Archi is a Lezgic language spoken by about 1200 people in Daghestan. The online version of the Archi-Russian-English Dictionary contains sounds files for every word form of the lexeme, digital pictures of culturally significant objects, idioms and example sentences with interlinear glossing.


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  • qal n. human skin
  • qʷékmus dyn. v. skin, flay
  • sirí n. of animals - patches of bare skin without fur (dogs or sheep have it on the belly)
  • muqː'úr n. skin on hands and feet made rough by hard work
  • pac' n. cracked dry skin
  • k'enc' n. skin of a goat (wild or domestic), hide of wild animals (bear, wolf) but not cow's hide or sheepskin
  • ʁúrkɬbos dyn. v. tear off skin (slightly)
  • taχtá n. astrakhan (skin of still-born or very young lambs, the wool of which resembles fur)
  • órkɬ'as dyn. v. scratch, graze the skin (slightly, when falling over)