbo boŋi mboŋi boni   night   [D; TH; RE; CD289; b. jonana ‘good night’, kite b. ‘coming night’, pana b. ‘last night’ D; ‘alternative name for vavolo’: taviti b. 'hold a night festival' CD96]    
SBB Simbo boŋo mboŋo bono N boil   [D; TH; cf tuba D; ‘any throbbing pain’, ‘swell’ MW235]    
SBB Simbo boroɣo mboroɣo borogo   pig   [D; TH; MW247; cf kata-kata pa b. H]    
SBB Simbo borumu mborumu borumu   broom   [D]    
SBB Simbo bosi mbosi bosi   bad body odour (which makes it impossible to catch fish and causes bad luck in war)   [D; W317; MW240]    
SBB Simbo boso mboso boso   slain person   [‘child sacrificed prior to head hunting raid’ D; W312; va-ta-mule b. 'bringing back the slain enemy' W312; sulu b. 'burning the slain', parugu b. 'cooking the slain' W314, b. gu-gusu ‘person killed by another Eddystonian’ lit. ‘slain in the district’ CD263; b. lau ‘ghost of a b. gugusu’ cf ano b. l. CD263, MW246-247]    
SBB Simbo bote mbote bote   navel   [D; bota TH; boto R564]    
SBB Simbo bu mbu bu   green, blue   [D; buma ‘green’ TH; RE; ida b. 'green coconut' CD94]    
SBB Simbo bua mbua bua   male genitalia   [D] bua-na ‘his genitals’  
SBB Simbo buala mbuala buala   bow for warfare   [D; H??]    
SBB Simbo bu-buku mbumbuku bubuku N drink   (see buku) [D]    
SBB Simbo buburu mbumburu buburu   grass (generic term)   [D; buru- buru H??]    
SBB Simbo bu-butu mbumbutu bubutu   the people, one’s people, tribe; used for the description of genealogical conglomerates of all levels   [D; cf vea na tututi]    
SBB Simbo buɣiri mbuɣiri bugiri   fishing with a spear   [D; bugi-bugiri F37]    
SBB Simbo buɣo mbuɣo bugo   humid   [D]    
SBB Simbo buka mbuka buka   book   [D]    
SBB Simbo buku mbuku buku V drink   (see bu-buku) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo bulau mbulau bulau   shell arm ring of a conical shell marked with brown spots in rows (cone shell?) (sometimes used as poata)   [D; *CD74, CD111, W309, CD269, CD280, CD286, MW244]    
SBB Simbo bule mbule bule N peace, calm weather, sea or spirits   (see b-in-ule, ßa-bule) [D; CD75, CD290, CD294, MW262; b.-kana‘make peace’ D]    
SBB Simbo bule mbule bule V be calm, be peaceful; stop!   (see b-in-ule, ßa-bule) [D; CD75, CD290, CD294, MW262; b.-kana‘make peace’ D]    
SBB Simbo bulo mbulo bulo   unripe coconut   (see bulo-ko) [D; CD286; cf bulo-kana H]    
SBB Simbo bulo mbulo bulo   heart   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo bulo-ko mbuloko buloko   unripe   (see bulo) [D; cf madara, matua]    
SBB Simbo bulu mbulu bulu   round, circular (?)   [D; cf mamodovilia]    
SBB Simbo buraŋa mburaŋa burana   hungry   [D; burana TH; CD289]    
SBB Simbo dai ndai dai   no, not   (see ke, dai ona) [D; TH; RE; d. qua ‘I don’t want it/to’ ‘I refuse’, d. mua ‘you don’t want it/to’ ‘you refuse’ D; cf kisou D]    
SBB Simbo dai ona ndai ona dai ona   reluctant, unwilling, refuses   (see dai) [D]    
SBB Simbo dalo ndalo dalo V rinse clean, wash (dishes)   [D; cf lnoqqa, ogono]    
SBB Simbo dapu ndapu dapu   all (not usually of people); completely   (see dapu-nia) [D; mate d. 'quite dead' CD80; cf ria, doru D]    
SBB Simbo dapu-nia ndapunia dapunia   everything   (see dapu) [D]    
SBB Simbo dede ndende dede   erection   [D; tomiki d. 'make stand an erection' MW253; kejo d. gogoto 'charm causing permanent erection' MW256]    
SBB Simbo deri nderi deri   watermelon   [D; d. raro ‘pumpkin’ lit. ‘cooking watermelon’ D]    
SBB Simbo -di ndi di   third person plural agreement   postßerbal suffix or enclitic [D]    
SBB Simbo -di, -dia ndi, ndia di, dia   their   (I’m not sure about -dia) [D; batu-di 'heads of leaf tips on branch' MW233] mata-di to-mate 'the eye of the spirits' [MW251]  
SBB Simbo diana ndiana diana   cold (of body)   [D; TH; cf lomoso]    
SBB Simbo di-diki ndindiki didiki   pana (root vegetable)   (see diki-diki) [D]    
SBB Simbo diɣere ndiɣere digere   dizzy; dizziness   [D]    
SBB Simbo diki-diki ndikindiki dikidiki   sweet yams   (see di-diki) [CD288]    
SBB Simbo dinadai ndinandai dinadai   ghost of parent   [D; CD263]    
SBB Simbo do-doma ndondoma dodoma   watch, scan   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo dodore ndondore dodore   naked   [D]    
SBB Simbo dole ndole dole   snake   [D; MW260; d. tia ‘snake in the stomach’ lit. ‘belly snake’ MW258-259]    
SBB Simbo doma ndoma doma V look, see; recognise; perceive, understand   (see doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D; d. popu ‘menstruation’, d. mamadara‘menstruation’ D; cf batia, jiama, dotu D; cfbatia D; cf dotu H]    
SBB Simbo doma ndoma doma N charm making one invisible to enemies during offensive raids   [D; W306]    
SBB Simbo doma-ia ndomaia domaia Vtr see it   (see doma, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D; RE]    
SBB Simbo doma-ʤoŋa ndomanʤoŋa domajona   (see bata-jona)   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo doma-ʤoŋa ndomanʤoŋa domajona   good person   (see ʤoŋa ʤoŋa-na, ʤ-in-oŋana) [D]    
SBB Simbo doma-kare ndomakare domakare   (see bata-kare)   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo doma-nia ndomania domania   see it   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo doma-tari ndomatari domatari   stare (negative implications)   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tuti, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo doma-tuti ndomatuti domatuti   imitate, follow the example of   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, ßa-doma, do-doma) [D; cf jiama]    
SBB Simbo doru ndoru doru   all, every (of people and things)   [D; doruna RE; cf dapu, ria, qari]    
SBB Simbo dosi ndosi dosi   suicide (by overdose only?)   [D]    
SBB Simbo dotu ndotu dotu Vimp look!   [D; ‘see’ TH; cf doma]    
SBB Simbo dui ndui dui   ant (?dangerous) (any ant?)   [D; CD282, CD284, CD303]    
SBB Simbo dururu ndururu dururu   sink   [D]    
SBB Simbo duta nduta duta   trapped, cornered; no options   [D]    
SBB Simbo e e e   yes   [D; TH; cf eo]    
SBB Simbo edok-ia endokia edokia V close it   (see edoko) [D]    
SBB Simbo edoko endoko edoko   closed, shut   (see edok-ia) [D; cf tuku]    
SBB Simbo edoso endoso edoso N exhibitionist   [D; cf vahesia mulenia]    
SBB Simbo edoso endoso edoso V show off   [D; cf vahesia mulenia]    
SBB Simbo eɣo eɣo ego   alright, ok; introductory remark or indicator of new theme   [D; cf eo]    
SBB Simbo eɣoro eɣoro egoro   infertile person of either sex   [D]    
SBB Simbo ekana ekana ekana   carry on hip   (see ekan-ia) [D; cf utugu, pogoso, varikuvi]    
SBB Simbo ekan-ia ekania ekania   carry him, carry her, carry it   (see ekana) [D] ekan-iu ‘carry me’; ekan-igo ‘carry you’  
SBB Simbo eke eke eke V carry in the arms   [D; H has ake; *CD90; a.-sage 'funerary rite when skull is taken up to skull house' CD90-92; a.-ve ‘charm preventing stealing’ MW231]    
SBB Simbo ekia ekia ekia   of course!   [D]    
SBB Simbo elaka elaka elaka   basket   [D; cf mane, ira]    
SBB Simbo elaßa elaßa elava   bark cloth   [D; CD86, CD266; cf ragana D]    
SBB Simbo el-elo elelo elelo   leaf, leaves   (see elo) [D; RE; e.-e. matena ‘betel leaves’ CD298;e.-e. veqo/veqa ‘leaves of ?’ W309-310]    
SBB Simbo elo elo elo   leaf   (see el-elo) [TH; e. ivi MW256; e. buko W315; elo raraMW258; elo kale MW243]    
SBB Simbo elokapa elokapa elokapa   light, lacking authority or potency, insubstantial   [D; cf muñala]    
SBB Simbo eneße eneße eneve   thin to the point of emaciation   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo eo eo eo   assertion of assent; also used to wind up conversation   [D; cf e, ego]    
SBB Simbo eoro eoro eoro   crocodile   [D; TH; W308, MW262; cf lovlovu eoro ?]    
SBB Simbo epepetana epepetana epepetana   fan woven from agana   [D]    
SBB Simbo er-eri ereri ereri N graveyard   (see eri) [D]    
SBB Simbo eri eri eri N grave   (see er-eri) [D; era ‘funerary platform, chamber or enclosure’ *CD82, CD86; ‘witch who has killed a chief’ MW230]    
SBB Simbo eßaŋa eßaŋa evana   event, happening   (see in-eßaŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo eßaŋana eßaŋana evanana   good, implication of gratitude; indication of assent or agreement   [D; e. jola ‘very good’, ‘thank you very much’, ‘goodbye’ D; cf jonana, boka]    
SBB Simbo eßeßaŋa eßeßaŋa evevana   skull house restoration (ceremony & festival)   [D; *CD107, CD111, CD269]    
SBB Simbo ɣadora ɣandora gadora   possum   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣaɣaʤa ɣaɣanʤa gagaja   morning   [D; gagaja TH; g. jonana ‘good morning’, pana g. ‘previous morning this morning past, yesterday morning’, kite g. ‘coming morning’ D]    
SBB Simbo ɣa-ɣani ɣaɣani gagani   eat (non-respect term)   (see ɣani, ɣani-a, ßa-ɣani-ɣani) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo ɣaɣaßere ɣaɣaßere gagavere   centipede   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ɣai ɣai gai   we, us (exc)   [D; RE; R564; g. ka-vitu ‘we seven’ D]    
SBB Simbo ɣala-ɣala ɣalaɣala galagala   soul; shadow, reflection, (photograph?)   [D does not have this but says H uses so widely perhaps was appropriate term at that time; cf malaunu D; *CD80-81, CD84, CD92-93, MW239; tekua g. 'catch the soul',vakarovia g. 'transfer the soul' CD83]    
SBB Simbo ɣani ɣani gani   eat (non-respect term)   (see ɣani-a,ɣa-ɣani,ßa-ɣani-ɣani) [D; to-mate g. yabo 'corpse eating spirit' CD82, CD264; cf teteku]    
SBB Simbo ɣani-a ɣania gania   eat it   (see ɣani, ɣa-ɣani, ßa-ɣani-ɣani) [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣara ɣara gara   qara   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣaraba ɣaramba garaba   new, young; early; first   [D; q.-na TH; RE; Sunday g. ‘first Sunday of the month’, aoro-na g. ‘coming year’, ‘new year as opposed to aoro-na lame ‘next year’’, ‘early months of the year’ D; aoro g. CD299, CD302; cf vahibi]    
SBB Simbo ɣarata ɣarata garata   bite   [D; TH; RE; g. idiki ‘mosquito bite’ D; tita-va-g. 'caulking to make bite' F37]    
SBB Simbo ɣari ɣari gari   they 3PLSUBJAUX(?)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣaro ɣaro garo   scratch   (see ɣaro-ɣaro) [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣaro-ɣaro ɣaroɣaro garogaro   itch, scratch   (see ɣaro) [R564]    
SBB Simbo ɣasaru ɣasaru gasaru   submerged reef   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ɣau ɣau gau   tree; stick   [D “check sp., various meanings”; RE; R563]    
SBB Simbo ɣau ɣau gau PRO you (plural)   [D; R564; g. ka-ru ‘the two of you’ D; cf gamu]    
SBB Simbo ɣaße ɣaße gave   k.o. crab   (see kaße) [MW244]    
SBB Simbo ɣeli ɣeli geli V dig   [D; TH; geli-geli 'uproot' R563]    
SBB Simbo ɣiɣalia ɣiɣalia gigalia V say, mention, mention by name   [D; cf gua, qoqono, olana]    
SBB Simbo ɣinoʤa ɣinonʤa ginoja   food, especially staples such as panakae, oromari, rice, green bananas   [D; cf pesu]    
SBB Simbo ɣira ɣira gira   divide into three   [D]    
SBB Simbo giʤo ŋginʤo Gizo PNLOC Gizo   (found only in LH) [kolepíɾi ára ŋgéson láu po gíndʒo 'Now I am walking to Gizo.' LH]    
SBB Simbo ɣo-ɣoto ɣoɣoto gogoto   hundred   (see ɣoto, ßaßa-ɣoto) [D] ka-me g.-g. ‘one hundred’ D; me-ka g.-g. 'one hundred' TH; vesu g.-g. ‘eight hundred’ CD75]  
SBB Simbo ɣo-ɣoto ɣoɣoto gogoto   veritable, acceptable, good   (see ɣoto, ßata-ɣoto-so) [D; jiri g.-g. 'true dracaena' CD280]    
SBB Simbo ɣolom-ia ɣolomia golomia   hide; disguise   (see ɣolomo, ßari-ɣolomo) [D; cf ovo D]    
SBB Simbo ɣolomo ɣolomo golomo   hiding   (see ɣolom-ia, ßari-ɣolomo) [CD298]    
SBB Simbo ɣona ɣona gona V throw   (see ɣona-ɣona) [D; CD271; g. venia 'throwing for' a kind of sacrifice F37; ‘drive fish into big nets’ FCIV, F34]    
SBB Simbo ɣona-ɣona ɣonaɣona gonagona N cast offering; casting   (see ɣona) [CD82, CD100; D says makes sense]    
SBB Simbo ɣore ɣore gore V descend, go down, climb down; get down!   (see ßa-ɣore, ßa-ɣore-a, ßa-ɣore-ɣore-a, ßa-ßa-ɣore) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ɣori ɣori gori V grate   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣoto ɣoto goto   hundred   (see ɣo-ɣoto, ßaßa-ɣoto)    
SBB Simbo ɣoto ɣoto goto   veritable, acceptable, good   (see ɣo-ɣoto, ßata-ɣoto-so) [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣotokaena ɣotokaena gotokaena   different, unique   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣua ɣua gua   said, reckoned   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣubutu ɣumbutu gubutu   buttocks, euphemism for anus (respect term)   [D; cf liji]    
SBB Simbo ɣuɣu ɣuɣu gugu   digit, digits (finger(s), toe(s))   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣuɣu lima ɣuɣu lima gugu lima   finger(s)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣuɣu nene ɣuɣu nene gugu nene   toe(s)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ɣu-ɣusu ɣuɣusu gugusu   district, place (geo-demographic unit)   (see ɣusu) [D; boso g.g. CD263; cf ia, kota]    
SBB Simbo ɣulebe ɣulembe gulebe   impotence   [D; MW253]    
SBB Simbo ɣuliti ɣuliti guliti   skin, bark, peel, scales, any natural covering   [D; TH; RE; R563-564; cf pepenu D; ulitiR564]    
SBB Simbo ɣumi ɣumi gumi   beard, beard hair   [D; TH; R563]    
SBB Simbo ɣusu ɣusu gusu   district, place (geo-demographic unit)   (see ɣu-ɣusu, made-ɣusu) [D, R562; ka-sia g. ‘world’ D, RE]    
SBB Simbo habahuala hambahuala habahuala   impoverished   [D; tinoni h.’poor person’ D; opp. of isisono]    
SBB Simbo hahanana hahanana hahanana   custom, social practice, lifestyle, behaviour   [D; h. pana peso ‘earthly ways’, h. kame rane ‘tradition’ D]    
SBB Simbo hakua hakua hakua   banana   [D does not have but says poss. stage of growth or variety; CD278, CD279; h. ruqaha‘small white variety of banana’ CD279; cfutu; vudi; cf akakua?]    
SBB Simbo haßoro haßoro havoro   flower   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo heli heli heli   hell in Christian theology   [D]    
SBB Simbo heni heni heni V mix, combine   (see hen-ia, ßari-heni) [D]    
SBB Simbo hen-ia henia henia V mix, combine   (see heni, ßari-heni) [D]    
SBB Simbo h-in-ißa hinißa hiniva N liking, want, requirement   (see hißa) [D]    
SBB Simbo hißa hißa hiva V like, want, need, require   (see h-in-ißa) [D; cf mati] ʔára ŋge hihíβa βiti gínia ʔágo múnu sóna lágo po gíndʒo 'I insist that you walk to Gizo.' LH  
SBB Simbo hoboro homboro hoboro   do; be; express something without good reason and to excess   [D]    
SBB Simbo hoboro homboro hoboro   ordinary, of no significance, purposeless   [D; tinoni h. 'common folk' CD80]    
SBB Simbo hoi hoi hoi   soup, sauce, gravy, the liquid part of a cooked meal, usually from cooking in coconut   [D; cf pejana]    
SBB Simbo hore hore hore   canoe   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo huma huma huma   punch, strike with closed fist   [D]    
SBB Simbo i i i ART personal article   [“designating a person whose name follows” D] sa qua i Mary ‘Mary said’ [D]  
SBB Simbo ia ia ia N place; home   [D; cf nia, kota]    
SBB Simbo -ia ia ia OBJ third person singular object (3SGO)   object-indexing suffix or enclitic [D]    
SBB Simbo iama iama iama N priest dealing with skulls and shrines in pre-Christian times   [D; CD91, *CD105, CD265-266, CD269, CD278, CD298, CD303; potana i.'consecration charms' CD106; cf vasi i. H]    
SBB Simbo iama iama iama V perform tasks of priest dealing with skulls and shrines in pre-Christian times   [D; CD91, *CD105, CD265-266, CD269, CD278, CD298, CD303; potana i.'consecration charms' CD106; cf vasi i. H]    
SBB Simbo ibi imbi ibi   sweet (of food)   [D; cf lomoso]    
SBB Simbo iburu imburu iburu   betel nut   [D; TH; F35]    
SBB Simbo ida inda ida   drinkable green coconut   [D; CD75; i. banara 'king coconut', i. bu'green coconut' CD94, CD109]    
SBB Simbo idiki indiki idiki   mosquito   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo iɣana iɣana igana N fish   [D; TH; RE; R563; F33; iga R563]    
SBB Simbo iɣo iɣo igo N bush spider   [D; TH; cf kolobai]    
SBB Simbo -iɣo iɣo igo OBJ second person singular object (2SGO)   (object-indexing suffix or enclitic) (see aɣo, niɣo, gu)   bat-igo ‘see you’  
SBB Simbo ikare ikare ikare   broken, not working, no good   [D; cf poraka, puqala]    
SBB Simbo ik-iko ikiko ikiko N theft; thievish   (see iko) [D; CD291; tinoni i.-i. ‘habitual thief’ D]    
SBB Simbo iko iko iko V steal   (see ik-iko) [D; TH; CD280]    
SBB Simbo iku iku iku N fire   [D; niku TH; RE; eku G; ivu i. ‘blow fire’ D; i. pa-paragu 'common cooking fire', 'roasting fire' CD96, CD104, CD112, CD300; i. va-vamiro 'sacrificial fire' CD104, CD300]    
SBB Simbo ilili ilili ilili   douse fire with water; sting caused by salt water in wound; nuisance, pest   [D; the ‘nuisance’ is derived from the ‘sting’ D]    
SBB Simbo imimusu imimusu imimusu   midge   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo in-aba inamba inaba N fish caught by ab-aba; the catch   [F33]    
SBB Simbo inaru inaru inaru   shrine to bonito   [D; F35, CD284]    
SBB Simbo inatuŋu inatuŋu inatunu   ritual (generic)   [D; W308; W313-317; ‘shrine type’ H]    
SBB Simbo in-eßaŋa ineßaŋa inevana   feast   (see eßaŋa) [D; cf ivata]    
SBB Simbo in-ira inira inira N fine   (see ira, ir-ira) [D; MW263]    
SBB Simbo inolaŋa inolaŋa inolana N answer   (also ß? [D]) [D; in-olana cf olana?]    
SBB Simbo inoŋoro inoŋoro inonoro   news   [D; i. jona-na ‘good news’, i. kikerena ‘bad news’ D]    
SBB Simbo inuma inuma inuma   garden   [D; TH; cf poki]    
SBB Simbo ira ira ira   compensation payment for violation of respect rules, especially that received by a female’sluluna for any sexual misdemeanour she commits   (see in-ira, ir-ira) [D]    
SBB Simbo ira ira ira   string bag used by women for carrying on head   [D; MW263]    
SBB Simbo ir-ira irira irira   organise ira   (see ira, in-ira) [D]    
SBB Simbo iru iru iru N crab (generic) excluding coconut crab and maybe hermit crab   [D; MW244, CD276?]    
SBB Simbo isa isa isa   general term of approval at achievement   [D; ‘that’s it!’, ‘that’s right” D]    
SBB Simbo isa isa isa PRO he, she, it; that one   [D; cf sa; asa TH]    
SBB Simbo isisoŋo isisoŋo isisono   wealthy or rich person   [D; opp. of habahuala]    
SBB Simbo iso iso iso   bonito   [D; CD269, CD284]    
SBB Simbo isoŋo-na isoŋona isonona   its name   (see isoŋono) [D]    
SBB Simbo isoŋono isoŋono isonono   name   (see isoŋo-na) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo isu isu isu   nose   [D; TH; RE; R563]    
SBB Simbo isu-mata isumata isumata   face (lit. nose-eyes)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ite ite ite   small   (see ite-ke, ite-ke-di, it-ite, kam-ite) [D; CD75, CD275-276]    
SBB Simbo ite-ke iteke iteke   small (plural)   (“pl” D) (see ite, ite-ke-di, it-ite, kam-ite) [D; TH; RE; i.-k. popu ‘last days of the moon’ lit. 'small moon' MW252; cf popu, tale H]    
SBB Simbo ite-ke-di itekendi itekedi   small (plural)   (“pl” D) (see ite, ite-ke, it-ite, kam-ite) [D]    
SBB Simbo it-ite itite itite   small ones   (see ite, ite-ke, ite-ke-di, kam-ite) [D]    
SBB Simbo ituɣu ituɣu itugu   recently, just now   [D]    
SBB Simbo -iu iu iu OBJ first person singular object (1SGO)   (object-indexing suffix or enclitic) (see ara, niu, ge, gua)   bat-iu ‘see me’  
SBB Simbo ißa ißa iva   strong, tight, resistant, stiff (of moveable objects or parts)   (see negi) [D]    
SBB Simbo ißata ißata ivata   spread-out object   (see in-eßaŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo ißere ißere ivere   sea, salt water   (see lamana) [D; TH; CD290, CD295]    
SBB Simbo ißißa ißißa iviva   important, significant (of a person)   [D; CD80; minate i. 'group of older men' CD80]    
SBB Simbo ißoro ißoro ivoro   wind   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ißu ißu ivu   blow   (see ißu-a) [D; TH; MW246]    
SBB Simbo ißu-a ißua ivua   blow it   (see ißu) [‘blow a war bassoon’ W318]    
SBB Simbo ißulu ißulu ivulu   deserted   (see ißu ‘blow’?) [D; CD275]    
SBB Simbo ʤelepade nʤelepande jelepade   war hall, communal house, paele kept forbanara, more ornate and perhaps more ceremonial   [D; W303-304, W310, W318; cf paele]    
SBB Simbo ʤiama nʤiama jiama V kill with malevolant stare   [jimiri D; MW231, MW247, MW249; cf doma-tari D; cf paso-paso jiama H]    
SBB Simbo ʤiama nʤiama jiama N one who kills with looks; the evil eye; a kind of to-mate   [jimiri D; MW231, MW247, MW249; cf doma-tari D; cf paso-paso jiama H]    
SBB Simbo ʤimiri nʤimiri jimiri   red   [TH; jimiri D, RE]    
SBB Simbo ʤ-in-oŋana nʤinoŋana jinonana   good result   (see ʤoŋa , doma-ʤoŋa, ʤoŋa-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo ʤiraka nʤiraka jiraka   torn; tear   [D]    
SBB Simbo ʤiru nʤiru jiru   a man whom no woman is prepared to marry   [D; cf nanaboko]    
SBB Simbo ʤitiri nʤitiri jitiri   slippery; slip   [D]    
SBB Simbo ʤoʤoŋana nʤonʤoŋana jojonana   lid, cap   [D]    
SBB Simbo ʤola nʤola jola   very, extremely; surpass, exceed; excessive   (see ʤola-niu) [D; tori j. tu ‘already past’, ‘already over’ D; cf vivitigi, vatale] jola-nigo ‘do better than you, exceed you in some way’ [D]  
SBB Simbo ʤola-niu nʤolaniu jolaniu   do better than me, exceed me in some way   (see ʤola) [D] jola-nigo ‘do better than you, exceed you in some way’ [D]  
SBB Simbo ʤoŋa nʤoŋa jona   good, indicates positive assessment   (see ʤoŋa-na, ʤ-in-oŋana, doma-ʤoŋa) [D; tinoni j. ‘good person’ D]    
SBB Simbo ʤoŋa-na nʤoŋana jonana   good, correct, right, fine; assertion of assent   (see ʤoŋa , doma-ʤoŋa, ʤ-in-oŋana) [D; TH; RE; j. jola ‘very good’, ‘ok’ D; cfboka, evanana D]    
SBB Simbo ʤona-na-gu nʤonanaŋgu jonanaqu   ?my goodness?   [‘variations on “you good”’ D]    
SBB Simbo ʤoßa nʤoßa jova   shake (something)   [D; cf saputu, neneqere]    
SBB Simbo ʤuʤu nʤunʤu juju   push   (see ʤuʤu-batu) [TH; juju D]    
SBB Simbo ʤuʤu-batu nʤunʤumbatu jujubatu   true siblings (lit. push-heads)   (see ʤuʤu, pore-tasina, puakadara, tasina, kakaroßo, luluna) [D]    
SBB Simbo ʤuke nʤuke juke   lantern, torch, electric light, any artificial light source   [D]    
SBB Simbo ka- ~ k- ka ~ k ka ~ k   quantity marker   [R563; cf añi, vina-]    
SBB Simbo ka-alu kaalu kaalu   eight of (specified object)   (see k-alu, -alu) [D; TH; R563]    
SBB Simbo ka-bei kambei kabei   kame bei   [D; ka-’bei D] ka-bei kame totoso mule ‘next time’ [D]  
SBB Simbo kai-kai kaikai kaikai N food, feast   [CD80, CD88, W316, CD264, CD301; Etym. Pijin loan]    
SBB Simbo kakabare kakambare kakabare   dancing ground   [D; CD84, W304, W318]    
SBB Simbo kakabi kakambi kakabi   incest between 3rd cousins or closer, or other close relatives   [D; incest between relatives not this close issa-ke tojamo; k. can be nullified by a ceremony called korotoluqava]    
SBB Simbo kakaroßo kakaroßo kakarovo   half siblings or cousins (not full siblings)   [D; also tasina k. D; cf pore-tasina, tasina, pujakadara, juju-batu]    
SBB Simbo kakasa kakasa kakasa   long   [D; TH; cf qele kakasa H]    
SBB Simbo kaki kaki kaki   some, several, a few   [D; more than one and less than soku D]    
SBB Simbo kalao kalao kalao   chief's wife   [D; CD78]    
SBB Simbo kali kali kali   side; team; ?half   (see ka-me-kali) [D]    
SBB Simbo ka-lima kalima kalima   five of (specified object)   (see lima, gugu-lima, ßina-lima, lima-ŋaßulu) [D; CD264]    
SBB Simbo kali-mairi kalimairi kalimairi   left side   (see mairi) [W308]    
SBB Simbo kalimamasa kalimamasa kalimamasa   shack   [D]    
SBB Simbo kali-matua kalimatua kalimatua   right side   (see matua) [W308]    
SBB Simbo k-alu kalu kalu   eight   (see ka-alu, -alu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ka-made kamande kamade   four of (specified object)   (see made, ßina-made, made-ɣusu, made-ɣu-ɣusu, ßa-made) [D]    
SBB Simbo ka-me kame kame   one   (see me-ka, me-ka-na) [TH; RE; kamee G] ka-bei kame totoso mule ‘next time’ [D]; sage k. rani 'he went out one day' [CD281]  
SBB Simbo ka-me bei kame mbei kame bei   again   [D; cf ka-me-mule]    
SBB Simbo ka-me-kali kamekali kamekali   other side   (see kali) [D]    
SBB Simbo ka-me-mule kamemule kamemule   identical, the same, no difference   [D; cf vea, vari-pode]    
SBB Simbo ka-me-rane kamerane kamerane   the past, esp. customary past, long ago, once upon a time; eventually (lit. ‘one day’)   [D; cf kite]    
SBB Simbo ka-me-sina kamesina kamesina   identical, the same, no difference   [D; cf vea, vari-pode]    
SBB Simbo ka-me-sina-pode kamesinaponde kamesinapode   ka-me-sina   [D]    
SBB Simbo kamisa kamisa kamisa   thing, something   [D; doru k. ‘everything’ D; cf sava, manugu]    
SBB Simbo kam-ite kamite kamite   a little, slightly   (see ite, ite-ke, ite-ke-di, it-ite) [D]    
SBB Simbo kamu kamu kamu   come to (somewhere), arrive   [D; cf mai, lame]    
SBB Simbo kana kana kana N enemy   (see ßan-kana) [D; kane rane 'long time foe' D; 'raid, war, fight, feud, state of war' W303, W305, CD295]    
SBB Simbo kaoni kaoni kaoni   account, bill   [D]    
SBB Simbo kapi kapi kapi   lightening   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ka-pore kapore kapore   nothing, zero   [D; R563; cf añi, vina-]    
SBB Simbo ka-pore-na kaporena kaporena   no more of it   [D]    
SBB Simbo ka-pore-na bi ßea kaporena mbi ßea kaporena bi vea   it’s not important, don’t worry about it   (see bi ßea, tainatu, ßabosi) [D]    
SBB Simbo -kare kare kare   with negative connotations   [D; ekarenah G; uma-k. 'stink', bata-k. 'ugly' D; mule k. ‘bad return’ MW260; cf kikerena H]    
SBB Simbo k-aru karu karu   two, they two   (see -rua, ßina-rua, -aru) [D; TH; R564; G; ka-rua CD77?] k. tamatasi 'two pairs of brothers and sisters' [CD99]  
SBB Simbo karu kali karu kali karu kali   crossed shoulder belt; bandolier (lit. two sides)   [D; MW246]    
SBB Simbo karuʤe karunʤe karuje   rat   [D; kureju TH]    
SBB Simbo ka-sia kasia kasia   nine of (specified object); every one of   (see sia, ßina-sia) [D; k.-s. gusu ‘world’ lit. ‘every district’ D, RE;k.-s. yako 'nine thousand' CD265]    
SBB Simbo kati kati kati   not   [D; cf qe-ke, qu-ke, sa-ke, qari-ke]    
SBB Simbo ka-ue kaue kaue   three of (specified object)   (see –ue, k-ue) [D]    
SBB Simbo kauru kauru kauru   under, a going under (?), below   (see kauru-sape) [k.-na TH; k. lava-lava 'the great passing under' CD110]    
SBB Simbo kauru-sape kaurusape kaurusape   underneath the floor   (see kauru) [D]    
SBB Simbo kaße kaße kave   crawl   (see kaße-a, ɣaße) [D]    
SBB Simbo kaße-a kaßea kavea   pull   (see kaße) [TH]    
SBB Simbo ka-ßia kaßia kavia   how many?; all   (see -ßia) [D; TH; gau k.-v. 'all of you' D; cf ka-, -via]    
SBB Simbo ka-ßitu kaßitu kavitu   seven of (specified object)   (see ßitu, ßina-ßitu) [D; CD290]    
SBB Simbo ka-ßonomo kaßonomo kavonomo   six of (specified object)   (see ßonomo, ßina-ßonomo) [D]    
SBB Simbo kaßu kaßu kavu   hearth   [D; R563; vona k. 'ritual cooking house' lit. 'house of ashes' CD98]    
SBB Simbo kaßuru kaßuru kavuru   dust   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ke ke ke NEG not   (see dai, ani ke) [D]    
SBB Simbo keala keala keala   white   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo kedaka kendaka kedaka   raw, undercooked   [D; bako k. '?' MW240]    
SBB Simbo kede kende kede   vagina, vulva   [D; TH; CD271]    
SBB Simbo keʤo kenʤo kejo   person with whom one is forbidden contact or communication by virtue of real or reputed past sexual involvement; token or shrine supernaturally empowered erected to prevent theft   [D; kejo 'protective charm causing sickness in a transgressor' H; CD266, CD271, CD293, MW231-262; k. kikerina 'bad kenjo' MW240; k. disease name 'a charm causing that disease'; k. dede go-goto 'k. causing permenant erection of penis of clitoris' MW256; cf babarata, tabu]    
SBB Simbo keʤo dede ɣo-ɣoto kenʤo ndende ɣoɣoto kejo dede gogoto   charm causing permanent erection   [MW256]    
SBB Simbo keʤo paleka kenʤo paleka kejo paleka   tabu charm which causes effect of paleka if violated   [D says quite possible; MW263]    
SBB Simbo ke-kenu kekenu kekenu   first (in placement), ahead of, in front of   (see kenu, kenu-na) [D; cf qala, ka-me]    
SBB Simbo ke-kesa-na kekesana kekesana N ladder, steps, stairway   (see kesa) [D]    
SBB Simbo kele kele kele   leaves of the vino   [CD298; cf titi-kela, vino ]    
SBB Simbo kenu kenu kenu   front; firstborn   (see kenu-na, ke-kenu) [D; pa-na k. 'in front' D; tamasa k. 'principle god' CD271; cf vakenu]    
SBB Simbo kenu-na kenuna kenuna   his/her/their firstborn   (see kenu, ke-kenu) [D] kenu-qu ‘my firstborn’; kenu-mu ‘your firstborn’  
SBB Simbo keo keo keo   white haired, grey haired   [D]    
SBB Simbo kera kera kera V sing   (see kera-kera) [D; TH; k. lotu 'hymn' D]    
SBB Simbo kera kera kera N song   (see kera-kera) [D; TH; k. lotu 'hymn' D]    
SBB Simbo kera-kera kerakera kerakera   sing; song   (see kera) [CD85]    
SBB Simbo keru keru keru   cave, large cleft in rock   [D; CD88, CD100; cf baivi]    
SBB Simbo kesa kesa kesa V climb; copulate   (see ke-kesa-na) [D; cf sage, paja; cf vari-k.]    
SBB Simbo keto keto keto   corn   [D]    
SBB Simbo kii kii kii   exclamation of surprise or exaggeration   [D]    
SBB Simbo kiʤa kinʤa kija   pound or mash with morter and pestle   [D; cf kokale; gija ‘daub’ CD275, k. includes pounding lime for face paint so maybe D]    
SBB Simbo kiʤu kinʤu kiju   back of head, occiput   [qiju D]    
SBB Simbo kikerena kikerena kikerena   bad, rotten (of food, behaviour or morality)   [D; TH; tinoni k. 'bad or evil person' strong term, inonoro k. 'bad news' D; to-mate k. 'evil spirit' D, CD261; kejo k. 'bad k.' MW240; ; cf ñabo, sea ; cf kare H]    
SBB Simbo kikerina kikerina kikerina   evil   tomate kikerina 'evil spirit of woman dead in childbirth' [CD261]; kejo kikerina 'bad kenjo' [MW240]  
SBB Simbo kikida kikinda kikida   a fungal skin infection   [D]    
SBB Simbo kikida kikinda kikida   star   [D; TH; RE; keeda G]    
SBB Simbo ki-kiu kikiu kikiu N cry   (see kiu) [D]    
SBB Simbo kiko kiko kiko   seed   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo kiko kiko kiko   young boy (used affectionately, or when name is unknown or is same as the female user's kejo   [D; cf tite]    
SBB Simbo kilaŋa kilaŋa kilana   freckle   [D]    
SBB Simbo kilißige kilißiŋge kiliviqe   thin   [D]    
SBB Simbo kimo kimo kimo   crack by striking with a stone   [D; k. nari 'crack nut' D; 'small hammer' CD298]    
SBB Simbo kinoko kinoko kinoko   village   [D]    
SBB Simbo kigona kiŋgona kiqona   soon   [D]    
SBB Simbo kisou kisou kisou   lazy, reluctant, unwilling, uninterested, dislike, couldn't be bothered   [D; TH; cf dai ona, pavu ]    
SBB Simbo kita kita kita   wasting sickness; spirit causing it   [D; CD81, CD267, MW239; ‘a people’ H]    
SBB Simbo kite kite kite   prospective aspect marker; intend; at some future time; sooner or later   [D; k. vevelu ‘when it is evening’ D; cf kame-rane]    
SBB Simbo kito kito kito   bang head   [D]    
SBB Simbo kiu kiu kiu V cry   (see ki-kiu) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ko ko ko   so   [D; FCIV, CD282]    
SBB Simbo koba komba koba   hermit crab   [D]    
SBB Simbo koboso komboso koboso   passage   [D]    
SBB Simbo koburu komburu koburu   child; sister’s son (arch. alt. term)   [D; TH; k. rereko 'girl', k. marane 'boy' D; k. ta-via 'children of a chief', k. banara 'a chief by birth' 'a boy of rank' CD78, CD98; k. ta-nisa banara 'a chief's people' CD78; qamburu WHR; cf melalu]    
SBB Simbo koda konda koda   penis (non-respect term), uncircumcised penis   [D]    
SBB Simbo kodiko kondiko kodiko   word   [D; k. tinoni ‘gossip’ D; cf osi]    
SBB Simbo koha koha koha   lie, mislead; accidental or intended deception   (see ko-koha) [D; CD292, MW260 ‘opposite of mana and sosoto’, 'false' H]    
SBB Simbo koi koi koi   sit in a canoe; take passage   [D]    
SBB Simbo koi mata koi mata koi mata   leader of a group (as opp to banara)   [D; koi matana ‘taboo to women’ F36]    
SBB Simbo kokale kokale kokale   bowl for poundingoromari   [D; 'large troughlike mortar' CD299, CD301; cf kija]    
SBB Simbo koko’e koko’e koko’e   coconut shell   [D]    
SBB Simbo kokoba kokomba kokoba   empty, flat (of batteries)   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo kokobu kokombu kokobu   log   [D; 'driftwood' CD293-294]    
SBB Simbo ko-koha kokoha kokoha   lying   (see koha) [tinoni k.-k. 'liar' D]    
SBB Simbo koko-mate kokomate kokomate   wake held with body present, period of mourning   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana) [D; ‘lykewake‘ CD85-86, CD96]    
SBB Simbo kokorako kokorako kokorako   chicken   [D; TH; k. marane 'rooster', k. rereko 'hen' D]    
SBB Simbo kokoße kokoße kokove   skull   [D]    
SBB Simbo kokoßi kokoßi kokovi N female who pursues men or a man   [D]    
SBB Simbo kolobai kolombai kolobai N house spider   [D; cf igo]    
SBB Simbo kolopiri kolopiri kolopiri   now, currently   [D]    
SBB Simbo kolopou kolopou kolopou   ravine   [D; W302]    
SBB Simbo komolo komolo komolo   smile   [D]    
SBB Simbo koni koni koni   be careful, don’t (for your own good)!   [D; k. sulu ‘be careful not to get burned’ D]    
SBB Simbo kono kono kono   jealous   [D]    
SBB Simbo kopu kopu kopu   look after, mind, care for   (see kopu-niu, kopu-ßen-ia, kopu-ßatali) [D]    
SBB Simbo kopu-niu kopuniu kopuniu   care for me, look after me   (see kopu, kopu-ßen-ia, kopu-ßatali) [D] kopu-nigo ‘look after you’  
SBB Simbo kopu-ßatali kopußatali kopuvatali   take good care of (lit. ‘look after-thoroughly’)   (see kopu, kopu-niu, kopu-ßen-ia) [k. watali D; cf watale]    
SBB Simbo kopu-ßen-ia kopußenia kopuvenia   look after on behalf of   (see kopu, kopu-niu, kopu-ßatali) [D] kopu-ven-iu ‘look after on behalf of me’; kopu-ven-igo ‘look after on behalf of you’; kopu-veni-ria ‘look after on behalf of them’  
SBB Simbo kopu-ßenu kopußenu kopuvenu   take care of (something for someone)   (see ßenu, ßen-i, ßen-ia, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D; cf kopu D]    
SBB Simbo kogu koŋgu koqu   bay, lagoon, harbour, inlet   [D; TH; pa na k. ‘in the bay’ CD76]    
SBB Simbo korapa korapa korapa   be present, remain, continuing (person)   (see korapa-na, korapa-boŋi, korapa-rane) [D; cf pepuna]    
SBB Simbo korapa-boŋi korapamboŋi korapaboni   midnight   (see korapa, korapa-na, korapa-rane) [D]    
SBB Simbo korapa-na korapana korapana   centre of, middle of   (see korapa, korapa-boŋi, korapa-rane) [D; TH; FCIV; pa-na k.-n. 'in the middle, within, inside' D]    
SBB Simbo korapa-rane koraparane koraparane   midday   (see korapa, korapa-na, korapa-boŋi) [D; cf sakasa]    
SBB Simbo kori kori kori V deep (of a hole)   [D; cf po]    
SBB Simbo kori kori kori N a hole in the ground   [D; cf po]    
SBB Simbo korosi korosi korosi   crucifix, cross of Christian theology   [D]    
SBB Simbo koroto koroto koroto   severed (as rope or string)   (see koroto-lugaßa) [TH; MW238; k. lagu, k. mago a venereal disease lit. 'broken guts' MW238; cf lagu, mimi ta-mago ]    
SBB Simbo koroto-lugaßa korotoluŋgaßa korotoluqava   ceremony followingkakabi during which the man loses rights in a lineage he shares with a woman   (see koroto) [D]    
SBB Simbo kota kota kota   area, place   [D; ia doru k. ‘everywhere’ D; pa na k. ‘on the level’ CD76; cf gugusu]    
SBB Simbo kubaŋa kumbaŋa kubana   tongs of bamboo for lifting hot stones of motu   [D]    
SBB Simbo kuda kunda kuda V abuse verbally   (see ßa-ßa-kuda) [D; CD75]    
SBB Simbo kuduru kunduru kuduru   black   [D; TH; RE; tinoni k. ‘black person/people’ D; batu k. ‘a plant’ lit. 'black tips' MW248-250]    
SBB Simbo k-ue kue kue   three   (see –ue, ka-ue) [D; TH; kuay G]    
SBB Simbo kuipi kuipi kuipi   widow's enclosure   [D; CD84, CD89]    
SBB Simbo kukili kukili kukili   call out, shout   [D; cf olana]    
SBB Simbo kuku kuku kuku V shelter; cover with cloth   (see kuku-poro, kuku-polo) [D]    
SBB Simbo kuku kuku kuku N blanket   (see kuku-poro, kuku-polo) [D]    
SBB Simbo kuku-polo kukupolo kukupolo N pre-Christian Roviana skull wrapper   (see kuku, kuku-poro) [CD290]    
SBB Simbo kuku-poro kukuporo kukuporo V hide or shelter under umbrella; sit back to back   (see kuku, kuku-polo, tugasa) [D]    
SBB Simbo kuku-poro kukuporo kukuporo N a pre-Christian deity   (see kuku, kuku-polo, tugasa) [D]    
SBB Simbo ku-kurana kukurana kukurana N bag   (see kurana) [D]    
SBB Simbo ku-kuti kukuti kukuti V write   (see kuti-kuti) [D]    
SBB Simbo kuni kuni kuni   frog (generic)   [D; MW253, MW258]    
SBB Simbo kurana kurana kurana V pack, place in bag or box etc, put in   (see ku-kurana) [D; k. pana peso ‘bury’ D cf vari-golomo]    
SBB Simbo kuri kuri kuri   ?   tomate kuri 'witchfinding spirit' [MW229] 'healing spirit' [MW249-250] vaka-rovo kuri'transfer the kuri' [MW251]  
SBB Simbo kuti-kuti kutikuti kutikuti N marks, scribbles on some v. old tabu rocks   (see ku-kuti) [D; CD100; k.-k. to-mate 'ghost's marks' CD100]    
SBB Simbo kuti-kuti kutikuti kutikuti V marks, scribbles on some v. old tabu rocks   (see ku-kuti) [D; CD100]    
SBB Simbo kuti-kuti tomate kutikuti tomate kuti-kuti tomate   ghost's marks   (see tomate) [CD100]    
SBB Simbo kußi kußi kuvi N sling for carrying child   (see ßari-kußi) [D]    
SBB Simbo kußi kußi kuvi V carry a child in a kuvi   (see kußi) [D]    
SBB Simbo kußili kußili kuvili V blowing the conch   [D; k. paro 'blowing the conch shorewardW312-313]    
SBB Simbo kußili kußili kuvili N conch shell; sound of conch   [D; k. paro 'blowing the conch shorewardW312-313]    
SBB Simbo laɣo laɣo lago V go; go on; go or do to excess   (see ßa-laɣo) [D; TH; R563; cf riu D; kiu l. ‘cry bitterly’ D]    
SBB Simbo laɣu laɣu lagu   guts   [D; TH; MW238; cf koroto l.]    
SBB Simbo lalaɣakoga lalaɣakoŋga lalagakoqa   following tari pipiro the man remains at the woman’s house for one night and the following night they spend at his house   [D]    
SBB Simbo lamana lamana lamana   ocean, deep sea   (see ißere) [D]    
SBB Simbo lame lame lame V come   (see ßa-lame) [D; TH; l. lani ‘come here’ D; cf mai]    
SBB Simbo lana lana lana   there   [D; cf nana, nia]    
SBB Simbo lani lani lani   here   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo laŋo laŋo lano V fly   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo lape lape lape   megapode bird (bush turkey)   [D; CD273; cf jari ta-na lape H]    
SBB Simbo laßa-laßa laßalaßa lavalava   big   (see laßa-ta, laßa-ta-na) [kauru l.-l. 'the great going under' CD110]    
SBB Simbo laßa-ta laßata lavata   big   (see laßa-ta-na, laßa-laßa) [D; TH; RE; CD271, CD276, CD293; l. jola‘extremely big’, ‘bigger than’, l. kamite ‘pretty big’ D]    
SBB Simbo laßa-ta-na laßatana lavatana N the big one   (see laßa-ta, laßa-laßa) [D]    
SBB Simbo lebu lembu lebu   mango; mango tree   [D; CD106, CD289; cf kapu l. H]    
SBB Simbo lei lei lei   cloud   (see le-lei) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo le-lei lelei lelei   clouds   (see lei) [CD276]    
SBB Simbo leleße leleße leleve   curse   [D; cf maulu]    
SBB Simbo leŋana(-na) leŋana(na) lenana(na)   branch of tree   [D] [TH] lena-na ‘branch of tree’ [TH]  
SBB Simbo lete lete lete V plant   [D]    
SBB Simbo leßana leßana levana V be open   (see leßan-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo leßan-ia leßania levania V open it   (see leßana) [D]    
SBB Simbo lida linda lida   knife   [D; l. ite beto koburu ‘tubal ligation’ lit. ‘small knife to stop children’ D; cf likoto, suni]    
SBB Simbo liʤi linʤi liji   anus, arse (non-respect term)   [D; cf gubutu]    
SBB Simbo likoto likoto likoto   bush knife (machete?)   [D; cf lida]    
SBB Simbo li-lißo-rua lilißorua lilivorua   scorpion (lit. RD-tooth-neck)   (see lißo) [TH]    
SBB Simbo lima lima lima   hand, arm; five   (see ka-lima, gugu-lima, ßina-lima, lima-ŋaßulu) [D; TH, RE, R563; leema G]    
SBB Simbo lima-ŋaßulu limaŋaßulu limanavulu   the fiftieth day   (see lima, ka-lima, gugu-lima, ßina-lima) [CD96]    
SBB Simbo lipa lipa lipa   bail (a canoe)   [D; W314]    
SBB Simbo lipu lipu lipu V pay for goods received in credit   [D; MW268]    
SBB Simbo ligomo liŋgomo liqomo   charm for finding enemy (of lave type??)    [D; W312]    
SBB Simbo lißo lißo livo   tooth, teeth   (see li-lißo-rua) [D; TH; RE; R564]    
SBB Simbo loa loa loa   put down, leave (something somewhere), get rid of (something)   (see loa-ia, loa-pa-nia, ßari-loa, loa-pale-dia) [D; cf muma]    
SBB Simbo loa-ia loaia loaia   leave it   (see loa, loa-pa-nia, ßari-loa, loa-pale-dia) [D]    
SBB Simbo loa-pale-dia loapalendia loapaledia   drop them all, put them all down, leave them   (see loa, loa-ia, loa-pa-nia, ßari-loa) [D]    
SBB Simbo loa-pa-nia loapania loapania   discard (person or thing), get rid of, leave behind, leave spouse   (see loa, loa-ia, ßari-loa, loa-pale-dia) [D]    
SBB Simbo lodo londo lodo   louse, headlouse   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo lodu londu lodu   counting the days of the dead   (see lodu-ɣuɣusu) [D]    
SBB Simbo lodu-ɣuɣusu londuɣuɣusu lodugugusu   place for counting the days of the dead (???D)   (see lodu) [MW235]    
SBB Simbo loʤi lonʤi loji   cotton thread   [D]    
SBB Simbo loka-loka lokaloka lokaloka   broken spine   (see lo-loka) [mate l.-l. 'die of a broken spine' CD80]    
SBB Simbo lokana lokana lokana   when (of PAST)   [D; cf totoso]    
SBB Simbo lo-loka loloka loloka   lumbar spine   (see loka-loka) [D; cf mudi]    
SBB Simbo lomoso lomoso lomoso   cool, cold (of weather, liquids, touch, objects, water); pleasant tasting, sweet (of food); sweet talk, persuade by charm   (see ßa-lomoso, ßa-lomos-ia) [D; TH, RE; piro l. CD285]    
SBB Simbo loga loŋga loqa   wash (not face or certain other body parts)   [D; l. lima ‘wash hands’ D; cf dalo, ogono]    
SBB Simbo logui loŋgui loqui   long trousers   [D]    
SBB Simbo lose lose lose N room   [D]    
SBB Simbo lotu lotu lotu   pray, prayer, church service, religion   [D; etym. Fijian, brought by missionaries]    
SBB Simbo loßorua loßorua lovorua V hang (a person)   (see tomate loßo-rua) [D; *CD86] to-mate l. 'ghost of a hung person' [D, CD263]  
SBB Simbo loßorua loßorua lovorua N a hung person   (see tomate loßo-rua) [D; *CD86] to-mate l. 'ghost of a hung person' [D, CD263]  
SBB Simbo loßu loßu lovu   mat of woven agana   [D; l. koburu ‘uterus’, ‘placenta’ lit. ‘mat of children’ D]    
SBB Simbo lua lua lua   vomit   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo lukana lukana lukana   loud funeral wail as ritual expression of grief   [D; CD85, CD111, CD286]    
SBB Simbo lulu(-na) lulu(na) lulu(na)   sibling of opposite sex; first cousin of opposite sex   (see tasina, kakaroßo, ʤuʤubatu, puʤakadara, poretasina) [D; WHR; W303] lulu-na ‘sibling/first cousin of opposite sex’;lulu-qu ‘my sibling/first cousin of opposite sex’;lulu-mu ‘your sibling/first cousin of opposite sex’  
SBB Simbo ma ma ma MOD/SBJ first person subject irrealis (1S.IRR)   (see ma-na, mu, mu-nu) [D; ‘I am, we are, referring to current or contemporary state or action’ D] ma gua ‘you say’ (IMP.) [D]  
SBB Simbo madara mandara madara   ripe (of any food which changes colour when ripe)   [D; cf matua]    
SBB Simbo made mande made   four   (see ka-made, ßina-made, made-ɣusu, made-ɣu-ɣusu, ßa-made) [D; TH; mantee G]    
SBB Simbo made-ɣu-ɣusu mandeɣuɣusu madegugusu   the four districts, Simbo’s traditional name   (see made, made-ɣusu, naßoro, sibo) [D]    
SBB Simbo made-ɣusu mandeɣusu madegusu   the four districts, Simbo’s traditional name   (see made, made-ɣu-ɣusu, naßoro, sibo) [R562; CD75]    
SBB Simbo mai mai mai V come, come towards, come here; give it to me   (see mai-ko) [D; TH; RE; R564; cf lame, kamu]    
SBB Simbo mai mai mai   ours   [D]    
SBB Simbo mai-ko maiko maiko   give it to me to examine   (see mai) [D]    
SBB Simbo mairi mairi mairi   left   (see kali-mairi) [D; TH; W308; va-mairi ‘left handed’ MW234 - D says wrong]    
SBB Simbo maʤa manʤa maja V strike with downward motion using hand or implement   [W?; ‘club’ H; patu m. paqala 'the stone smitten asunder' a legend CD99]    
SBB Simbo maʤa manʤa maja N headhunting axe   [W?; ‘club’ H; patu m. paqala 'the stone smitten asunder' a legend CD99]    
SBB Simbo makara makara makara   parrot (generic)   [D; CD285]    
SBB Simbo maketi maketi maketi   market   [D; cf vagi; etym. Eng. loan]    
SBB Simbo mala bolo mala mbolo mala bolo   someone visiting sacred cave for first time   [D; CD100]    
SBB Simbo malauŋu malauŋu malaunu   soul, spirit (dead); shadow   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo malauŋu toa-na malauŋu toana malaunu toana   soul before it reaches Sondo, spirit (alive)   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo maluŋu maluŋu malunu   willing   [D]    
SBB Simbo mama mama mama   father (pre-Christian term of address)   [D]    
SBB Simbo mama mama mama   mother (term of address)   (etym. Eng.) [D; m. qoele ‘grandmother’ bilaterally reckoned D; cf tinana, tamatina]    
SBB Simbo mamadara mamandara mamadara   blood; descent   [D; TH; RE; doma m. ‘menstruation’ D; ‘tumour’ MW238] mamadara-na ‘of his/her/their blood’  
SBB Simbo mamadoßilia mamandoßilia mamadovilia   circle   [D; cf bulu]    
SBB Simbo mamalaiŋi mamalaiŋi mamalaini   voice   [D]    
SBB Simbo mamata mamata mamata   heavy   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo mamaßo mamaßo mamavo   slow, gentle; slowly, gently   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo mamaßua mamaßua mamavua   yawn   [D]    
SBB Simbo mana mana mana N efficacy, spiritual truth, power, supernatural effect; efficacious,propitious   [D; FCIV, CD78, F40, W309, *MW260; 'virtue', 'grant...' H]    
SBB Simbo ma-na mana mana MOD/SBJ first person subject definite irrealis (1S.DEFIRR)   (see ma, mu, mu-nu) [D; ‘I or we will or shall, referring to future state or action’] ara kite ma lago ‘I will go’ [D]  
SBB Simbo maŋa maŋa mana   mouth   [D; TH; RE; R564]    
SBB Simbo manaßasa manaßasa manavasa V adapt or adjust to, get used to, familiarize, come to feel comfortable with; tame   [D]    
SBB Simbo mane mane mane   basket or bag for carrying (woven or not)   [D; mani CD288; va-tome mani 'put in the basket' CD95; toga ni mani; cf ira, elaka]    
SBB Simbo maŋini maŋini manini   hot, warm   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo manoɣa manoɣa manoga   ten   [D; manoga puta TH; manosa G]    
SBB Simbo manoɣa me-ka manoɣa meka manoga meka   eleven   [D]    
SBB Simbo manoɣa-rua manoɣarua manogarua   twelve   [D]    
SBB Simbo manoɣa-ue manoɣaue manogaue   thirteen   [D]    
SBB Simbo manuɣu manuɣu manugu   creature (hypernym) including animals, humans, birds marine mammals and perhaps fish); animal; thing, thingammybob   [D; cf kamisa, sava; ‘bird’ TH; R563-564]    
SBB Simbo magota maŋgota maqota   respected married woman; wife   (see magota-gu) [D; WHR; m. jona ‘good looking woman’ D; cf rereko; bata-jona, doma-jona; banara m. 'women of chiefly rank' CD78; H says ‘non-virgin woman’ as opp. vineke ‘virgin’, but D not find this, vineke is prob. Rov. as H was working on Rov. at the time]    
SBB Simbo magota-gu maŋgotaŋgu maqotaqu   my wife   (see magota) [WHR]    
SBB Simbo marama marama marama   wife of a UC minister (title and form of address)   [D; etym. Fijian, term brought by missionaries]    
SBB Simbo marane marane marane   male, man; husband   (see marane-gu) [D; TH; RE; m. iviva ‘adult man’, koburu m. ‘boy; unmarried man including widower and divorcee’ D; marene WHR]    
SBB Simbo marane-gu maraneŋgu maranequ   my husband   (see marane) [WHR]    
SBB Simbo masa masa masa   flesh, meat, muscle   [D; TH; RE; m. tabu-na 'sacred flesh' F36]    
SBB Simbo mata(-na) mata(na) mata(na)   eye, eyes   (see koi matana, mata-kare, oni-mata) [D; TH; RE; R564; m.-di to-mate 'the eye of the spirits' MW251] mata-na ‘his/her eyes’  
SBB Simbo mata-kare matakare matakare   blind (lit. ‘bad-eyes’)   (see mata(-na), oni-mata) [D]    
SBB Simbo matatu matatu matatu   frightened, afraid; fear   (see matatu-ni) [D; TH; R563-564; matautu R564; cf taikolo]    
SBB Simbo matatu-ni matatuni matatuni   fear (transitive?)   (see matatu) [R563]    
SBB Simbo mate mate mate N sickness   (see ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [TH, RE, CD261, CD290; CD295; m. dapu'quite dead' CD80; m. hebala ‘died at sea’ CD75; ure m. banara 'sacred areca bunch of the chiefly dead' CD85; bulu m. banara 'a funerary ring for a dead chief' CD91; m. banara 'chiefly dead' CD111; cf aqe mate]    
SBB Simbo mate mate mate V die, faint; dead, switched off   (see ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [TH, RE, CD261, CD290; CD295; m. dapu'quite dead' CD80; m. hebala ‘died at sea’ CD75; ure m. banara 'sacred areca bunch of the chiefly dead' CD85; bulu m. banara 'a funerary ring for a dead chief' CD91; m. banara 'chiefly dead' CD111; cf aqe mate]    
SBB Simbo mate-ana mateana mateana   four spirits who have protected Simbo since pre-Christian times and who remain a strong force for good; a kind of shooting star   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, koko-mate) [D; CD268; MW245-246; cf to-mate ]    
SBB Simbo mate-na matena matena   death of someone/thing   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [cf el-elo mate-na H]    
SBB Simbo mati mati mati   like, want   [D; cf hiva]    
SBB Simbo mati mati mati N low tide   [D]    
SBB Simbo mati mati mati   shallow   [D]    
SBB Simbo matua matua matua   fully grown (of foodstuffs)   (see matua-na) [D; cf madara]    
SBB Simbo matua matua matua   right   (see kali-matua) [D; TH; W308]    
SBB Simbo matua-na matuana matuana   old   (see matua) [D] tinoni m.-n. ‘old person’ [D]  
SBB Simbo maulu maulu maulu N curse, abuse, oaths   (see ßa-maulu) [D; W302, MW262-264; W306; ‘break a taboo’ H]    
SBB Simbo mea mea mea   tongue   [D; TH; RE; R564]    
SBB Simbo me-ka meka meka   single, lone   (see ka-me, me-ka-na) [m. gogoto 'one hundred' TH; m. hiako 'one thousand' TH; belama m. 'a single frigate bird' CD293; patu m. ‘the single stone’ CD75]    
SBB Simbo me-ka-na mekana mekana   alone, individual; individually   (see ka-me, me-ka) [D] me-ka-qu ‘me only’ me-ka-mu ‘you only’  
SBB Simbo melalu melalu melalu   new born baby   (see koburu) [D]    
SBB Simbo meresena meresena meresena   medicine   (see kuinini, piro) (etym. Eng.) [D]    
SBB Simbo mi mi mi   in order to (in serial verb constructions)   [D; FCIV]    
SBB Simbo mike mike mike   guitar   [D]    
SBB Simbo mimi mimi mimi V urinate   [D; ‘drip’ TH; R564; CD268, MW237]    
SBB Simbo mimi mimi mimi N urine   [D; ‘drip’ TH; R564; CD268, MW237]    
SBB Simbo mimo mimo mimo N itch   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo mimo mimo mimo V scratch   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo mi-muʤiri mimunʤiri mimujiri   previous night’s leftovers eaten for breakfast   (see muʤiri) [D]    
SBB Simbo minari minari minari   rest   [D]    
SBB Simbo minate minate minate   group of people   [D; m. iviva 'group of older men' CD80;qaqiri qeto m. 'go on expedition' W308; votu m. 'the people come forth' W308, W318]    
SBB Simbo m-in-ate minate minate N death   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, mate-ana, koko-mate) [D]    
SBB Simbo m-in-o mino mino N illness, disease   (see mo) [D]    
SBB Simbo miro miro miro   burnt, singed part of cooked food   [D]    
SBB Simbo miu miu miu   a large edible biege fish with upturned nose, very succulent and delicious, size of bonito   [D; F33, F37]    
SBB Simbo miu miu miu   yours (plural)   [D]    
SBB Simbo mo mo mo   sick   (see m-in-o) [D; TH; CD268, MW260; vona m. ‘hospital, clinic’ D]    
SBB Simbo modoko mondoko modoko   turtle   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo moe moe moe   damp, sodden, wet   [D; cf tubulu]    
SBB Simbo moka moka moka   mug, cup, drinking vessels generally   [D; etym. Eng.?]    
SBB Simbo moko moko moko Vimp quiet!   [D; cf noso; ‘broken jawed’ in Rov. MW247]    
SBB Simbo mola mola mola   large traditional canoe for fishing or deep sea travel   [D; TH; *W308, CD283]    
SBB Simbo mola geto mola ŋgeto mola qeto   war canoe   [D; *W308]    
SBB Simbo mole mole mole   face paint of lime and red ochre   [W316-317]    
SBB Simbo molu molu molu   pregnant   (see mo-molu) [D; m. soana ‘unmarried pregnant woman’ cf mo-soana ‘child of...’ D; ‘a plant which fruits’ piru m. MW236-237; raqoso m. CD107]    
SBB Simbo mo-molu momolu momolu   pregnant   (see molu) [D; Ria na Momolu]    
SBB Simbo monana monana monana   brain   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo moɲo moɲo moño   squeeze, massage (to heal)   [D; MW233]    
SBB Simbo motu motu motu N stone oven   [D; TH; cf obirai]    
SBB Simbo motu motu motu V cook in stone oven   [D; TH; cf obirai]    
SBB Simbo mu mu mu MOD/SBJ second person subject irrealis (2S.IRR)   (see mu-nu, mu-ke, ma, ma-na) [D; ‘you are, referring to current or contemporary state or action’ D]    
SBB Simbo mua mua mua   yours   [D]    
SBB Simbo mudi mundi mudi N behind, back, after, last; upper spine   (see mu-mudi, mudi-na) [D; TH; R563; cf loloka]    
SBB Simbo mudi-na mundina mudina   last born   (see mudi, mu-mudi) [D; cf vinabeto]    
SBB Simbo muʤiri munʤiri mujiri   overnight   (see mi-muʤiri) [D]    
SBB Simbo mu-ke muke muke MOD/SBJ second person subject irrealis negative (2S.IRR-NEG)   (see mu, mu-nu, ma, ma-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo mule mule mule V return; again, repeated, another   (see ßa-ta-mule) [D; m. hebala ‘returned from overseas’ CD75; m. kare ‘bad return’ MW260]    
SBB Simbo muma muma muma   lost, forgotten; forget   (see muma-nia, muma-pa-nia, rogu-muma) [D; cf loa, rura]    
SBB Simbo muma-nia mumania mumania V lose (something)   (see muma, muma-pa-nia, rogu-muma) [D]    
SBB Simbo muma-pa-nia mumapania mumapania V leave (something) behind inadvertently   (see muma, muma-nia, rogu-muma) [D]    
SBB Simbo mu-mudi mumundi mumudi   afterwards, trail, later   (see mudi, mudi-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo mumuno mumuno mumuno   worm   [D]    
SBB Simbo mu-mugu mumuŋgu mumuqu   bush, forest   (see mugu, mugu-mugu) [D; tinoni m.-m. ‘hick’ D]    
SBB Simbo muɲala muɲala muñala   weak, soft   [D; TH; cf elokapa]    
SBB Simbo mu-nu munu munu MOD/SBJ second person subject definite irrealis (2S.DEFIRR)   (see mu, mu-ke, ma, ma-na) [D; ‘you will or shall, referring to future state or action’ ago kite m. lago ‘you will go’ D; cf ma]    
SBB Simbo mugu muŋgu muqu   bush   (see mu-mugu, mugu-mugu) [muqe TH]    
SBB Simbo mugu-mugu muŋgumuŋgu muqumuqu   bush   (see mugu, mu-mugu, tomate mugu-mugu) [to-mate m.-m. 'spirit of the bush' CD265; cfaroso H]    
SBB Simbo ŋa ŋa na   short of breath, dyspnoeic, asthma, asthma attack   [D; cf navele?]    
SBB Simbo na ~ n- na ~ n na ~ n ART the (also ‘a’ D)   (n- occurs with vowel initial Ns) [D; FCIV, CD75, F35; sometimes looks like 'of' tinoni na Kita MW239; HLV appears not definite, FCIV, CD76, CD87, CD271, CD295, CD301, MW245]    
SBB Simbo ɲabo ɲambo ñabo   rotten (of food?), decaying   (see ɲabo-kobu, iabo) [D; TH; cf kikerena D]    
SBB Simbo naboko namboko naboko   widow, widower   (see na-naboko) [D; CD84, F35; cf jiru; kalu n. 'widow's hair' CD84; cf aboko, yabo? H]    
SBB Simbo ɲabo-kobu ɲambokombu ñabokobu   genital boil   (see ɲabo) [D]    
SBB Simbo nabulu nambulu nabulu   slave purchased or captured during headhunting raid and kept as servant or priest and often adopted or married in   [D; cf p-in-ausia]    
SBB Simbo naɣani naɣani nagani   lust, desire   [D]    
SBB Simbo naɣasa naɣasa nagasa   sand   [D; RE; cf onone H]    
SBB Simbo nai nai nai   volcano   [D]    
SBB Simbo naʤulu nanʤulu najulu   sharp   (see ŋaʤulu) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ŋaʤulu ŋándʒulu najulu   sharp   (see nadʒulu; secondary sources suggest nadʒulu, but LH sounds like ŋadʒulu) [nabilíndi pín sa ŋándʒulu βiβíti 'The razor is very sharp.' LH]    
SBB Simbo ɲalu ɲalu ñalu   play in an organised sense, as in games   (see ɲa-ɲalu) [D; TH; this is an abbreviation of ñ.-ñ.according to D]    
SBB Simbo ɲamu ɲamu ñamu   ritual pounded pudding for exchanging at tari binola   [D; pito n. tabuna 'speaking the sacred pudding' a prayer CD87; patu n. 'huge slab of pudding' CD301; cf rahi; yamu CD265, CD271, CD300-301; batu y. 'the head of the pudding' a special piece, y. vakenu 'first pudding' CD96, CD108]    
SBB Simbo nana nana nana   there   (see nana-ke) (from H appears to co-occur with 2nd or 1st person possessiße, identifying owned NP. Immediately precedes clause initial NP) [D; FCV, MW249; cf ia, nia, lana]    
SBB Simbo na-naboko nanamboko nanaboko   widower who can’t find a new wife   (see naboko) [D]    
SBB Simbo nana-ke nanake nanake   there it is!   (see nana) [D]    
SBB Simbo ɲa-ɲalu ɲaɲalu ñañalu   play in an organised sense, as in games   (see ɲalu) [D; cf tobikibolo]    
SBB Simbo na-nasa nanasa nanasa   ask; (answer derived from divination??D)   (see nasa, ni-na-nasa) [D; ‘divine, divination’ CD89, CD300]    
SBB Simbo ŋaŋulia ŋaŋulia nanulia   spoil (someone’s) chances, ruin (someone), ruin (someone’s) work or effort   [D; cf sogara, rutia]    
SBB Simbo nago naŋgo naqo   seek; find   [D; cf tiro]    
SBB Simbo ŋari ŋari nari   canarium nut; its tree; large nut but probably generic   [D; R564; CD75, CD273, CD282, CD285-286, CD296, MW263; tiro n. ‘harvest canarium nuts’ D; n. kake 'cracked canarium' variety; n. davala 'black canarium' variety CD?, CD106, MW256; nari CD285; cf vino, bulokana, paqa, kuku H]    
SBB Simbo na-sa nasa nasa   what?   (see na-na-sa, ni-na-na-sa, sa, sa-sa) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ŋaßele ŋaßele navele V cough   [D; CD268, MW233, MW256; cf na?]    
SBB Simbo ŋaßele ŋaßele navele N a cough with fever and headcold   [D; CD268, MW233, MW256; cf na?]    
SBB Simbo naßoro naßoro navoro   district of Madegusuincluding Lenana,Masuru   (see sibo, made-ɣusu) [D; G278]    
SBB Simbo neka neka neka   slippery cabbage (a green leafy vegetable rich in iron)   [D; CD87, CD90, CD93, CD96, W316, CD302, MW239; n.-n. aqe mate ‘a plant’ MW233, MW247, MW251]    
SBB Simbo ɲeluka ɲeluka ñeluka   mud   [D]    
SBB Simbo nene nene nene   leg, foot, legs, feet   [D; TH; RE; gugu n. ‘toes’ D; n. koku 'kokulegs' F34]]    
SBB Simbo nenegere neneŋgere neneqere   fit, epilepsy; shake, tremble (of people)   [D; neqe-neqere ‘?’ CD273; cf saputu, jowa]    
SBB Simbo nege neŋge neqe   strong   [D; neqi TH; cf iva]    
SBB Simbo ɲete ɲete ñete   canarium almonds rotten in the shell (a delicacy)   [D; CD302]    
SBB Simbo nia nia nia   there, that place, where   [D; TH; cf nana, lana, ia]    
SBB Simbo niɣo niɣo nigo   you   [D; cf igo, qu, ago]    
SBB Simbo ni-na-nasa ninanasa ninanasa   question   (see nasa, na-nasa) [D; cf tepa D]    
SBB Simbo -niu niu niu   I, me   [D; toka-niu ‘help me’ D; cf iu, ara, qe, qua]    
SBB Simbo noboko nomboko noboko N fat   [D; RE]    
SBB Simbo ŋodo ŋondo nodo V cut   [D]    
SBB Simbo nonoɣa nonoɣa nonoga   know   (see nonoɣai, nonoɣa-ia) [TH]    
SBB Simbo nonoɣai nonoɣai nonogai   know, perceive, understand (not know a fact)   (see nonoɣa, nonoɣa-ia) [D; qe ke n. ‘I don’t/didn’t know’ D; cf balauD]    
SBB Simbo nonoɣa-ia nonoɣaia nonogaia   know   (see nonoɣa, nonoɣai) [D; RE]    
SBB Simbo ɲoɲopo ɲoɲopo ñoñopo   suck   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo noŋor-ia noŋoria nonoria   hear   (see noŋoro) [D; nonori R564]    
SBB Simbo noŋoro noŋoro nonoro V hear   (see noŋor-ia) [TH; ninoro RE]    
SBB Simbo ɲoro ɲoro ñoro   current, flow   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo noso noso noso   quiet, still, calm; be quiet!   (see ßa-noso, ßa-noso-ia, moko, bule) [D]    
SBB Simbo ŋua ŋua nua PSSR my   (direct possessor-indexing) (see gua, ge) [ta-n. 'my' MW249; tama-n. 'my father' W306] qua toruru ‘my egg’ [D]  
SBB Simbo ɲuere ɲuere ñuere   final stage of evevanaceremony   [D; CD111]    
SBB Simbo ŋuʤu-ŋuʤu ŋunʤuŋunʤu nujunuju   canoe figurehead   [D; F38-39, W308, CD92]    
SBB Simbo nunu nunu nunu   earthquake   [D]    
SBB Simbo nusa nusa nusa   island   [D; TH; R564]    
SBB Simbo nusa sibo nusa simbo Nusa Simbo   islet off SE coast of main island of Mandegusu, one of the four districts   (see sibo) [D]    
SBB Simbo obirai ombirai obirai   large specially constructed motu for special occasions   [D]    
SBB Simbo odolo ondolo odolo   spit   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo odu ondu odu   see udu    
SBB Simbo oɣono oɣono ogono V wash, bathe, shower, swim   [D; TH; RE; CD90]    
SBB Simbo oɣono oɣono ogono N bathing   [D; TH; RE; CD90]    
SBB Simbo oka oka oka   sky, heaven   [D; MW245; cf ulu]    
SBB Simbo okiti okiti okiti   wristband of woven grass   [D; CD86, W317; n-okiti W316]    
SBB Simbo okoro okoro okoro   rain   [D; RE; CD268]    
SBB Simbo okoto okoto okoto   complete   [D]    
SBB Simbo olaŋa olaŋa olana   call out to by name; attract attention using the voice, shout   (see olaŋ-ia, ɣiɣalia, kukili) [D; elana W306-307; includes the war cry yahi]    
SBB Simbo olaŋ-ia olaŋia olania   call out to by name   (see olaŋa) [D] olan-ia ‘call out his or her name, call him or her’; olana-iu ‘call out my name, call me’;olana-nigo ‘call out your name, call you’  
SBB Simbo ole ole ole   beach, sandy shore; euphamism for toiletting place   [D; see also another term for sandy shore ??? D]    
SBB Simbo ona ona ona   belonging to   [D; cf te]    
SBB Simbo oni-mata onimata onimata   tears   (see mata(-na), mata-kare, oni-) [D; odimata? D]    
SBB Simbo oŋwo oŋwo onwo   ?   (found only in LH) [ɣɛɾaɾúŋɡwoŋwo "I remember" LH]    
SBB Simbo opere opere opere   spear   [D; hopere TH; opuree G]    
SBB Simbo opo opo opo   capsize; bend over and touch ground (of person)   [D; cf joropia H?]    
SBB Simbo ogoro oŋgoro oqoro   not yet   [D]    
SBB Simbo oromari oromari oromari   cassava, tapioca   [D]    
SBB Simbo ororo ororo ororo N wall   [D; pala-pala o. 'wall poles of a house' CD104]    
SBB Simbo osi osi osi   slander or complain about one who should be respected   [D; cf kodiko tinoni]    
SBB Simbo oßala oßala ovala   shell ring, small, roughly made, ceremonial   [D; *CD74, FCIV, CD83, CD91, F35, W306, W308-309, MW247]    
SBB Simbo oßo oßo ovo V hide; concealed   [D; W304; cf golomia D]    
SBB Simbo oßuku oßuku ovuku   lake   [D]    
SBB Simbo pa pa pa PREP at, in, on, (general locative); past (of time)   [D; FCIV, TH, F35, CD 75-76, CD281, CD290, CD295, MW245; p. na sau ‘a long way’, p. na boni ‘last night’, p. na gina‘today’ D; qi H]    
SBB Simbo pa na ßia pa na ßia pa na via   when?   [TH]    
SBB Simbo pa naßuɣo pa naßuɣo pa navugo   tomorrow   [TH]    
SBB Simbo pa ŋina pa ŋina pa nina   today   (see panagina) [TH]    
SBB Simbo pa ɲoro pa ɲoro pa ñoro   yesterday   [D; pa nora TH]    
SBB Simbo pa ßei pa ßei pa vei   where?   [D; TH; cf ai D]    
SBB Simbo pada panda pada   appropriate, fits   [D]    
SBB Simbo paele paele paele   hall for storing headhunting canoes and for related meetings and feasts in pre-Christian times, possibly suitable for sleeping guests and followers   [D; *CD74, CD80, CD85, W303-304, R564; cf jelepade; also paile H]    
SBB Simbo paʤa panʤa paja   ascend on land, go inland (specifically to garden? D)   [D as panja ; CD275; cf sage]    
SBB Simbo paʤi panʤi paji   dirty   [D; TH; na p.-na ‘the filth’ D]    
SBB Simbo paʤuku panʤuku pajuku   buy ownership of land through ceremonial presentation of pigs,bakia and ivata.   [D]    
SBB Simbo paka paka paka N thunder; gun   [D; TH; kati p. ‘don’t shoot’, ‘don’t resort to guns’ D; cf poqa D]    
SBB Simbo paka paka paka V fire a gun   [D; TH; kati p. ‘don’t shoot’, ‘don’t resort to guns’ D; cf poqa D]    
SBB Simbo paleka paleka paleka   prick, nick, stab, especially with a thorn   [D; cf kejo p.]    
SBB Simbo palu pálu palu   ?   (found only in LH) [βúɣo ʔára pálu mána sóna láo po gíndʒo 'Tomorrow I might walk to Gizo.' LH]    
SBB Simbo pamaŋa pamaŋa pamana   ashamed, embarrassed, shy; shame, embarrassment; respect   (see p-in-amaŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo pana pana pana   a root vegetable (panakae?)   [D]    
SBB Simbo pana pana pana N scissors   [D]    
SBB Simbo pana pana pana V cut with scissors   [D]    
SBB Simbo panakae panakae panakae   sweet potatoe   [D]    
SBB Simbo panagina panaŋgína panaqina   today   (found only in LH) (see pa ŋina)  [haŋgábosa máŋini panagínu 'The sun is hot today.' panagína póɾa mána táβte súrara 'Today I might make copra.' LH]    
SBB Simbo papa papa papa   father   [D; p. barogoso ‘grandfather’ D; etym. Eng.]    
SBB Simbo papaka papaka papaka   short   [D; TH; cf pakatia?]    
SBB Simbo pa-paraɣu paparaɣu paparagu   roast   (see paraɣu) [*CD104; iku p. 'common cooking fire' lit. 'roasting fire' CD96, CD104, CD300]    
SBB Simbo pa-pasa papasa papasa   turmeric, ginger   (see pasa, pasa-pasa) [TH; turmeric is no longer used D]    
SBB Simbo papene papene papene   timber, floor boards, plank   [D; R563]    
SBB Simbo pagala paŋgala paqala V break open, crack   (see ta-pagala) [D; patu maja p. 'the stone smitten asunder' a legend CD99]    
SBB Simbo paraɣu paraɣu paragu   cooking by lying in coals   (see pa-paraɣu) [D; p. boso 'cooking the slain' W314; vudi para ‘cooking bananas' CD285-287]    
SBB Simbo pari-pari paripari paripari   a tree fern, its edible tips   [D; CD106, CD263-264, CD286-287, MW236, MW238, MW247, MW257]    
SBB Simbo parisa parisa parisa   day before yesterday   [D; vugo p. ‘day after tomorrow’ D]    
SBB Simbo paro paro paro   shoreward, come ashore; (also a spirit??)   (see paro-paro) [D; CD270, MW244; kuvili p. 'blowing the conch shoreward' W312-313]    
SBB Simbo paro-paro paroparo paroparo   stranded   (see paro) [CD278]    
SBB Simbo paruɣu paruɣu parugu   cook in the flames of a fire   [D]    
SBB Simbo pasa pasa pasa N ginger; any bitter substance   (see pasa-pasa, pa-pasa) [D]    
SBB Simbo pasa pasa pasa Vitr sour   (see pasa-pasa, pa-pasa) [D] sa pasa ‘it is sour’ [D]  
SBB Simbo pasa-pasa pasapasa pasapasa   ginger; ginger as traditional medicine   (see pasa, pa-pasa) [CD266, CD294, MW233, MW236, MW241, MW246-261; cf papasa ?] [‘ginger as traditional medicine’ *CD86, CD90; p.-p. jiama ‘a herb of variety of pasa-pasaCD232, MW256]    
SBB Simbo pasu pasu pasu   an edible sea snail (any edible shellfish D?)   [D; F33]    
SBB Simbo pata pata pata   twins   [D; cf piti, vivi]    
SBB Simbo patu patu patu N stone, rock, slab of stone   (see tomate patu) [D; TH; RE; R564; CD75, CD272, CD284, CD290, MW241; p. roroqumule ‘pre-Christian place where the shade of the dead paused on its journey to sodo to remember and mourn those left behind’ lit. ‘stone for thinking back’ D; p. n-yamu 'huge slab of pudding' CD301; p. tae 'stinging stone' MW242; kau p. 'stone crane' F35; p. me-ka ‘single stone’, p. sogara ‘scolding stone’, p. gele ‘long stone’ CD75; to-mate p. 'stone ghosts' CD92; p. maja paqala 'the stone smitten asunder' a legend CD99]    
SBB Simbo patu patu patu N stone, rock, slab of stone   (see tomate patu) [D; TH; RE; R564; CD75, CD272, CD284, CD290, MW241; p. n-yamu 'huge slab of pudding' CD301; p. tae 'stinging stone' MW242; kau p. 'stone crane' F35; p. me-ka ‘single stone’, p. sogara ‘scolding stone’, p. gele ‘long stone’ CD75; to-mate p. 'stone ghosts' CD92; p. maja paqala 'the stone smitten asunder' a legend CD99]    
SBB Simbo patu rorogu-mule patu roroŋgumule patu roroqumule N pre-Christian place where the shade of the dead paused on its journey tosodo to remember and mourn those left behind (lit. stone for thinking back)   [D]    
SBB Simbo pauŋu pauŋu paunu   shade from the sun; shelter in general   [D]    
SBB Simbo paus-ia pausia pausia V adopt (him/her/it?)   (see pausu, p-in-ausu) [D; ‘minister to him’ CD81; there is an additional word specifically relating to humans D]    
SBB Simbo pausu pausu pausu   adopt   (see paus-ia, p-in-ausu)    
SBB Simbo paßu paßu pavu   lethargic, disinterested, ennui   [D; cf kisou]    
SBB Simbo peɣuru-na peɣuruna peguruna   outside of something   [D; FCIV]    
SBB Simbo peʤa penʤa peja N wet (season)   (see ßa-peʤa, peʤa-ŋa) [*W303]    
SBB Simbo peʤa-ŋa penʤaŋa pejana N juice, fluid other than fresh or salt water   (see peʤa, ßa-peʤa) [D; W303; p.-n. manini ‘hot drinks, usually tea’ D; fluids are all peja-na, pie or ivere D]    
SBB Simbo peʤulu-na penʤuluna pejuluna   penis   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo peka peka peka N dance   [D; TH; W318]    
SBB Simbo peka peka peka V dance   [D; TH; W318]    
SBB Simbo penu-penu penupenu penupenu   parcel of leavings used in pre-Christian witchcraft   (see pe-penu) [MW229-230, MW249-250]    
SBB Simbo pe-penu pepenu pepenu   peel or husk of fruit or vegetable; leavings of a person such as skin, nails etc   (see penu-penu) [D; p. iburu ‘betelnut husk’ D; cf ghuliti D]    
SBB Simbo pe-peso pepeso pepeso   earth   (see peso) [TH]    
SBB Simbo pepu pepu pepu V lie down, present (v)   (see pepu-na) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo pepu-na pepuna pepuna N gift (of objects or animals); it is there   (see pepu) [D; cf korapa D]    
SBB Simbo pegi peŋgi peqi   sugarcane   [D]    
SBB Simbo pera pera pera   lucky   [D; cf vari-pera?]    
SBB Simbo peso peso peso   earth, soil, dirt, ground, land   (see pe-peso) [D; CD271]    
SBB Simbo pesu pesu pesu   cooked food eaten with staples to give flavour, eg. fish, leaf vegetables etc   [D; cf ginoja]    
SBB Simbo piala piala piala   smoke tobacco, take betel nut with lime and leaves   [D]    
SBB Simbo piara piara piara   splattered, spread around, scattered, falling apart, derelict   [D]    
SBB Simbo pidili pindili pidili   dry, thirsty   (see ßa-pidil-ia) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo pido pindo pido   clitoris   [D]    
SBB Simbo pie pie pie   fresh water   [D; RE; R563; CD75; cf ivere, peja-na D; also pei R563]    
SBB Simbo pikoto pikoto pikoto   roof of a verandah   [D]    
SBB Simbo pina pina pina   sago palm (aka ivory-nut palm); thatch made from it   [D; TH; *CD103; tabu-na p. 'type of skull house' lit 'sacred thing-ivory nut thatch', piko p. 'part of a house' CD103; p. tabu-na 'sacred ivory nut palm' CD107]    
SBB Simbo p-in-amaŋa pinamaŋa pinamana   shame, embarrassment   (see pamaŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo p-in-ausu pinausu pinausu   adoptee, human or animal; slave, captive   (see pausu, paus-ia) [D; *W305, CD89; also ‘foreigner’ H; cf nabulu D]    
SBB Simbo pini pini pini   this   (see pini-kae, pini-sa-ßea) [D; TH; RE; FCIV; vea p. ‘like this, this way’ D; immediately preceeds clause initial NP or immediately follows clause final NP]    
SBB Simbo pini-kae pinikae pinikae   this one   (see pini, pini-sa-ßea) [D]    
SBB Simbo pini-sa-ßea pinisaßea pinisavea   it’s like this (reporting speech), (someone) said this ...   (see pini, pini-kae) [D; lit. ‘this-it-like’; cf -gua D]    
SBB Simbo pi-piti pipiti pipiti   sew; flag   (see piti) [D]    
SBB Simbo pi-pito pipito pipito   make known, give account   (see pito, pi-pito-na, pito-ßen-ia, pito-a) [D]    
SBB Simbo pi-pito-na pipitona pipitona N story, account, history, biography   (see ßeßeana, tinoa, pito, pi-pito, pito-ßen-ia, pito-a) [D]    
SBB Simbo pira pira pira   grow poorly; small for age   [D; mamadara p. ‘weak blood’ D]    
SBB Simbo piri piri piri   wild, free   [D; piru TH; H; jiri p. 'wild dracaena' MW247-248; aqa p. 'wild areca' CD100; aqava p. 'wild? areca' W307; p. molu 'a wild fruiting plant' MW236-237; cf tuturu votu D]    
SBB Simbo piro piro piro   a bush, the fronds are used to wrap food formotu, the root is used as medicine   (see piro lomoso) [D; F33, W307, W316-317, CD87, CD290, CD297, MW239-245, MW260, MW262; piriH]    
SBB Simbo piro lomoso piro lomoso piro lomoso   a plant used to cure impotence (lit. cooling piro)   (see piro) [MW253]    
SBB Simbo pitaŋa pitaŋa pitana   lobster   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo piti piti piti   stitch; tie coconuts by the husk   (see pi-piti) [D; p. poko ‘sew calico’ D; cf uki]    
SBB Simbo piti piti piti   twins of the same sex   [D; cf pata, viti]    
SBB Simbo pito pito pito V say, inform, tell;   (see pi-pito, pi-pito-na, pito-ßen-ia, pito-a) [D; CD271, MW234-235; MW245; MW248; p. n-yamu tabu-na 'speaking the sacred pudding' a prayer CD87]    
SBB Simbo pito pito pito N saying, prayer, invocation   (see pi-pito, pi-pito-na, pito-ßen-ia, pito-a) [D; CD271, MW234-235; MW245; MW248; p. n-yamu tabu-na 'speaking the sacred pudding' a prayer CD87]    
SBB Simbo pito-a pitoa pitoa V say   (see pito, pi-pito, pi-pito-na, pito-ßen-ia,) [CD298]    
SBB Simbo pito-ßen-ia pitoßenia pitovenia V tell him/her/it, inform him/her/it; take a message for him/her/it   (see pito, pi-pito, pi-pito-na, pito-a) [D] pito-ven-ia ‘tell him/her/it, inform him/her/it; take a message for him/her/it ‘; pito-ven-iu ‘tell me, inform me; take a message for me’; pito-ven-igo ‘tell you, inform you; take a message for you’  
SBB Simbo pitua pitua pitua   criticise   [D]    
SBB Simbo piu piu piu V tie, bandage   (see piu-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo piu piu piu N know, bandage   (see piu-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo piu-ia piuia piuia Vtr tie   (see piu) [TH]    
SBB Simbo poana poana poana   ?   [see soana D]    
SBB Simbo poata poata poata   shell ring money, sacred, usually plain or bakia, sometimes bokolo orbulau; poata is hypernym?; now also modern money   [D; *CD74, CD111, CD273, CD277, CD290, W302, W306-307; cf seleni]    
SBB Simbo podekia pondekia podekia   try, sample   (see po-podekia) [D]    
SBB Simbo podelai pondelai podelai N commencement   [D; podalai TH]    
SBB Simbo podelai pondelai podelai V start, begin   [D; podalai TH]    
SBB Simbo podo pondo podo   born, gave birth to   (see po-podo, rane-podo) [D]    
SBB Simbo poɣoso poɣoso pogoso   carry   [D; cf ekana, utugu, vakaro]    
SBB Simbo poɣuru poɣuru poguru   hunchback   [D]    
SBB Simbo poi poi poi   over there   (see poi-’ike) [D]    
SBB Simbo poi-’ike poi’ike poi’ike   there it is!   (see poi) [D]    
SBB Simbo poka poka poka n mute, deaf mute   [D; cf tutuli]    
SBB Simbo poki poki poki   garden   [D; voja p. 'garden voja' MW240; vua p. anolit. ‘fruit garden tumeric' MW243]    
SBB Simbo poko poko poko   clothing, fabric   [D; ‘calico’ TH; p. nene ‘any clothing for the legs’ D; cf loqui D]    
SBB Simbo ponu ponu ponu   swim   [D; poñu TH]    
SBB Simbo po-podekia popondekia popodekia   practise   (see podekia) [D]    
SBB Simbo po-podo popondo popodo   gave birth to   (see podo, rane-podo) [D]    
SBB Simbo po-pogu popoŋgu popoqu   leprosy; pre-Christian leprous spirits   (see pogu-pogu) [D; CD266-267]    
SBB Simbo popoto popoto popoto   cut hair   [D]    
SBB Simbo popu popu popu N moon, month, calendar   [D; TH; RE; MW252; G; doma p.‘menstruation’ D]    
SBB Simbo poga poŋga poqa V shoot with stones   [D; cf paka]    
SBB Simbo pogu-pogu poŋgupoŋgu poqupoqu   leprosy   (see po-pogu) [CD266]    
SBB Simbo pora pora pora   that   [D; RE]    
SBB Simbo poraka poraka poraka V break, split   (see ta-poraka, pora-poraka) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo pora-poraka poraporaka poraporaka   breaking   (see poraka, ta-poraka,) [patu p.-p. 'breaking stone' used to break things on CD284]    
SBB Simbo pore-tasina poretasina poretasina   close and important siblings (including classificatory)   (see tasina) [D]    
SBB Simbo potana potana potana   charm; equipment used in treatment   [D; CD285, MW234; p. iama 'consecration charms' CD106]    
SBB Simbo pote pote pote   full of food, satiated   [D; p. vivitigi ‘indigestion from overeating’ D]    
SBB Simbo pou pou pou   hole   [D; vona p. ‘structure over hole ddigging fortoruru lape]    
SBB Simbo pu pu pu MOD/SBJ third person plural subject customary modality (3PLS.CUST)   (preßerbal particle or clitic) [D; banara pu tatava 'the chief that flies' CD280]    
SBB Simbo pua pua pua   massage with leaves   [D; ‘fomentation’ MW233]    
SBB Simbo pua pua pua   thoroughly   [D]    
SBB Simbo pubu pumbu pubu   small peices of ñamupudding   [D; cf qurapa]    
SBB Simbo puɣele puɣele pugele   full   (see ßa-puɣele-a) [D; TH; cf pote D]    
SBB Simbo puʤakadara punʤakandara pujakadara   woman’s male first cousin (bilaterally)   [D; cf pore-tasina, kakarovo, tasina, juju-batu]    
SBB Simbo pupuda pupunda pupuda   bone   [D; RE; cf rai D]    
SBB Simbo pupulu(-na) pupulu(na) pupulu(na)   hair of body excluding pubic and underarm hair   [D] [TH]    
SBB Simbo pugai puŋgai puqai V dry with a cloth   [D; ‘wipe’ TH; cf pidili]    
SBB Simbo puraŋa puraŋa purana   surprised; disappointed; suspicious   [D; cf siboro]    
SBB Simbo puta puta puta   sleep   (see puta-na) [D; TH; RE; G; p. qita gita? ‘dream’, mati p. ‘sleepy’ D; cf babarugusu D]    
SBB Simbo puta puta puta   ?   [manoge p. 'ten'; rabate p. ‘twenty’ D; TH]    
SBB Simbo puta-na putana putana   of sleeping   (see puta) [D]    
SBB Simbo gai ŋgai qai   we EXC   [D]    
SBB Simbo gala ŋgala qala   first, beforehand   [D; cf gara, kekenu]    
SBB Simbo galasi ŋgalasi qalasi   glass; drinking glass   [D; cf moka]    
SBB Simbo gao ŋgao qao N polio; person disabled in the legs   [D]    
SBB Simbo gage ŋgaŋge qaqe   afterbirth   [D; CD297]    
SBB Simbo gageri ŋgaŋgeri qaqeri   ready, prepared   (see ßa-gageri) [D; qaqiri *CD88; qaqiri qeto minate 'go on an expedition' W308]    
SBB Simbo gari ŋgari qari   all; they   [D; q. ke ‘they don’t’ D; cf ari, ria, doru, dapu; cf qe ke, qu-ke, sa-ke, kati]    
SBB Simbo gasere ŋgasere qasere   octopus   [D; MW258]    
SBB Simbo gaßoso ŋgaßoso qavoso   sun   [D; TH; RE; qawaso G]    
SBB Simbo ge ŋge qe MOD/SBJ first person subject realis (1S.RL)   (see ge-ke, gari ke, gu-ke, sa-ke, kati) [D]    
SBB Simbo ge-ke ŋgeke qeke MOD/SBJ first person subject realis negative (1S.RL-NEG)   (see ge) [D] qe-ke riu ‘I don’t go’, qe-ke boka ‘I can’t’ [D]  
SBB Simbo gele ŋgele qele   stele at a shrine   [D; *CD92, F35, W304, MW241; q. kakasa 'long stele' representing belama CD293]    
SBB Simbo gelu ŋgelu qelu   paddle with long handle   [D]    
SBB Simbo ge-getu ŋgeŋgetu qeqetu   make fun; ?tease; ?joke   (see getu, getu-getu, getu-nia) [D]    
SBB Simbo geto ŋgeto qeto   war canoe   [D; *W308, CD75]    
SBB Simbo getu ŋgetu qetu   happy, pleased with (something)   (see ge-getu, getu-getu, getu-nia) [D]    
SBB Simbo getu-nia ŋgetunia qetunia   interested   (see getu, ge-getu, getu-get) [D]    
SBB Simbo getu-getu ŋgetuŋgetu qetuqetu   delighted, ecstatic   (see getu, ge-getu, getu-nia) [D]    
SBB Simbo gi ŋgi qi MOD/SBJ third person singular realis (3SG.RL) (archaic form)   [q. soana pa n-ullu 'journey in the air' lit. ‘he travelled in the sky’ CD281]    
SBB Simbo ginia ŋgínia qinia   ?   (found only in LH) [ʔára ŋge hihíβa βiti gínia ʔágo múnu sóna lágo po gíndʒo 'I insist that you walk to Gizo.' LH]    
SBB Simbo gita ŋgita qita   we, us (inclusive)   [D; q. k-aru ‘you and I’, ‘we two’ D]    
SBB Simbo goele ŋgoele qoele   old woman   [D; CD278, CD283; mama q. ‘grandmother’ D]    
SBB Simbo gola ŋgola qola V peel   [D; q. oromari ‘peel cassava’ D]    
SBB Simbo gopu ŋgopu qopu   toeless or fingerless from leprosy   [D; CD266]    
SBB Simbo gogono ŋgoŋgono qoqono   talk, converse; language   [D; TH; cf baere, gigalia D]    
SBB Simbo gu ŋgu qu MOD/SBJ second person subject realis (2S.RL)   (see gu-ke, mu, munu, aɣo, niɣo, iɣo) [D; ago q. ‘you are, you do’ D]    
SBB Simbo -gu ŋgu qu PSSR first person possessor (1P)   (suffix or enclitic) [D]    
SBB Simbo gua ŋgua qua POSS my   (indirect possessor-indexing) (see ŋua, ge) [D] qua toruru ‘my egg’ [D]  
SBB Simbo gua ŋgua qua ASP/SBJ first person singular subject   (postßerbal particle or enclitic) [D] ara dai qua ‘I don’t want’, ‘I don’t like’ [D]  
SBB Simbo gu-ke ŋguke quke MOD/SBJ second person subject realis negative (2S.RL-NEG)   (see gu, gari-ke, ge-ke, sa-ke, kati) [D; q. boka ‘you can’t’, q. taveti ‘you don’t work’, ‘you aren’t working’ D]    
SBB Simbo gugu-lima ŋguŋgulima ququlima   fingers   (see lima, ka-lima, ßina-lima, lima-ŋaßulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo gurapa ŋgurapa qurapa   pieces of ñamu pudding packed together for motu   [D; cf pubu]    
SBB Simbo raba ramba raba V weed   [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate rambate rabate   twenty   (see rabate puta) [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate alu rambate alu rabate alu   twenty eight   (see rabate kalu) [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate kalu rambate kalu rabate kalu   twenty eight   (see rabate alu) [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate kame rambate kame rabate kame   twenty one   [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate puta rambate puta rabate puta   twenty exactly   (see rabate) [D]    
SBB Simbo rabate ue rambate ue rabate ue   twenty three   [D]    
SBB Simbo rae rae rae   forehead   [D; R564; *CD91-92; also rai H; cf popo r. H]    
SBB Simbo raɣana raɣana ragana   a tree from which bark cloth is made; the bark cloth   (see raɣana-bu) [D; W302, CD264, CD281]    
SBB Simbo raɣana-bu raɣanambu raganabu   modern term for blue bark cloth   (see raɣana) [D]    
SBB Simbo rahi rahi rahi   pudding of pounded nut (banana and breadfruit H)   [D; CD301; cf ñamu D; cf ragese? H]    
SBB Simbo rai rai rai   something stuck in the throat   [D]    
SBB Simbo raisi raisi raisi   rice   [D; Etym. Eng.]    
SBB Simbo rako rako rako   iguana, monitor linjard   [D; MW258-259]    
SBB Simbo ramata ramata ramata   sticky; stuck to   [D]    
SBB Simbo rane rane rane   day   (see rane-boŋi, rane-podo) [D; TH; CD281, CD289; also rani H]    
SBB Simbo rane-boŋi ranemboŋi raneboni   severe storm at sea, stormy and dangerous sea (lit. 'day-night')   (see rane, rane-podo) [D; CD289-290, CD293; also rani-boni H]    
SBB Simbo raneɣo raneɣo ranego   trust   [D]    
SBB Simbo rane-podo ranepondo ranepodo   birthday, especially first birthday   (see podo, po-podo, rane, rane-boŋi) [D]    
SBB Simbo raneto raneto raneto   son in law, daughter in law   [D; cf roroto]    
SBB Simbo raga-raga raŋgaraŋga raqaraqa   chest   (see ra-raga) [piruku r.-r. ‘chest like a vein of the coconut leaf’ MW239]    
SBB Simbo rarabuana rarambuana rarabuana   numb, paralysed   [D]    
SBB Simbo ra-raga raraŋga raraqa   chest   (see raga-raga) [D]    
SBB Simbo raro raro raro N saucepan   [D]    
SBB Simbo raro raro raro V cook in a saucepan or by boiling   [D]    
SBB Simbo rekoreko rekoreko rekoreko   female   (see re-reko, tomate rekoreko) [CD265]    
SBB Simbo rereʤo rerenʤo rerejo   gravel, coral gravel   [D]    
SBB Simbo rereko rereko rereko   woman, female   (see rekoreko) [D; TH; RE; koburu r. ‘girl’, r. iviva ‘adult woman, important woman’ D]    
SBB Simbo resana resana resana   drizzle, misty rain   [D]    
SBB Simbo reʤa renʤa reza   razor   (see bilidi) [D]    
SBB Simbo ria ria ria   they, them, everyone   [D; r. tinoni ‘all the people’ D; cf ari]    
SBB Simbo riʤo rinʤo rijo V move over, shift   [D]    
SBB Simbo riki-riki rikiriki rikiriki   a shell, tiny, of no significance   [D; MW254, MW256; cf bariki ?]    
SBB Simbo riko riko riko   shell ring,sacred, made by gods, (includesbariki?)   [D; *CD74, CD266, CD267, CD296]    
SBB Simbo ririʤo ririnʤo ririjo   joke, tease   (see ßa-ririʤo) [D]    
SBB Simbo riu riu riu V depart, leave; get out, go away   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo roa(-gu) roa(ŋgu) roa(qu)   parent-in-law; child-in-law; wife’s sister; sister’s husband; husband’s older brother; younger brother’s wife   (see ißa) [D; WHR] roa-qu ‘my roa’ [WHR]  
SBB Simbo rodomo rondomo rodomo   dark, darkness   [D; totoso r. ‘pre-Christian times’ D]    
SBB Simbo rogu roŋgu roqu N thought   (see ro-rogu, rogu-mule, rogu-muma) [D]    
SBB Simbo rogu-mule roŋgumule roqumule   remember, reminisce (lit. thought-return)   (see rogu, ro-rogu, rogu-muma) [D]    
SBB Simbo rogu-muma roŋgumuma roqumuma   forget, forgotten, unable to recall (lit. thought-lose)   (see muma, rogu, ro-rogu, rogu-mule) [D]    
SBB Simbo ro-rogu roroŋgu roroqu   think   (see rogu, rogu-mule, rogu-muma) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo roroto roroto roroto   relatives by marriage   [D; cf raneto]    
SBB Simbo roroße roroße rorove V worldly, having experienced life; suspect   [D]    
SBB Simbo roßea roßea rovea   hope   [D]    
SBB Simbo rua rua rua N neck   [D; TH; RE; lovo-r. 'hung person' CD86, CD263; li-livo-r. 'scorpion' lit. 'tooth-neck' TH]    
SBB Simbo -rua rua rua   two   (see ßina-rua, -aru, k-aru)    
SBB Simbo rupa rupa rupa   take (?)   [D; cf tekua]    
SBB Simbo rupe rupe rupe   cut nut   [D; CD282, CD288; cf kinu TH; r. raro ‘a plant which fruits’ MW239, MW249; cf rara? H]    
SBB Simbo rura rura rura   lost (person); forget   (see rogu, rogu-muma) [D]    
SBB Simbo ruriti ruriti ruriti   greedy   [D]    
SBB Simbo ruru ruru ruru   drop down a crack or space   [D]    
SBB Simbo rurusu rurusu rurusu V bleach hair with lime   [D]    
SBB Simbo rutia rutia rutia   stop (someone or something), prevent; refuse   [D; cf sogara, nanulia]    
SBB Simbo sa sa sa PRO he, she, him, her, it   (see isa) [D]    
SBB Simbo sa sa sa MOD/SBJ third person subject realis (3S.RL)   (see sa-ke) [D; CD282; CD83; CD285; RE] sa manani ko sa vua 'he is propitious and they fruit'(?) [CD282]; sa mate 'he has fainted' [CD83]; sa lomoso na tamasa 'the god was cold' [CD285]; sa gua 'say' [RE]  
SBB Simbo sa sa sa   what?   (see sa-sa, na-sa) [D; RE]    
SBB Simbo sabukai sambukai sabukai V divine with a shell ring   [D; CD278, CD288, MW262]    
SBB Simbo sabukai sambukai sabukai N divination with a shell ring   [D; CD278, CD288, MW262]    
SBB Simbo saɣe saɣe sage   ascend, rise, go up (including prices); expensive   (see ßa-saɣe, saɣe-rane, ake-saɣe) [D; TH; R564; CD90-92; cf kesa, paja D] sage kami rani 'he went out one day' [CD281]  
SBB Simbo saɣe-rane saɣerane sagerane   every day (day after day?)   (see saɣe, ßa-saɣe, ake-saɣe) [D; cf doru-rane D]    
SBB Simbo saɣoto saɣoto sagoto   good, preferable   [D; cf jonana]    
SBB Simbo sai sai sai   angry   (see s-in-ai) [D]    
SBB Simbo sakasa sakasa sakasa   midday, early afternoon   [D; s. jonana ‘good day’ at appropriate times, pana s. ‘the previous midday’, kite s. ‘the next midday’ D; cf korapa-rane]    
SBB Simbo sa-ke sake sake MOD/SBJ third person subject realis negative (3S.RL-NEG)   (see sa, ge-ke, gu-ke, gari-ke, kati) [D]    
SBB Simbo salaŋa salaŋa salana N cure   [D; CD297, MW232, MW234, MW251, MW256]    
SBB Simbo sape sape sape   floor   [D]    
SBB Simbo saputu saputu saputu   tremble   [D; cf neneqere]    
SBB Simbo sa-sa sasa sasa   what is that? (in curiosity or wonder)   (see sa, na-sa) [D]    
SBB Simbo sau sau sau   distant (in time or geography), far, a long way   (see sau-nai) [D; TH; R564; CD232, CD235; cf iru sao H]    
SBB Simbo sau-nai saunai saunai   long time   (see sau) [D]    
SBB Simbo saßa saßa sava   thing   [D; cf kamisa, manugu]    
SBB Simbo saßo saßo savo   confining house after childbirth   [D; CD81, CD297]    
SBB Simbo saßo saßo savo   ?   [tomate pa na savo 'ghost of a woman who died in childbirth' CD261]    
SBB Simbo sea sea sea   bad, morally wrong, no good; (mistake?)   (see s-in-ea, ßa-sea) [D; RE; TH]    
SBB Simbo seda senda seda   frangipani   [D]    
SBB Simbo sei sei sei   who?   [i sei D; i sei TH; i sei RE] i sei ‘who?’  
SBB Simbo seleni seleni seleni   money, cash   [D; cf poata]    
SBB Simbo semu semu semu   sneeze   [D]    
SBB Simbo sesepo sesepo sesepo   dig with the hands; dig for bush turkey eggs   [D]    
SBB Simbo seta seta seta   mouth   [D; cf mana]    
SBB Simbo setani setani setani   satan in Christian theology   [D; etym. Eng.; cf to-mate]    
SBB Simbo sia sia sia   nine   (see ka-sia, ßina-sia) [D; TH,;R563; sean G]    
SBB Simbo siboro simboro siboro   shocked, startled, stunned, very surprised   [D; MW257; cf purana]    
SBB Simbo sie sie sie   dog   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo sika sika sika   taro   [D; TH; CD286]    
SBB Simbo sikulu sikulu sikulu   learn, teach   (see ßa-sikulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo sibo simbo Simbo   foreign name formadegusu   (see Nusa Sibo) [D; R562; G278]    
SBB Simbo simenti simenti simenti   cement; the cementing of a grave   [D; etym. Eng.]    
SBB Simbo s-in-ai sinai sinai N anger   (see sai) [D]    
SBB Simbo s-in-ea sinea sinea N mistake   (see sea, ßa-sea) [D]    
SBB Simbo siŋo siŋo sino   breathe, blow nose; breath, air(?)   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo s-in-ußere sinußere sinuvere N visit, stay   (see sußere) [D]    
SBB Simbo siopo siopo siopo   serve, spoon out food   [D]    
SBB Simbo siote siote siote   shirt   [D]    
SBB Simbo sipuni sipuni sipuni   spoon   [D]    
SBB Simbo sigara siŋgara siqara   quickly, hurredly   (see si-sigara) [D]    
SBB Simbo sige siŋge siqe   waist   [D]    
SBB Simbo si-sigara sisiŋgara sisiqara   very fast; hurry up!   (see sigara) [D]    
SBB Simbo soana soana soana V walk   (see so-soana, poana, sona) [D; RE; s. hoboro ‘adulterous woman’, walkabout for no good purpose good natured or malicious depending on context’ lit. ‘walk-nothing’ D;  qi soana pa n-ullu 'a journey in the air' [H]  
SBB Simbo soana soana soana N path, road, track, route, way   (see so-soana, poana) [D; RE; molu s. ‘pregnant while unmarried’ lit. ‘pregnant on the road’, podo s. also rarely mo-s. ‘child born of unmarried woman ’ lit. ‘born on the road’]    
SBB Simbo sodo sondo sodo   pre-Christian home of spirits of the dead   [D; oka, ulu]    
SBB Simbo soɣara soɣara sogara N prevent (someone from doing something), impede   [D; CD278; cf rutia, nanuqlia D; patu s.‘scolding stone’ CD75]    
SBB Simbo soɣot-iɣo soɣotiɣo sogotigo   lie with you   (see soɣoto) [D; mai ko ma s.-i. ‘come, I will lie with you’ D]    
SBB Simbo soɣoto soɣoto sogoto   lie together sexually, sleep together   (see soɣot-iɣo) [D]    
SBB Simbo soku soku soku   plenty, many   [D; TH; RE; s. jola ‘excessive amounts’, vast amounts’, ‘more than is needed’ D]    
SBB Simbo solo solo solo   salt   [D]    
SBB Simbo soloso soloso soloso   ?   (see tomate soloso, togere) [CD100]    
SBB Simbo somana somana somana   participate, attend   [D]    
SBB Simbo sona sóna sona   walk   (LH's form) (see soana) [LH] paɲóro ŋgu sóna láɣo po gíndʒo agu 'Yesterday you walked to Gizo.'  
SBB Simbo sopu sopu sopu   soap   (see so-sopu) [D]    
SBB Simbo sore sore sore   sorry   [D; cf taikolo]    
SBB Simbo so-soana sosoana sosoana   by walking; walkabout; wander   (see soana) [D; ‘walk’ TH]    
SBB Simbo so-sopu sosopu sosopu   wash clothes   (see sopu, dalo, loga) [D]    
SBB Simbo so-soto sosoto sosoto   true; truly, honestly   (see soto, soto-na) [D; tasina s.-s. ‘siblings sharing both parents’ lit. ‘true sibling’ D; ‘truth’ mortal, as opposed to mana CD284, MW260]    
SBB Simbo soto soto soto   of truth   (see so-soto, soto-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo soto-na sotona sotona   be true, tell the truth   (see soto, so-soto) [D] soto-na ‘it is true’; soto-mu ‘you tell the truth’;soto-qu ‘I tell the truth’  
SBB Simbo sulu sulu sulu N burn   [D; TH; RE; R564, s. boso 'burning the slain' W314-315]    
SBB Simbo suni suni suni   injection, depo provera   [D; cf meresena]    
SBB Simbo sura sura sura   mature coconut, copra   (see taɣolo) [D; CD286; pora s. ‘cut coconut’, tagolo s. ‘cooked coconut inc. copra’, moño s. ‘squeezed coconut’ D; cf ida, bulo D] ['copra' LH]    
SBB Simbo suraŋa suraŋa surana V take as a passenger   (see ßa-suraŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo susu susu susu   breast, breast milk   [D; TH; RE; R564]    
SBB Simbo su-suti susuti susuti V comb   (see suti) [D]    
SBB Simbo suti suti suti N comb   (see su-suti) [D]    
SBB Simbo sußere sußere suvere V stay, remain   (see s-in-ußere) [D]    
SBB Simbo sußu sußu suvu   dive under water   (see sußu iɣana) [D]    
SBB Simbo sußu iɣana sußu iɣana suvu igana   dive for fish   (see sußu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ta ta ta   belonging to, of   (see te, ta-na) [CD268, CD280]    
SBB Simbo ta’ikolo ta’ikolo ta’ikolo   sorry for, sympathetic, regretful, sad, anxious, worried   (see tikolo, tolia) (written taikolo [D]) [D; variants tai’ikolo, tikolo]    
SBB Simbo tabe tambe tabe V give a woman in marriage without her consent   [D]    
SBB Simbo tabu tambu tabu   forbidden; pre-Christian sacred   (see tabu-na, tabu-nana) [D; F35, W306, W308, W317, CD90, CD96, CD105-106, CD109, CD265, CD288, CD292, CD299, MW230-231, MW252]    
SBB Simbo tabu-na tambuna tabuna N any forbidden place; euphemism for genitals; pre-Christian sacred place or thing   (see tabu, tabu-nana) [D; *CD103, CD284, CD290, CD293] iburu tabu-na 'sacred betel', uala tabu-na'sacred areca' [F35]; masa tabu-na 'sacred flesh' [F36]; ara tabu-na 'sacred altar' [CD84];n-yamu tabu-na 'the sacred pudding' [CD87];tabu-na pina 'type of skull house' (lit 'sacred thing-ivory nut thatch) [CD103]; poka tabu-na'precincts of a skull house', pina tabu-na'sacred ivory nut palm' [CD107]; vona tabu-na'holy house' [CD107], CD111]; sasara tabu-na'ceremony of blowing conch shells at completion of skull house' [CD111]; varavu tabu-na 'a ceremony' [CD112]  
SBB Simbo tabu-nana tambunana tabunana   forbidden   (see tabu, tabu-na) [CD271]    
SBB Simbo ta-dia tandia tadia   ?   (see ta) [vona ta-dia tamasa 'the spirit's house' CD270]    
SBB Simbo taɣolo taɣolo tagolo   coconut meat, copra   (see sura) [D; cf sura]    
SBB Simbo taɣoro taɣoro tagoro   etched stone posts   [D; ‘shrine of a plantation’ CD284]    
SBB Simbo tainatu tainatu tainatu   don’t worry about it, it’s not important   [D; cf kaporenabivea]    
SBB Simbo taʤue tanʤue tajue   miscarriage   [D]    
SBB Simbo taka taka taka   kick   (see taka-bolo) [D]    
SBB Simbo taka-bolo takambolo takabolo   football, soccer (lit. kick-ball)   (see taka, bolo) [D]    
SBB Simbo takamana takamana takamana   door   [D]    
SBB Simbo takobokolo takombokolo takobokolo   a disease which breaks the legs   (see takobu, takobu-ni) [takobukolo ?CD265]    
SBB Simbo takobu takombu takobu   broken   (see takobu-ni, takobokolo) [CD268]    
SBB Simbo takobu-ni takombuni takobuni   half   (see takobu, takobokolo) [D]    
SBB Simbo takore takore takore   arise, get out of bed   [D]    
SBB Simbo tale popu tale popu tale popu   return of the moon   [D; t. not known to D as free form, only withpopu; MW252]    
SBB Simbo tali tali tali   fishing line   [D; va-va-gore t. 'make a line go down' fishing by trolling F36]    
SBB Simbo taliŋa taliŋa talina   ear, ears   [D; TH; RE; R563-564]    
SBB Simbo talobi talombi talobi   something in ones eye   [D]    
SBB Simbo tama(-na) tama(na) tama(na)   father; father’s brother; father’s sister’s husband; mother’s brother; mother’s sister’s husband; grandfather   (see papa, tama-na-tama-na) [D; TH; WHR; R563-564; tama-qu also used by slave of master W306] tama-na ‘his/her father’; tama-qu ‘my father’;tama-mu ‘your father’  
SBB Simbo tama-lulu-na tamaluluna tamaluluna   opposite sex siblings, people who are lulu to eachother   (see tama-tasi) [WHR]    
SBB Simbo tamana tamana tamana V touch (things), handle   (see taman-ia, uli, tuŋe) [D]    
SBB Simbo tama-na-tama-na tamanatamana tamanatamana   grandparent   (see tama(-na)) [TH]    
SBB Simbo taman-ia tamania tamania V touch them   (see tamana, uli, tuŋe) [D]    
SBB Simbo tamaniana tamaniana tamaniana   married couple   [WHR]    
SBB Simbo tamasa tamasa tamasa N god; pre-Christian god or powerful supernatural entity   (see tomate tamasa) [D; W305, W308, CD107, CD111, CD266, CD271, CD282] to-mate tamasa 'god-ghost' [CD277, CD282];tamasa n-aoro 'crop god' [CD271]; tamasa vu-vua 'crop god' [CD271, CD282]; tamasa pa n-ivere 'marine god' [CD295]; tamasa va-bule'gods who still the weather' [CD271, CD294];tamasa kenu 'principle god' [CD271]  
SBB Simbo tama-tasi tamatasi tamatasi   sibling set, people who are tasi to each other   (see tama-tasi roroto, tama-lulu-na) [D; WHR; CD97; ka-ru t. 'two pairs of brothers and sisters' CD99]    
SBB Simbo tama-tasi roroto tamatasi roroto tamatasi roroto   siblings-in-law   (see tama-tasi) [WHR]    
SBB Simbo tama-tina tamatina tamatina   family of mother and children   [D; WHR; cf tatamana]    
SBB Simbo ta-na tana tana   his, hers, its   (see ta, ʤari ta-na lape H]) [D; MW249; FCIV; ta-mu ‘for thee’ H] kapu ta-na belama 'the frigate bird's scale' [F36]; ta-qu ‘mine’; ta-mi-qai ‘ours (exclusive)’;ta-mi-qai doru ‘belonging to all of us’ [D]; ta-mi-qita ‘ours (inclusive)’; ta-mi-qita doru‘belonging to all of us’ [D]; ta-mu ‘yours (sg)’;ta-mu-gau ‘yours (pl)’; ta-mu-gau doru‘belonging to all of you’ [D]; ta-di-ria ‘theirs, belonging to all of them’  
SBB Simbo ta-nisa tanisa tanisa   ?   (see ta) [koburu ta-nisa banara 'a chief's followers' CD78]    
SBB Simbo ta-pagala tapaŋgala tapaqala   split   (see pagala) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo tapata tapata tapata   hard, difficult   (see ßa-tapata, t-in-apata) [D]    
SBB Simbo ta-poraka taporaka taporaka   broken, split   (see poraka, pora-poraka) [D; cf ikareD]    
SBB Simbo tagalo taŋgalo taqalo   clean; light   [D; totoso t. ‘the period since the advent of Christianity’ cf totoso D]    
SBB Simbo tari tari tari   custom marriage involving gift exchange   [D; t. pipiro ‘engagement’, ‘period before marriage’, t. binola ‘the exchange of puddings and motu pig and payment of brideprice after the wedding ceremony and feast’ D]    
SBB Simbo tasina tasina tasina   (man’s) younger brother; (woman’s) younger sister; any sibling inc.tuga and lulu; father’s sister’s child; mother’s brother’s child; any first cousin   (3SGP form?) (see luluna, puʤakadara, ʤuʤubatu, tasina rereko, tasina marane, tasina so-soto, tasina kakaroßo, tasina nomana, pore-tasina) [D; tasi, tasi-qu WHR] tasina-mu ‘your sibling’; tasina-qu ‘my sibling’  
SBB Simbo tasina kakaroßo tasina kakaroßo tasina kakarovo   half siblings, cousins   (see tasina, kakaroßo) [D]    
SBB Simbo tasina marane tasina marane tasina marane   brother (lit. sibling male)   (see tasina) [D]    
SBB Simbo tasina nomana tasina nomana tasina nomana   elder brother   (see tasina) [TH]    
SBB Simbo tasina rereko tasina rereko tasina rereko   sister (lit. sibling female)   (see tasina) [D] tasina-qu rereko ‘my sister’  
SBB Simbo tasina so-soto tasina sosoto tasina sosoto   siblings sharing both parents (lit. true sibling)   (see tasina) [D]    
SBB Simbo tata tata tata   near, close to; nearly, almost   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ta-tama-na tatamana tatamana   family of father and children   [D; WHR; cf tamatina]    
SBB Simbo tataru tataru tataru   love   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo tataßa tataßa tatava V fly   [D; TH; RE; CD280; vaka t. ‘aeroplane’ lit. ‘flying ship’ D]    
SBB Simbo ta-taßeti tataßeti tataveti V work   (see taßeti, t-in-aßeti, taßet-ia, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D; ta-tavete TH; t.-t. vari-gara ‘work together’, ‘community work’ D]    
SBB Simbo taßeti taßeti taveti V work, make, do, hold (an event)   (see t-in-aßeti, ta-taßeti, taßet-ia, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D; CD268, CD285; t. boni 'hold a night festival' CD96]    
SBB Simbo taßet-ia taßetia tavetia Vtr do it   (see taßeti, t-in-aßeti, ta-taßeti, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D]    
SBB Simbo taßeti-ßen-iu taßetißeniu tavetiveniu Vappl do it for me, make it for me, do it for me and give it to me, make it for me and give it to me   (see taßeti, ßenu, ßen-i, ßen-ia) [D] taveti-ven-iu ‘do it for me, make it and give it to me’; taveti-ven-igo ‘do it for you, make it for you, do it for you and give it to you, make it for you and give it to you’  
SBB Simbo ta-ßia taßia tavia   of a chief   (see ta) [koburu ta-via 'children of a chief' CD78]    
SBB Simbo taßiti-na taßitina tavitina   kin, wantoks (bilaterally reckoned)   (apparently must be possessor-indexed) [D] tavitimi-mu ‘your wantoks’; taviti-qu ‘my wantoks’  
SBB Simbo taßunu taßunu tavunu   placing of gravel on a grave after ten days   [D; cf bebesu, era]    
SBB Simbo te te te   belonging to (sg)   [D; cf ta]    
SBB Simbo tea tea tea N faeces, dung   (see te-tea-na) [D; TH; R563; CD297; MW264]    
SBB Simbo tea tea tea V defecate   (see te-tea-na) [D; TH; R563; CD297; MW264]    
SBB Simbo teku teku teku V get, fetch, take   (see teku-a, te-teku, teku-teku) [D; *CD90; cf utugu, pogoso, wakaro D; t. to-mate 'take the deceased' CD90]    
SBB Simbo teku-a tekua tekua V get it, get them   (see teku, te-teku, teku-teku) [D; t. gala-gala 'catch the soul' CD83]    
SBB Simbo teku-teku tekuteku tekuteku   short rapid paddle strokes; fast pounding   (see teku, teku-a, te-teku) [F35, W312; CD301]    
SBB Simbo tepa tepa tepa   ask for, request   [D; TH; cf nanasa D]    
SBB Simbo te-tea-na teteana teteana N place for defecation   (see tea) [W315]    
SBB Simbo te-teku teteku teteku   eat (respect term)   (see ɣani, teku, teku-a, teku-teku) [D]    
SBB Simbo tetepe tetepe tetepe   sail   [D]    
SBB Simbo teti teti teti   step on   [D; cf turu]    
SBB Simbo tia(-na) tia(na) tia(na)   stomach, belly   [D; TH; RE; R564; MW237, MW247, MW258-259; cf poje t., opo-t. H] tia-na ‘his/her/its stomach’; tia-qu ‘my stomach’; tia-mu ‘your stomach’  
SBB Simbo tikolo tikolo tikolo   variant of ta’ikolo   (see ta’ikolo) [D]    
SBB Simbo tina tina tina   thousand   [D]    
SBB Simbo tina(-na) tina(na) tina(na)   mother; parent’s sister; parent’s brother’s wife; grandmother; (man’s) older brother’s wife; perhaps (man’s) younger brother’s wife   [D; TH; WHR; R564] tina-na ‘his/her mother’; tina-qu ‘my mother’  
SBB Simbo tinabara tinambara tinabara   fare; salary   [D]    
SBB Simbo t-in-apata tinapata tinapata   problem, difficulty, hardship   (see tolia, tapata, ßa-tapata) [D]    
SBB Simbo t-in-aßeti tinaßeti tinaveti N work   (see taßeti, ta-taßeti, taßet-ia, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D]    
SBB Simbo tini(-na) tini(na) tini(na)   body (human only?)   [D; TH, CD269; cf tinoni; t. vaka ‘white person’ lit. ‘ship body’ cf tinoni vaka CD299] tini-na; tini-mu ‘your body’; tini-qu ‘my body’  
SBB Simbo t-in-oa tinoa tinoa N life, biography   (see toa) [D; cf veveana, pipito]    
SBB Simbo tinoni tinoni tinoni   person, people, human being   (see tomate tinoni) [TH, RE, W320; cf t-in-oa; t. matuana ‘old person’, t. vaka ‘white person’, ‘white people’ lit. ‘ship people’ cf tini vaka D; t. Sibo ‘a man of S.’ CD75; t. hoboro 'common folk' CD80; vudi t. 'man-banana' CD108; t. pa n-ullu 'man of the air' W320]    
SBB Simbo tinusa tinusa tinusa   panel of a sago palm wall   [D]    
SBB Simbo tiro tiro tiro   read   (see ti-tiro, tiro-ßen-iɣo) [D]    
SBB Simbo tiro tiro tiro   search for in the undergrowth   [D; naqo t. ñari ‘look for canarium nuts’ D]    
SBB Simbo tiro-ßen-iɣo tiroßeniɣo tirovenigo   read to you   (see tiro, ti-tiro) [D]    
SBB Simbo tite tite tite   young girl (used affectionately or when her name is unknown or is the same as a man’skejo)   [D]    
SBB Simbo titi titi titi V hang up, suspend   (see titi-kele, titi-tali) [D]    
SBB Simbo titi-kele titikele titikele   pre-Christian festival (the new year?)   (see titi, titi-tali) [CD298-299; presumably involved hanging up kele vino leaves]    
SBB Simbo ti-tiro titiro titiro   reading   (see tiro, tiro-ßen-iɣo) [D]    
SBB Simbo titisia titisia titisia   teacher   [D]    
SBB Simbo titi-tali tititali tititali   pre-Christian offering of bonito at bonito shrine (lit. hang up fishing line)   (see titi, titi-kele) [CD96]    
SBB Simbo titißi titißi titivi   skirt, sarong   [D]    
SBB Simbo toa toa toa V alive   (see t-in-oa) [D; TH; malaunu t.-na 'living spirit' TH]    
SBB Simbo toba tomba toba   enclosure, fence, pen, cage   [D]    
SBB Simbo tobiki tombiki tobiki   peck like a hen   [D]    
SBB Simbo tobikibolo tombikimbolo tobikibolo   play, spontaneous and unstructured activity   [D; cf ñañalu]    
SBB Simbo toiri-di toirindi toiridi   old, derelict (pl., of things or people)   (see toiri-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo toiri-na toirina toirina   old, derelict (sg., of things)   (see toiri-di) [D; TH toiri-ni D pers com]    
SBB Simbo toʤamo tonʤamo tojamo   straight; right, correct; proper, appropriate   (see ßa-toʤamo, ßari-ßa-toʤamo) [D; TH; sa-ke t. ‘improper’ lit. ‘it isn’t right’ D]    
SBB Simbo toka toka toka   ceremony or noise used to drive something away   [D; CD297; t. ave 'ceremony to expel theave spirit' CD268]    
SBB Simbo toka toka toka   starting to go   [D; t. bei ‘going again’ D]    
SBB Simbo toka-na tokana tokana   help, assist   (see ßari-tokai) [D] toka-na; toka-niu ‘help me’; toka-nigo ‘help youi  
SBB Simbo tolia tolia tolia N problem, concern, worry   [D; cf tapata, tai’kolo]    
SBB Simbo tolinia tolinia tolinia   respect for ones in laws   [D; cf roroto, pamana]    
SBB Simbo tomate tomate tomate   ghost, spirit (including spirits never human), devil; corpse; "a dead man, or any part of him, his corpse, his skull or other relic, his soul" [H]   (see setani, ba, bebe tomate, kuti-kuti tomate, togo-togo tomate) (?etym. toa mate ‘lißing dead’) [D; F38, *F40, *CD80, CD83, CD107, CD259; W306, MW241, MW245, MW260, MW263; mata-di t. 'the eye of the spirits' MW251; teku t. 'take the deceased', va-tome t. 'putting in the dead' CD90] ven-di tomate 'for the spirits' [CD87];  
SBB Simbo tomate ba tomate mba tomate ba   ghost of a witch   [MW229]    
SBB Simbo tomate ɣani iabo tomate ɣani iambo tomate gani yabo   corpse eating spirit   [CD82, CD264]    
SBB Simbo tomate kikerina tomate kikerina tomate kikerina   evil spirit of woman dead in childbirth (most feared of all Simbo spirits [D])   (see tomate pa na saßo) [D; CD261]    
SBB Simbo tomate kuri tomate kuri tomate kuri   witchfinding spirit, healing spirit   ['witchfinding spirit' MW229, 'healing spirit' MW249-250]    
SBB Simbo tomate loßo-rua tomate loßorua tomate lovo-rua   ghost of a woman who has hung herself   (see loßorua) [D] ['ghost of a hung person' CD263]    
SBB Simbo tomate mugu-mugu tomate muŋgumuŋgu tomate muqu-muqu   spirit of the bush     [CD265]    
SBB Simbo tomate pa na saßo tomate pa na saßo tomate pa na savo   ghost of a woman who died in childbirth   (see tomate kikerina) [CD261]    
SBB Simbo tomate pa na ßagara tomate pa na ßaŋgara tomate pa na vaqara   a spirit in the fishing net   [F35]    
SBB Simbo tomate patu tomate patu tomate patu   stone ghosts     [CD92]    
SBB Simbo tomate rekoreko tomate rekoreko tomate rekoreko   female spirit   [CD265]    
SBB Simbo tomate soloso tomate soloso tomate soloso   spirits of the mountains   [CD100]    
SBB Simbo tomate tamasa tomate tamasa tomate tamasa   god-ghost   [CD277, CD282]    
SBB Simbo tomate tinoni tomate tinoni tomate tinoni   ghost of a person   [CD261, MW253]    
SBB Simbo tomate uka tomate uka tomate uka   ghost of the fallen   [CD261]    
SBB Simbo tomate ukana tomate ukana tomate ukana   evil spirit of man dead from falling from tree   [D]    
SBB Simbo tome tome tome   enter   (see ßa-tome) [D]    
SBB Simbo tonia tonia tonia   lead, take with one, show the way   [D] tonia; ton-iu ‘lead me’; ton-igo ‘lead you’  
SBB Simbo togere toŋgere toqere   mountain, hill   (see soloso) [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo togo toŋgo toqo V sit   (see togo-togo) [D; TH; RE; F35, F37; t. polo 'sit with knees drawn up' ? CD89]    
SBB Simbo togo toŋgo toqo N seat   (see togo-togo) [D; TH; RE; F35, F37; t. polo 'sit with knees drawn up' ? CD89]    
SBB Simbo togo-togo toŋgotoŋgo toqotoqo N seat   (see togo) [t.-t. to-mate 'ghosts' seat' CD100]    
SBB Simbo togo-togo tomate toŋgotoŋgo tomate toqo-toqo tomate   ghosts' seat   (see tomate) [CD100]    
SBB Simbo tori tu tori tu tori tu   already   [D; also t. X t. D]    
SBB Simbo toriki toriki toriki   tease, goad, torment   [D]    
SBB Simbo toru-batu torumbatu torubatu   pillow (lit. ?-head)   [D]    
SBB Simbo torupae torupae torupae   hat   [D]    
SBB Simbo toruru toruru toruru   egg   [D; TH; RE; R563; t. lape ‘megapode egg’ D]    
SBB Simbo totoso totoso totoso   time; when in the future?   [D; TH; cf lokana D]    
SBB Simbo toßoɣo toßoɣo tovogo N wave, ?surf   [D]    
SBB Simbo tu tu tu   ?   [D; mana t. 'be propitious' FCIV; tea t. 'go defaecate' MW264; mana t. 'be propitious, be efficacious']    
SBB Simbo tu(-na) tu(na) tu(na)   son or daughter; sibling’s child; grandchild; husband’s younger brother; perhaps husband’s older brother (recp of tama & tina), child of (classificatory)   (see ) [D; WHR; ‘father’s sister’s child’, ‘mother’s brother’s child’, ‘husband’s brother’ alternative term WHR t. belama 'son of the frigate bird' W320] tu-na ‘child of (classificatory)’; tu-qu ‘my child (classificatory)’; tu-mu ‘your child (classificatory)’  
SBB Simbo tubu tumbu tubu N sore, ulcer   [D; MW251; cf bono D]    
SBB Simbo tubulu tumbulu tubulu   wet, damp   [D; TH; cf moe D]    
SBB Simbo tudu tundu tudu   festival: war feast, or in honour of man slayer   [D; W302, W304, W313, *W316-17, CD293; connected with inatunu; diff. to a vavolo]    
SBB Simbo tuɣa tuɣa tuga   (man’s) older brother; (woman’s) older sister; cousin (now archaic - seetasi)   (see tasi) [D; WHR]    
SBB Simbo tuɣele tuɣele tugele   ritual prostitute   [D; ‘young girl rented from her father’ W317-318; cf majaka]    
SBB Simbo tuɣu tuɣu tugu   ?   [cf tu]    
SBB Simbo tuimai tuimai tuimai   niece, nephew   [D]    
SBB Simbo tuku tuku tuku V closed off as tabu, set aside, excluded   (see tuku-a) [D; cf edoko]    
SBB Simbo tuku-a tukua tukua V close, block; blocked   (see tuku) [D]    
SBB Simbo tula tula tula   smoke   [D; TH; RE]    
SBB Simbo tupe tupe tupe   coconut crab   [D; CD291]    
SBB Simbo tupit tupit tupit   busy, occupied   [D]    
SBB Simbo tupo tupo tupo   pudenda   [D]    
SBB Simbo tugasa tuŋgasa tuqasa   umbrella   [D; cf kukuporo]    
SBB Simbo tuge tuŋge tuqe V hold, grasp; handle   [D; TH; MW230; cf uli, tamana D]    
SBB Simbo turu turu turu V stand, stand up   (see ßa-turu, ßa-turu-a, turu-ßotu) [D; TH; RE; t. taveti ‘bridesmaid’ lit. ‘standing work’ D; cf teti D; ‘centre posts of a house’ CD103]    
SBB Simbo turu-ßotu turußotu turuvotu   be free (lit. stand apart)   (see turu, ßa-turu, ßa-turu-a) [D]    
SBB Simbo tuti tuti tuti   follow; after; sequel; of genetic or hereditary characteristics   (see tuti-a, tu-tuti, tuti-na) [D; TH; MW237; uqi t. 'follow after' CD86; t. varieti 'venereal disease' lit. 'sequal of coitus' MW237]    
SBB Simbo tuti-a tutia tutia   genealogy, line of descent   (see tuti, tu-tuti, tuti-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo tuti-na tutina tutina   kin, line of descent   (see tuti, tuti-a, tu-tuti) [TH]    
SBB Simbo tutuli tutuli tutuli   deaf, hard of hearing   [D; cf poka]    
SBB Simbo tutuŋu tutuŋu tutunu   joint at mid limb   [D; TH; RE; t. lima 'elbow', t. nene 'knee' D]    
SBB Simbo tutupa tutupa tutupa   armlet (generic)   [D; CD83]    
SBB Simbo tuturu tuturu tuturu V mad, foolish, ignorant, stupid, simple   [D; CD80, CD264, CD276, CD300, MW236-237, MW253, MW263; cf luna]    
SBB Simbo tuturu tuturu tuturu N mad human spirit   [D; CD80, CD264, CD276, CD300, MW236-237, MW253, MW263; cf luna]    
SBB Simbo tutusa tutusa tutusa   fishing with a rod   [D; F37]    
SBB Simbo tu-tuti tututi tututi   kin, line of descent   (see tuti, tuti-a, tuti-na) [D; vea na t.-t. 'tribe' lit. 'like the genealogy', podelai na t.-t. 'ancestor' lit. 'beginning the genealogy' D; cf bubutu D]    
SBB Simbo uba umba uba   I wonder, I’m not sure, I don’t know   [D; always a response D; cf basa]    
SBB Simbo ubo umbo ubo   really?, oh yeah?, true?   [D]    
SBB Simbo ude-a undea udea V wrap   (see ude-ude) [D]    
SBB Simbo ude-ude undeunde udeude   parcel   (see ude-a) [CD275; cf hadehade ? H]    
SBB Simbo udo undo udo   leaf falling   [D]    
SBB Simbo udu undu udu   high tide   [D; odu D]    
SBB Simbo -ue ue ue   three   (see k-ue, ka-ue)    
SBB Simbo uka uka uka   fall   (see ßa-uka, uka-na, tomate uka) [D; TH; koni u. 'don't fall' warning D]    
SBB Simbo uka-na ukana ukana   fall   (see uka, ßa-uka, tomate ukana) [to-mate u.-n. 'evil spirit of man dead from fall from tree' D]    
SBB Simbo uki uki uki V sew, stitch (usually of leaves)   [D; cf pipiti]    
SBB Simbo uku uku uku   flee, run away   (see uku-ai) [D; cf abutu D]    
SBB Simbo uku-ai ukuai ukuai   hunt   (see uku) [TH]    
SBB Simbo uli uli uli V touch   (see ul-uli) [D; cf tamania, tuqe]    
SBB Simbo ulu ulu ulu   high, above; top, air, sky; heaven   (see ulu-na, ul-ulu) [D; pa-na u. 'on top' D; pa n-u. ‘above’ CD76; qi soana pa n-ulla ‘journey in the air' CD281; tinoni pa n-u. 'man of the air' W320; cf oka D]    
SBB Simbo ulua ulua ulua   take off (especially clothes)   [D]    
SBB Simbo ul-uli ululi ululi N touch   (see uli) [D]    
SBB Simbo ul-ulu ululu ululu N high; high place; pre-Christian altar   (see ulu, ulu-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo ulu-na uluna uluna   the top   (see ulu, ul-ulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo uma uma uma V kiss   [D]    
SBB Simbo uma uma uma N kiss   [D]    
SBB Simbo umaŋa umaŋa umana   smell, taste   (see umaŋa-kare, umaŋa-ʤoŋa) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo umaŋa-ʤoŋa umaŋanʤoŋa umanajona   good smell; smell good   (see umaŋa, umaŋa-kare) [D]    
SBB Simbo umaŋa-kare umaŋakare umanakare   bad smell; smell bad, stink   (see umaŋa, umaŋa-ʤoŋa) [D]    
SBB Simbo uru uru uru   diarrhoea (non-respect term)   [D; cf vitigi tia]    
SBB Simbo utuɣu utuɣu utugu   carry a container of fluid (such as a bucket)   [D; cf ekana, pogosia]    
SBB Simbo uße uße uve   OK?, Don’t you agree?, How about that? (soothingly)   [D]    
SBB Simbo uße uße uve   all gone!, clean out!, finished!, nothing left!   (see ße) [D; cf beto, okoto]    
SBB Simbo ußi ußi uvi   yam   [D; TH; R564]    
SBB Simbo ßa- ~ ß- ßa ~ ß va ~ v   CAUSATIVE   [D; R564; v.-v.-gore tali 'letting down a line' fishing by trolling F36; cf peja]    
SBB Simbo ßa’ia ßa’ia va’iya   share, distribute   [va’iya D; cf var-vagana]    
SBB Simbo ßa-bakal-ia ßambakalia vabakalia   make clear, clarify, explain   (see bakala) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-baŋar-ia ßambaŋaria vabanaria V 'making a chief' ceremony for noble children   (see baŋara, b-in-aŋara, baŋa) [CD78]    
SBB Simbo ßa-beto ßambeto vabeto V finish   (see beto, be-beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto-ia, ßina-beto) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-beto-ia ßambetoia vabetoia V finish it   (see beto, be-beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto, ßina-beto) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßabosi ßambosi vabosi   messy; bad body odour   [D; cf bosi]    
SBB Simbo ßa-bule ßambule vabule V calm, quieten, soothe   (see bule, b-in-ule) [D; CD271, CD289-290, CD294; tamasa v.-b. 'weather god' CD294; paqosia v.-b. 'wind stilling talisman' CD293; cf vanoso D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-doma ßandoma vadoma   show   (see doma, doma-ia, doma-nia, doma-ʤoŋa, doma-kare, doma-tari, doma-tuti, do-doma) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ɣani-ɣani ßaɣaniɣani vaganigani   cause to eat   (see ɣani, ɣani-a, ɣa-ɣani) [W315]    
SBB Simbo ßaɣi ßaɣi vagi   buy or get a lot of something   (see ßaɣi-a, ßa-ßaɣi) [D; v. rane-boni ‘make a storm’ CD293, v. va-bule ‘charm for raising the NW wind’ CD289]    
SBB Simbo ßaɣi-a ßaɣia vagia   buy it   (see ßaɣi, ßa-ßaɣi) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ɣore ßaɣore vagore V lower, bring down, take down   (see ɣore, ßa-ɣore-a, ßa-ɣore-ɣore-a, ßa-ßa-ɣore) [D; W314]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ɣore-a ßaɣorea vagorea   the taking down (of something)   (see ɣore, ßa-ɣore, ßa-ɣore-ɣore-a, ßa-ßa-ɣore) [MW232]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ɣore-ɣore-a ßaɣoreɣorea vagoregorea V cause to come down in numbers'   (see ɣore, ßa-ɣore, ßa-ɣore-a, ßa-ßa-ɣore) [in CD88 it is v-v for qaqiri]    
SBB Simbo ßaɣun-i ßaɣuni vaguni Vtr wake s.o. up   (see ßaɣunu) [R563]    
SBB Simbo ßaɣunu ßaɣunu vagunu [waqunu] Vitr awake, wake up   (see ßaɣun-i) [D; R563-564]    
SBB Simbo ßahesia ßahesia vahesia   praise   [D; v. mulenia ‘too much pride’, ‘self praise’, ‘conceit’ D; cf edoso]    
SBB Simbo ßaʤa ßanʤa vaja [waja]   a kind of leaf eaten with betel nut   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßaka ßaka vaka   ship   [D; v. tetepe ‘sailing ship’, v. tatava ‘aeroplane’ lit. ‘flying ship’, tinoni v. ‘white person’ D; tini v. ‘white person’ H]    
SBB Simbo ßaka-kare ßakakare vakakare   express contempt inappropriately   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßaka-ro ßakaro vakaro   take to, bring with   (see ßaka-roßo, ßaka-roß-ia, ßaka-tapa) [D; cf vakatape, pogosia, tekua D]    
SBB Simbo ßaka-roß-ia ßakaroßia vakarovia   transfer   (see ßaka-ro, ßaka-roßo, ßaka-tapa) [v. gala-gala 'transfer the soul' CD83]    
SBB Simbo ßaka-roßo ßakaroßo vakarovo V transfer   (see ßaka-ro, ßaka-roß-ia, ßaka-tapa) [v. kuri 'transfer the kuri' MW251]    
SBB Simbo ßaka-tapa ßakatapa vakatapa   bring near; attract another person   (see ßaka-ro, ßaka-roßo, ßaka-roß-ia) [D; CD111]    
SBB Simbo ßa-laɣo ßalaɣo valago V send (somewhere); send away   (see laɣo) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-lame ßalame valame V send (here)   (see lame) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-lomos-ia ßalomosia valomosia V cool (something); sweeten (something)   (see lomoso, ßa-lomoso) [MW250; D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-lomoso ßalomoso valomoso   cool; cooling   (see lomoso, ßa-lomos-ia) [W306, MW231, MW251]    
SBB Simbo ßalusa ßalusa valusa   fishing for bonito (involves using a tow line)   [D; F33]    
SBB Simbo ßa-made ßamande vamade   fourth day after death involving quiet remembrance and a funerary feast (lit. make-four)   (see made, ka-made, ßina-made, made-ɣusu, made-ɣu-ɣusu) [D; CD86; cf vavatula]    
SBB Simbo ßa-mate ßamate vamate   kill (accidentally or justifiably)   (see mate, ßa-mate-a, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [D; va-mate-a TH; mate 'kill' RE; tinoni v.-v.-m. ‘habitual murderer’ D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-mate-a ßamatea vamatea   kill   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßari-ßa-mate, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-maulu ßamaulu vamaulu V curse   (see maulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßamiro ßamiro vamiro N burnt offering   (see ßa-ßamiro) [CD299]    
SBB Simbo ßananama ßananama vananama [w...]   ready   [D; w. mia ‘ready for’ D; cf qaqeri]    
SBB Simbo ßan-kana ßankana vankana   enmity   (see kana) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-noso ßanoso vanoso Vitr be quiet, be still, be calm   (see noso, ßa-noso-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-noso-ia ßanosoia vanosoia Vtr calm, soothe; quieten her, quieten him   (see noso, ßa-noso) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-peʤa ßapenʤa vapeja V moisten, make wet, annoint (with blood?)   (see peʤa, peʤa-ŋa) [W303, W314; it is the 'christening' ceremony for new canoes, paele, etc]    
SBB Simbo ßa-pidil-ia ßapindilia vapidilia V dry it, dry him, dry her   (see pidili) [D; cf puqai D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-puɣele-a ßapuɣelea vapugelea Vtr fill   (see puɣele) [pote v.-p.-a ‘fill it up’ D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-gageri ßaŋgaŋgeri vaqaqeri Vtr make ready, prepare   (see gageri) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßagara ßaŋgara vaqara   fishing net (large)   (see tomate pa na ßagara) [D; FCIV, F35]    
SBB Simbo ßara-mana ßaramana varamana   a ceremony inducing ancestral blessing   (see ßa-ßara, ßa-ßara-ßara) [CD111]    
SBB Simbo ßarane ßarane varane   brave, courageous   [D; varani ‘men of valour’ MW239]    
SBB Simbo ßari- ßari vari RECIP indicates verb requires two participants, often indicates mutuality or recprocity   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-alaßa ßarialaßa varialava V marry   [D; cf alava]    
SBB Simbo ßari-bei ßarimbei varibei   exchange, exchange gifts, swap; revenge   [D; W315; cf bei]    
SBB Simbo ßari-eti ßarieti varieti   sexual intercourse (impolite term)   (see ßari-kesa) [D; CD271, MW237]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ɣara ßariɣara varigara   together   [D; TH; cf varisai]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ɣolomo ßariɣolomo varigolomo   funeral, burial, hiding   (see ɣolomo, ɣolom-ia) [D; CD82; cf kurania pana peso D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-heni ßariheni variheni N mixed, combined; mixture   (see heni, hen-ia) [D; cf vari-]    
SBB Simbo ßari-heni ßariheni variheni   mixed, combined; mixture   [D; cf heni]    
SBB Simbo ßari-huma ßarihuma varihuma V exchange punches   [D; cf huma]    
SBB Simbo ßari-kesa ßarikesa varikesa   sexual intercourse (lit. ‘climb-eachother’) (respect term)   (see ßari-eti, kesa) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-loa ßariloa variloa   divorce   (see loa, loa-ia, loa-pa-nia, loa-pale-dia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-loa ßariloa variloa   divorced, divorce, marital separation   [D; cf loa D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-maʤa ßarimanʤa varimaja V exchange downward blows (lit. ‘club each other’)   [D; cf maja]    
SBB Simbo ßari-pera ßaripera varipera V fight   [D; cf pera? D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-pode ßariponde varipode   alike, similar, the same; unchanged (?)   [D; cf kamesina, vea]    
SBB Simbo ßari-gita ßariŋgita variqita   stick together as a group   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ririʤo ßaririnʤo varirijo   joke about, give cheek, make fun, engage in good humoured banter   (see ririʤo) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-sai ßarisai varisai V argue, be angry at each other   [D; cf sai D; cf vari-pera]    
SBB Simbo ßari-sai ßarisai varisai N argument   [D; cf sai D; cf vari-pera]    
SBB Simbo ßari-tokai ßaritokai varitokai   help   (see toka-na) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßaɣana ßarißaɣana varivagana N share   [D; cf va’ia]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßaɣana ßarißaɣana varivagana V share   [D; cf va’ia]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßa-mate ßarißamate varivamate   murder (not execute or kill in battle)   (see mate, ßa-mate, ßa-mate-a, mate-na, m-in-ate, mate-ana, koko-mate) [D; tinoni v.-v.-m. ‘habitual murderer’ D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßa-toʤamo ßarißatonʤamo varivatojamo   meeting to overcome disagreement or misunderstanding, collective decision to accept action or to set something right   (see toʤamo, ßa-toʤamo) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßa-toʤamo ßarißatonʤamo varivatojamo   a meeting or group decision to right a wrong   [D; cf tojamo]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßose ßarißose varivose V compete (lit. ‘paddle-together’)   [D; cf vose]    
SBB Simbo ßari-ßose ßarißose varivose N competition (lit. ‘paddle-together’)   [D; cf vose]    
SBB Simbo ßa-saɣe ßasaɣe vasage   raise, pull up   (see saɣe, saɣe-rane, ake-saɣe) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-sea ßasea vasea   make bad   (see sea, s-in-ea) [D; ‘copulate’ TH]    
SBB Simbo ßa-sikulu ßasikulu vasikulu V teach   (see sikulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßasosoto ßasosoto vasosoto V believe   (see ß-in-asosoto) [D; actually va-so-soto?]    
SBB Simbo ßa-suraŋa ßasuraŋa vasurana V put on board   (see suraŋa) [*W310]    
SBB Simbo ßata-ɣoto-so ßataɣotoso vatagotoso   veritable, acceptable, good   (see ɣoto, ɣo-ɣoto) ['crane proper' F35]    
SBB Simbo ßatale ßatale vatale   thoroughly, with excellence, fully, properly   (some sources givevatali) [D; nonono v. ‘speak pursuasively, well, or properly’, teteku v. ‘eat well’, balau v. ‘really know’ D; cf tojomo, viva]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ta-mule ßatamule vatamule   bring back   (see mule) [v.-t.-m. boso 'bringing back the slain enemy' W312]    
SBB Simbo ßa-tapata ßatapata vatapata   make difficult, create difficulties   (see tapata, t-in-apata) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-toʤamo ßatonʤamo vatojamo V straighten; correct; rectify inappropriateness   (see toʤamo, ßari-ßa-toʤamo) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-tome ßatome vatome   put in   (see tome) [v.-t. to-mate 'putting in the dead' CD90; v.-t. mani 'put in the basket' CD95]    
SBB Simbo ßa-turu ßaturu vaturu   ?   (see turu, ßa-turu-a, turu-ßotu) [vudi v.-t. 'a kind of plantain' CD95]    
SBB Simbo ßa-turu-a ßaturua vaturua   set up (something)   (see turu, ßa-turu, turu-ßotu) [v.-t.-a kejo 'the setting up of a kenjo' MW232]    
SBB Simbo ßa-uka ßauka vauka   drop (CAUS-fall)   (see uka, uka-na, ß-uka) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßaɣi ßaßaɣi vavagi   sell   (see ßaɣi, ßaɣi-a) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßa-ɣore ßaßaɣore vavagore   fishing method (lit. 'letting down (a line)')   (see ɣore, ßa-ɣore, ßa-ɣore-a, ßa-ɣore-ɣore-a) [v.-v.-g. tali 'letting down a line' fishing by trolling F36]    
SBB Simbo ßaßa-ɣoto ßaßaɣoto vavagoto   keeping the hundred (a ceremony)   (see ɣoto, ɣo-ɣoto) [CD96]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßa-kuda ßaßakunda vavakuda V abuse   (see kuda) [MW264]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßamiro ßaßamiro vavamiro N altar for burnt offerings   (see ßamiro) [D; iku v-v. 'fire for burning offerings' CD104, CD300; cf ul-ulu D]    
SBB Simbo ßaßagasa ßaßaŋgasa vavaqasa   very early morning before dawn   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßa-gita ßaßaŋgita vavaqita   ritual speech used in headhunting and bonito fishing when everyone is assembled   [D; W314]    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßara ßaßara vavara   prayer, invocation, injunction to spirits   (see ßa-ßara-ßara, ßara-mana) [D; vara-vara F35, W306-307, W310, *CD88, CD89, CD110, CD271, CD282, CD304, MW234, MW236, MW243, MW256, MW261; 'not a mere pito']    
SBB Simbo ßa-ßara-ßara ßaßaraßara vavaravara   the language of prayers and invocations   (see ßa-ßara, ßara-mana) [MW262]    
SBB Simbo ßaßatula ßaßatula vavatula   motu food prepared and eaten on va-made and again on the tenth day   [D; cf va-made]    
SBB Simbo ßaßuru ßaßuru vavuru   play around, muck up, romp, generally disruptive and inappropriate play   [D; muke v. ‘stop fooling around’ D]    
SBB Simbo ße ße ve [we]   all gone!, clean out!, finished!, nothing left!   (see uße) [D; cf beto, okoto]    
SBB Simbo ßea ßea vea   if, suppose   (see asa-ßea, bi-ßea, ka-pore-na-bi-ßea) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßea ßea vea   resemble; like, similar   (see ße-ßea-na) [D; tu v. ‘also’, ‘likewise’, ara tu v. ‘me too’,v. pini ‘like this’ D; cf kamesina, pode, vari-pode]    
SBB Simbo ßeala ßeala veala   sacrifice of a human   [D; W315]    
SBB Simbo ßeke ßeke veke   flying fox (generic for bat?)   [D; MW254]    
SBB Simbo ßeko ßeko veko   bald (not to be said of a chief or big man)   [D; TH; batu v. ‘bald head’ D; cf roroto, luluna D]    
SBB Simbo ßen-i ßeni veni   give to, do for   (see ßenu, ßen-ia, kopu-ßenu, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D] ven-i-ria ‘give to them all’  
SBB Simbo ßen-ia ßenia venia   give to, do for   (see ßenu, ßen-i, kopu-ßenu, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D; TH; RE; gona v.-i. 'throwing for' a kind of sacrfice F37; vedi to-mate 'for the spirits' as an offering CD87] ven-iqo ‘give to you’; ven-iu ‘give to me’; ven-ia‘give to him, give to her, give to it; on behalf of’;ven-di ‘on behalf of them’  
SBB Simbo ßenu ßenu venu   give, do for   (see ßen-i, ßen-ia, kopu-ßenu, taßeti-ßen-iu) [D] ['ghost of a hung person' CD263] [LH] plis mu sóna láɣo βénu po gíndʒo "Please walk to Gizo for me."   
SBB Simbo ßera ßera vera V wait; be patient   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ßesolo ßesolo vesolo   referee   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßetuɣu ßetuɣu vetugu   thorn fishhook used for trolling   (see ßetuɣu-ßetuɣu) [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ßetuɣu-ßetuɣu ßetuɣußetuɣu vetuguvetugu   thorn fishhook used for trolling   (see ßetuɣu) [CD280; v-v. ta-na mao 'a thorn used as a fishhook'; cf mumu qaili]    
SBB Simbo ße-ßea-na ßeßeana veveana   account, explanation, reason   (see ßea) [D; cf pi-pito-na, t-in-oa]    
SBB Simbo ßeßelu ßeßelu vevelu   late afternoon, evening   [D; v. jonana ‘good evening’, pa-na v. ‘last evening’, ‘past evening’, kite v. ‘coming evening’ D]    
SBB Simbo -ßia ßia via   INTERROGATIVE   (see ka-ßia, pa naßia, aßirißea, pa ßei)    
SBB Simbo ßiana ßiana viana   firewood   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßidul-ia ßindulia vidulia N screw, key   (see ßidulu, ßidul-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßidulu ßindulu vidulu V turn, screw, spin, whirl about   (see ßidulu, ßidul-ia) [D; vinu-vidulai CD83]    
SBB Simbo ßina- ßina vina   numerical order   (see ka-, aɲi) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-beto ßinambeto vinabeto   last one, final   (see beto, be-beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto, ßa-beto-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-beto ßinambeto vinabeto   last one, last, final   (see beto, be-beto, beto-beto, ßa-beto, ßa-beto-ia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßinaɣi ßinaɣi vinagi   price   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-lima ßinalima vinalima   fifth   (see lima, ka-lima, gugu-lima, lima-ŋaßulu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-made ßinamande vinamade   fourth, number four   (see made, ka-made, made-ɣusu, made-ɣu-ɣusu, ßa-made) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßinaŋuŋuti ßinaŋuŋuti vinanunuti   promise   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-puta ßinaputa vinaputa   charm to send people to sleep (lit. '?-sleep')   [D; W312]    
SBB Simbo ßinaria ßinaria vinaria N raid   [D; W304]    
SBB Simbo ß-in-ari-pera ßinaripera vinaripera N war   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-rua ßinarua vinarua   second   (see -rua, -aru, k-aru) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-sia ßinasia vinasia   ninth, number nine   (see sia, ka-sia) [D]    
SBB Simbo ß-in-asosoto ßinasosoto vinasosoto N belief   (see ßasosoto) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-ßitu ßinaßitu vinavitu   seventh   (see ßitu, ka-ßitu) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßina-ßonomo ßinaßonomo vinavonomo   sixth   (see ßonomo, ka-ßonomo) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßino ßino vino   small canarium almond; small canarium tree   [D; CD106, CD274, CD282, CD286, CD296; cf nari, bulokana, paqa, kuku]    
SBB Simbo ßisu ßisu visu   finger nails; toe nails   [D]    
SBB Simbo ßitiɣi ßitiɣi vitigi   pain, ache, sore   (see ßi-ßitiɣi) [D; MW247; v. ba 'witchcraft pains' MW247;v. batu 'headache' CD268; v. tia 'belly ache' MW247; cf ke-o! D]    
SBB Simbo ßitu ßitu vitu   seven   (see ka-ßitu, ßina-ßitu) [D; TH; R564; weetu G]    
SBB Simbo ßißa ßißa viva   with gusto, to the full extent   [D; nonono v. ‘speak up’ D; cf vatale]    
SBB Simbo ßißi ßißi vivi   twin of the opposite sex   [D; cf piti, pata]    
SBB Simbo βiβiti βiβíti viviti   very?   (found only in LH) [nabilíndi pín sa ŋándʒulu βiβíti 'The razor is very sharp.' LH] ʔára ŋge hihíβa βiti gínia ʔágo múnu sóna lágo po gíndʒo 'I insist that you walk to Gizo.' LH  
SBB Simbo ßi-ßitiɣi ßißitiɣi vivitigi   excessively bad, dreadfully; pain of childbirth   (see ßitiɣi) [D; vitigi vi-vitigi ‘any extreme pain’ D]    
SBB Simbo ßona ßona vona   house   [D; TH; R564; CD270; v. puta-na ‘house for sleeping in’, v. lotu ‘church’, v. mo ‘hospital or clinic’ D; v. kavu 'cook house' lit. 'house of ashes' D, CD98; v. tabu-na ‘pre-Christian sacred house' CD107, CD111; also uana R564]    
SBB Simbo ßonomo ßonomo vonomo   six   (see ka-ßonomo, ßina-ßonomo) [D; TH; vonoma R563; wouama G; cf ka-, vina-]    
SBB Simbo ßoruŋu ßoruŋu vorunu   hunting by torchlight (as for tupe or veke)   [D; ‘a light manifesting a spirit’ CD270]    
SBB Simbo ßose ßose vose N paddle   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ßose ßose vose V paddle   [D; TH]    
SBB Simbo ßotu ßotu votu   go out, bring out, come forth, emerge, remove; get out of the way!   [D; R564; v. maja 'clubs appear', 'bring out the clubs' W308-309; v minate 'the people come forth' W318; v tamasa 'coming forth of the gods' CD277, CD285; cf atu, qala D]    
SBB Simbo ßoßoso ßoßoso vovoso N charm   [D; W304, *W309-310; ure v. 'areca nuts charm' CD81; lipa v. 'bailing v.' W314]    
SBB Simbo ßua ßua vua N fruit, blossom, flower bud, seed; fruiting   (see ßu-ßua) [TH; CD108, CD282, MW233, MW253; MW259; R563-564]    
SBB Simbo ßudi ßundi vudi   banana or plantain; banana or plantain tree   [D; TH; R564; CD285-286; v. madara ‘ripe banana’, ‘ripe bananas’, v. keduka ‘green bananas for cooking’ D; v. lalauru ‘a large variety of v.’ “Choiseul bananas” CD288-289; v. tinoni ‘a variety of v.’ lit. 'man-v.' CD108; v. va-turu ‘a variety of v.’ lit. ‘standing-v.' CD95; cf vuna? H]    
SBB Simbo ßuɣo ßuɣo vugo   tomorrow   [D; v. parisa ‘day after tomorrow’ D]    
SBB Simbo ß-uka ßuka vuka   drop (CAUS-fall)   (see ßa-uka) [D]    
SBB Simbo ßuna ßuna vuna   base, point of origin   [D; v. gugusu 'original and senior tribe on Simbo' D; 'base of banana stem'CD286]    
SBB Simbo ßuruŋu(-na) ßuruŋu(na) vurunu(na)   hair, feather   [D; TH; vuru R564; ‘flame’ TH]    
SBB Simbo ßu-ßua ßußua vuvua N fruit, crops   (see ßua) [D; RE; CD271, CD282; cf tamasa v.-v. H]    
SBB Simbo iabo iambo yabo   corpse   (see ɲabo, to-mate ɣani iabo) [yabo CD82; to-mate gani y. 'corpse-eating spirit' CD82, CD264]