Archi is a Lezgic language spoken by about 1200 people in Daghestan. The online version of the Archi-Russian-English Dictionary contains sounds files for every word form of the lexeme, digital pictures of culturally significant objects, idioms and example sentences with interlinear glossing.


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  • č'uˤhdu adj. beautiful, splendid, grand (about inanimates)
  • gúždu adj. beautiful, splendid (obsolete)
  • mu stat. v. be beautiful, good, nice
  • mútːut adj. beautiful, good
  • q'amártːu adj. beautiful, cool (about things, animals, cars; usually in child speech)
  • ʕimáratːut adj. very beautiful
  • qilíplik écutːut adj. beautiful (of children) (lit. 'cast in a mould')
  • zórtːut adj. very nice, beautiful (not of people)
  • pasíħdu adj. eloquent, beautiful (of language, way of speech)
  • č'urkánnu adj. stylish, beautiful, with a good figure (of people, horses)